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11-25-20 02:47 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Ancients Tournament Round 2: Beowulf vs Desroth | | Thread closed
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Posted on 09-18-05 12:51 PM Link
Originally posted by Jedi Master Desroth
List of problems:
1. It takes a huge amount of pressure (way past that of a gillion *which is 1 followed by I do believe 12+ zeros) to even create a star.
2. It takes alot of energy to do it to, but your just shooting them out like its nothing.
3. You are suppose to be woozy from your last attack, were you not? As far as I can tell, you are ignoring your own status effect, which is breaking a rule.
4. Your auto hitting my dome. I say what happens to it and what DOES NOT happen to it because it is my dome, not yours.

1.) I said if used properly, and the energy and pressure requirement from Beowulf are capable of senting them although they are not huge or the actual size of the star. It does not need to be a actual real size star due to Beowulf's current form and his traits are much "different" from your version of the view. Don't forget, Beowulf have a different world and things could varies in different story. This is mostly like shaped star.

If you are that more concerned, as far as I remember, Beowulf is in the different form. His aura is must shifted as it was before, and thus his mysterious aura gather up for power in a calm way. If you want me to say that I got thousands of katamari that soon transform into stars, I would say that it would be stupid enough as it is. The points is that you can't beat magic with science.

2.) Yes, don't forget. Beowulf is not in his regular form but a little upgrade and thanks to his altered aura which capable of helping him alot, the energy transmutation from his body and the presence of his being is much different then you were fighting him. Of course, you still need to worry about his mysterious sword.

Note: Although his mysterious sword is not mention by much, it is, in a way, have impact on Beowulf's body. He was burdened from nearly long time, and whenever he see some stars, it alway relax him and make it easier to him feel like he could use it in a way.

3.) Of course, he did his woozy part. I believed you must have missed out the (leaving him feeling woozy for a time being but fully recovered (as in regain control of himself) if the spell is completed or interrupted) so in the way, I completed it. Have you attack me while I preform this, I would have taken the damages onward since the spell is in effect and Beowulf would still be woozy, thanks to this.

So, if you have attack me DURING the Heaven's Fury, I have to applies the chances and possibility of Beowulf's wooziness taking the toll and the amounts of damages from you. But you didn't and stood in one position, shielding yourself against Heaven's Fury. Therefore, the spell was completed and Beowulf turned back to normal after that. And also negate the rules you think I broke.

4.) Okay, so it is "your" dome. Not completely unfair but having to "be perfect impenetratable barrier", which believed that you are not going to take any damages as I can't do anything about seem perfect unlogical that I can't really lay a finger on you. Not to forget but in a way, your dome seem to part of the attack. So it become part of the weakness.

Because you used a dome to block my Heaven's Fury, it doesn't mean you should say that it blocks everything else. It would show how unfair that no one can attack you because you are stuck inside of this dome charging up for the most ultimate attack and be able to do everything while the opponent would be sitting there, doing nothing because of the dome's superior defense. If you need to know any further, having to be the perfect defense and capable of unleashing everything while no one can't do a thing about it seem more a god-mod like to me.

As far as I am concerned, having to that said it is most impossible to destroy dome seem more illegal, because of how long it can last and and never have to worry about taking damage (a.k.a., because you are the one controlling it) . Now if most people see that right, I am trying to save YOUR ass.

Oh, and as far as it matter now, the way I see that your dome is capable to being a perfect defense wouldn't be fair if you changes it often during the battle. Also, it is not fair to say that you control this and everything else in the arena, which is basically impossible since it would be like having the whole battle to yourself.

I don't want to be rude, Desroth, but you need to understand that you can't alway set things your way and expect the other people to know any better (or physic). If you play a impenetratable defense that you control to yourself, no one thinks it is fair to say your dome get to do everything while other people can't do anything... That seem more like cheap attack.

Now I hope you finally see things better now then it was before. You must have not considered many thing as the battle progress further on, which is okay to me. But when you see any problem, make sure you IM me and not points everything out here. I hate to see that this battle become a argument ground.
Jedi Master Desroth


Since: 08-24-04
From: Macomb

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Posted on 09-18-05 01:44 PM Link
OOC: This is stupidity, I knew we can never have a battle without you assuming that everything I do is cheap or unstopable... I didnt want this battle to end this way, but if I must follow your "different rules of reality" so beit.


Desroth was locked inside his dome, the power of his attack reaching critical levels, way past that of what they should. Desroth knew that this amount of power would kill Beowulf, and anhiliate from this existance.

Suddenly, several loud cracks were heard. Desroth looked up, and saw through the darkness that Beowulf had somehow blown holes into the dome. Desroth was not sure how he did it, but he would pay for it.

As he began to stand, a whirling sound was faintly heard. It was Beowulf, spinning some sort of whirlwind into the dome. Desroth knew the whirlwind was nothing, but he did not want to chance taking any damages. All 3 of his weapons disappeared back to Desroth, as the dome absorbed into his palm as well.

Desroth's wings opened, as he shot up into the air, completly dodging the whirlwind. Desroth soared into the air, and stopped about 70 ft up. Desroth smirked, Beowulf had done exactly what Desroth had wanted.

Desroth rubbed his palm, it looked as if there was something bulging from it, but it wasnt visible to Beowulf.

"I hope you know that you will die here. All the preperations are completed for this moment."

Desroth blinked, as suddenly a weird pattern had appeared around Beowulf. It looked familiar, as if someone had made it with quick slices of a sword. As Desroth's eyes opened, the pattern activated. It immedieatly saw its target, and was locked in around Beowulf.

Desroth chuckled, his plan had fallen into place so well, it was slightly scary. The pattern still glowed around Beowulf, but it did not seem to do anything, for the time being.

The time had come, soon it would be over for Beowulf, very soon.

"Do you see that pattern Beowulf? Youll find that it looks almost like the faint ingraving on the hilt of the Elw Sword of Seals. Heh, I hope you realize what that means, right? As long as the Elw Sword of the Seals remains intact (as in not broken into pieces so it cant be used), that pattern will remain. It will stay floating around, leaving you unhindered, but as for what it can do, you will not be so lucky. I had to wait for some time as it moved in and got around you, you may have remebered me slicing underneath you a little while back, right? That pattern is what I was making, and now it is ready."

Desroths wings pushed back, as he soared right down at Beowulf. Skars and Arzol appeared in his hands as he flew down at Beowulf. Elw on the other hand appeared on his back. This was the final push for both fighters, and would determine who would win.

Elw Seal Chain: A pattern that can be made by anyone who posseses a Elw Sword of Seals. When it is made, it looks like a harmless circle os slashes around the opponent, as it does not need to be sliced into the opponents skin. It takes some time to allign on the opponent, before appearing. When it does appear and is glowing, it is active. Although it does nothing in the way of hindering the opponent from normal combat, it does have one surprise that the user can unleash when the users goes to attack the opponent. On one note: The chain's power can not be used when it is the opponents turn, and the power can not be used to interuppt the opponents attack or when he is attacking. It is a saftey built in to give the opponent a fair chance against the user. Also, it will always float around, kinda like a holla hoop as long as the Elw Sword of Seals remains intact, as well as stay active as long as the Elw Sword of Seals remains intact as well.

Since: 08-14-04

Since last post: 88 days
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Posted on 09-18-05 07:14 PM Link
Beowulf was curious to know what Desroth just did. He didn’t know what is going to happen, but he doesn’t want to wait to find this out. He must prepare for himself, probably ready to engage the final conflict in the story. This is something that Beowulf must handle, and alone he must do…

After missing Desroth with his tornado, Beowulf began to regain his control after having to stop for a moment to regain his balance. When he recovered his balance, Beowulf noticed a harmless circle of slashes around his body. He thought it was a side affect for using the Moonlight Blade but clearly, it wasn’t. Beowulf didn’t know what it was, so he thought it could get out of it before it become a trouble for me. He jumped in the aim, hoping to dive over it…

However, as much as he want to get out of it, it followed him along.


He didn’t know what it could be; yet he think it is full of trouble… He felt that this time, there is more life on the line then what he images it to be… But he has no choice but to relax. If Desroth want to finish the last blow, he has to fight for it, because Beowulf is not going to give up that easy. Beowulf’s eyes closed, taking a deep breath as his muscles was relaxing. He looked at Desroth as he talked to him. Beowulf shook his head and places his hand on his blade-less hilt. He knew that if in order to win, he must prove himself.

Beowulf pulled out his hilt, with no blade out of it. He puts his entire faith into that hilt he brought out, with of the odds of winning against him. But he didn’t care, he knew what must be done in order to proven himself that he was worthy, of not being a winner, but rather in as a good sportsmanship and worthy adversary.

But Beowulf did not believe any words from Desroth. He was far from being done. True, he was worn out from having to face Desroth’s attack, but he is still in the game, with a disadvantage of facing a worthy adversary. However, he is willingly to take a risk to place his life on a “sword” with no blade. He done this before, but it work only once… Will it work again this time? Beowulf seems to reveals his true nature, but nothing have much changes about him.

The black flame wings seem to dies down, and Beowulf landed on the ground softly, without any falling impact. He was no more then a few inches from the ground. The harmless circle of slashes move along with Beowulf, but Beowulf, it did not matter to him. He knew that his “Lotus” sword is the only way that can protect him this time. His aura seems to disappear, and his skins seem to be pale at this point. Something seems to draining Beowulf’s energy out. He almost began to lean over on one side, but when he felt like he was losing his balance, he regains control of himself.

Beowulf placed his other hand (don’t forget, there are runic all over his arm and hand.) on the hilt and hold it tightly so that he could wield it with both hand. He felt that something was warm in his hand, giving a comfortable feeling throughout his body. He never felt this before, and this was the first time this ever done to him. He feel fired up, his skins is returning somewhat normal, and his eyes opened. The eyes did not reveal Beowulf’s nature but look of Apocalypse’s hatred came. The feeling however, was not there. It was as something holding back his hatred and something else took over. Soon, his eyes seem red, but reveals no angry or sadness. It gave the calmness and passion feeling, whenever someone looks deeply into his eyes.

His hairs seem to get shorter, and his eyes revert back to normal. You can tell now that it was Beowulf’s eye, the presence of him is back. However, the sword has not yet done anything but the hilt was glowing in blue-white color, and also it was covering his hand as well. He looked at his hilts for a short moment, and smiles as he nodded his head at the hilts. He looks at Desroth who again, talk to him before he gets the chance to talk.

Then afterward Desroth was done; Beowulf felt that Desroth might be underestimating him again. He didn’t care if he has underestimated him; he was ready to face him. He may be worn out from using his energy much but got little left in him. He didn’t need to spend the rest of his power against his opponent; all he need was his Lotus sword by his side. Even the presence of Apocalypse was there in Beowulf’s heart, but he thanks his father for his father’s presence. He must do this alone and against the perilous odd that fated against him.

It didn’t seem much to Beowulf, but when it comes to fighting, he fights until the end. He knew that even Desroth have a plan, there is a chance for Beowulf to backfire it. He tightly grasps his sword, but his hands felt so light and somewhat at ease. His eye was so focus on Desroth, but after the moment, his eyes saw something that was so close to Beowulf. Light blue orb that flow out of his Lotus sword. Soon, there wasn’t just one but many of them releasing from the hilt. Beowulf took a look at those beautiful light blue orbs and was strangely curious of what they are.

But for a moment, it seems to refresh Beowulf’s body and mind. He looks confused as he look around, but his eyes began to show off the blue color when it exposed to those light blue orb… Shortly after a while, it gathers back and went into Beowulf’s hilt. But what was the strange mysterious orb? Beowulf seems to be worn out again, just a moment after his Lotus did something strange that he doesn’t know about. He looks down at his sword but saw a slight invisible blade, just a moment before it disappears. He thought he was seeing things and it was his minds playing tricks on him. But when it was over, Beowulf became more focus on his opponent now.

“Relax…” A whisper that could be only heard in Beowulf’s head. “All you need to do is relax… Don’t forget… That your passion will never die…”

Beowulf shook his head, wondering who was that voice? But when Beowulf regains his senses, he saw that Desroth came flying forward at Beowulf, and Beowulf was prepared. He stood where he is, and waiting to meet Desroth head-on.
Jedi Master Desroth


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Posted on 09-18-05 09:05 PM Link
Desroth was gliding along, watching Beowulf draw the sword. It was odd, for it only released some blue orbs out. Bewoulf looked refreshed, and slightly different after that, but the blue orbs had drawn back into the hilt. Faintly, Desroth saw something coming from the hilt. He didnt know if he really saw it, but Desroth knew he would have to be careful around this new weapon.

Desroth had set into motion 3 plans, 1 had been revealed, but the other 2 where still hidden from Beowulf. It was nearly time for him to do his first plan to throw Beowulf off.

"Elw Seal Chain, head your masters call! I command thee to take the power locked inside the Elw Sword of Seals, and unleashe its FURY!!"

As Desroth said this, the chain stopped glowing green and changed to a silvery color. It was odd looking, almost as if it was wate, but yet, it was silver.

Suddenly, streams of this unknow silvery substance poured out of the ring at Beowulf. It was pure Quicksilver, and it was launching at Beowulf from the ring. It could be blocked or deflected if one was fast enough.

There was one problem, Quicksilver is highly toxic, for it is infact the liquid metal known as Mercury. Quicksilver is very poisinous, and can spread its poisionous fumes in the air, making the quicksilver not have to actual touch the skin to serverely poision someone.

Unless you are very strong, the poision will just about kill you. If you are strong enough, it will decapacitate you, making you very weak. If you are way stronger then that, it will make you sluggish and not feel to good. All of these percantages are relative to how much lands on you, and how much you breath in. Quicksilver fumes have also been known to seep into the body through sweat glands as well.

Desroth continued to glide down towards Beowulf, unsure of what he would do in response to the quicksilver spraying at him from all sides. It would end in about 20-30 seconds, but the amount sprayed is enough to poision the air for about 6-7 minutes after all is said and done.

Also, please note, the Elw Sword of Seals no longer has the poision ability in its blade, it has been transfered to the chain. It will return to the sword once the attack is done.

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Posted on 09-19-05 07:12 PM Link
Sadly, Beowulf wasn’t that agile to get away. But however, Beowulf’s Lotus sword began to shine in the binding blue light again. But however, it seems that it get bigger and bigger as it pass over time, until not long after a minute pass, it disappear so quickly and sudden. Nothing seems to happen but when Beowulf looks down at the circles of slashes, something seems to be holding the quicksilver back! A small runic symbol appears in front of Beowulf and in also where the quicksilver was heading, it was stopped by the runic.

Beowulf smiled but not so long after that. He started to keep coughing as if there was something wrong with the atmosphere, and there it was. The problem why Beowulf was coughing… The fumes came into his mouth, as he started to choking and coughing out bloods. He was in danger that his life is on the line. What he really needs is a miracle, and there was none in sight… Beowulf’s bend down on his knee, struggling as he continues to breathes some fresh air he wants…

It seem that Beowulf was about to collapse at this moment, but something got caught his eyes, adverting his attention on something… his strength was failing and his eyesight seem to getting poor but he clearly saw the blue light in his mind. Beowulf took a deep breathe, without knowing that it could be his last… but is there such hope for Beowulf that he could still fight?

Something seems to react with Beowulf’s body, just almost before he hit the ground. An eerie feeling came from the sword, not long before it gave a huge flash of light. Soon, Beowulf began to get up, slowly as if he somehow recovered his strength. He still coughs as he continues to stand up, and few bloods begin to drips down to his chin from his mouth. His look seem like he was beaten up badly or suffer a major wound, but his eyes seem to be calm after all of these ferocious fire he faces.

“Heh… that’s it? Ugh… I thought you could do better then that, but… (cough) but… are you really… a match for (cough) my Lotus?”

A little struggle but he still manages to stand up completely. He was not defeated yet, but he will fight even harder then he was before. The strange feeling grew more powerful then it was before, and the Elw Seals Chain seems to stop by the runes that appear in front of Beowulf. Soon, he rose up his sword but cough out a little blood. He knew that the fumes are taking his strength away, but he struggle to rise up his Lotus in the air. Slowly, but he did.

Another binding light flashes so many multiple times, yet after a moment, it stopped and there it was… Beowulf seems to be recovering but he could still feel the mercury’s poison taking tolls on his body. The fumes seem to be pushing away from Beowulf’s body, as if it was done by some amazing power that could keep the body intact from most poison. But Beowulf coughs a little, but he seems to recover his strength at this point.

However, with a little poison left in his body, thanks to his Lotus’ mysterious aura, he could still continue to fight. But when he looks at Desroth with his fiery passion eyes, he knew what it was time for… His sacred attack. Slowly, Beowulf’s Lotus sword pulls out some poison from Beowulf’s body, making it easier for him to suffer few minor damages. If he would take another powerful attack like that, he would probably not get so lucky the next time.

Beowulf swung his bladeless weapon at Desroth, but nothing happened from his sword. The runes on his arm seem to be glowing at this point, and the arena seems to get darker then it was before. But as strange it is, the arena began to get warmer then it was before.

From the top of a dome, an orb appears and sent out a ray at Desroth and every where else on the arena. Soon, the ray began to expand as it joins up with the other, and slowly change until it became red color. A pentagram appears on the ground with the very size of the arena. Not longer then it was, a few meteoric rock began to strike down on the arena, destroying anything in it way. Beowulf have used Fala Meteor at Desroth…

Not only it has that but the meteoric rock seemed to be covered by a sacred energy or life energy. As soon as it hit anything, it disappears into thin air, and somewhat releases a particle of its essence around the arena. Even the essence of the meteoric rock was dangerous to touch or inhale, for it is not to be part another being except its master. Beowulf look at Desroth, smiling as his Lotus sword is helping to recovers from the poison and protecting from further constant danger. The blood seem to stop, but it was not a major loss of blood he suffer, but a poison that gave him the unpleasant yet sickening feeling.

“You… bastard… (Weak cough) I surely hope you could do better then that!”

Beowulf leans forward with his body, and soon he withdraws his left arm and hand to support his body, while using his right to hold on his Lotus. Mysterious, somehow, just before the blood dried up on Beowulf’s skin, one last drop land on his Lotus. Beowulf didn’t notice it, but he was more focus on his health condition and trying to win this battle. But slowly, he began to hear some voices in his head, but he wonder if Desroth could hear it as well. Somehow, he felt as the sword was talking to him, through his heart. Beowulf nodded his head and shake off of the voices, thinking that there is something wrong with his body.

He waited patiently… His body is beginning to recover from the poison. It is a matter of time…

Note -

Fala Meteor - Sacred Magic

This required Beowulf’s Lotus sword in order to use it. With a small essence of Beowulf’s energy, the Lotus can use it own power to master Fala Flame, which said to be most dangerous magic to wield. Because of Beowulf’s heritage that said to be the son of Apocalypse, half of his heritage told a different story. Only the kin of Apocalypse can wield this, not Apocalypse because he has the Lotus’ destruction power inside. Little he did know, Lotus was far advance and was created before Apocalypse came to reigns the world. The word, Lotus, came from the dark clan who worshipped Apocalypse and eventually, brought Apocalypse to the world. The sword, Lotus, said to be curse for it was the beginning of the end.

Fala Flame doesn’t need to be charged up, it just need a little of Beowulf’s energy. First, the surrounding environment began to darken, and then a warm orb appear in the air, either high in the sky or if something was blocking the sky, then underneath until what could be seen in the view. Soon, there are several rays of light that spread throughout the arena. Soon, when there is enough, they began to expand and joined up with the other ray, increasing the size. There also appear to be a large pentagram on the field as well, revealing when the ray touch the ground. It may be distorted due to the environment, but it remained as a pentagram. Then the orbs randomly shoot out those meteors at the field, just about 3-5 meteors until the spell wore off.

After a moment, the orb began to shine then rains down a meteor rock at the arena. Because of the meteor was said to be rock and the like, this meteor is different. It got the life energy with a little essence of Beowulf’s energy, creating a somewhat meteor that consist of pure energy, filled with dangerous substance. Once it hits something, it will soon disappear into thin air, but what really happened that it releases all of those substances into air. The meteor is considered to be made of raw power, but its source of power is far more then most imaginable it could be. The substances are deadly as well, because they are efficient in traveling through air. Not only that but capable of making a transfusion that create a life-threatening situation because the raw power made from the substance creates an unbalance reaction in other body. However, it soon dies after given few moments.

P.S.: Yes, there is a way to “get rid of” those particles substance, I just want to see how you can do it. If you have no clues, I can be able to provide you some. Just make you sent it either by IM or PM.
Jedi Master Desroth


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Posted on 09-19-05 09:32 PM Link
Desroth was more then surpriesed to see the Quicksilver fumes had such a great effect on Beowulf, but was slightly annoyed. It would take a small time before he could launch the quicksilver out of the Chain again, and when that time came, Desroth was sure it would finish Beowulf. Then Desroth remeber something, something that Beowulf may not have remebered.

Desroth was about to use it, but suddenly, he felt the arena darken. It was strange, as if something was falling from the sky. Desroth looked up and saw the meteors coming right at him. He scoffed at them, as he drew Elw Sword of Seals. He used the sword, and slashed all 3 of the meterors. They disappeared into thin air, but left behind a strange sparkling dust.

3 of those things moved into his mouth as he breathed. Desroth began to cough, his throat felt like it was burning up in flames, but without flames. It travled into his lungs, burning as it went. He exhaled as quickly as he could, blowing the bits out before they could do anymore harm.

His wings began to flap, spiraling air into the bits. With one fell swoop, he blasted all the dust bits away from himself, following a air current to the other side of the field. His throat was still burning, and the top of his lungs were hurting. It wasnt much, but it did surprise Desroth.

Damn you, that *cough* hurt!! If you want to play with meteors, SO BE IT!! *cough*"

Desroth raised his hands to the ceiling of the arena. As he did so, aura flowed upward, calling to the sky, and beyond. There was a moment of silence, but then there was a sound. It sounded as if something was falling, hurtling at a extreme speed down to Earth.

Suddenly, the dome opened, allowing the attack inside. 5 Meteors straight from space were streaking at Beowulf, and these ones would actually hurt when they hit. They are going approximatley going about 4,000 mph from falling into earth. The earthen dome immediately closed back, no one had exited the dome, or had a chance to. The meteors were about 50 ft in diameter, and were aimed right at Beowulf.

If these attacks hit dead on, it would be pretty certain that you would at the least come out with a few broken bones from it, which would not be good. As the meteors closed in, Desroth figured it would be a time to close the gap. He began to swoop down, moving slow enough that the meteor attack would not harm himself, and so that he could have a small margain of time to dodge a counterattack.

OOC: My meteor attack is known as Meteor Strike, so you know. And for Beowulf (if he didnt see my last fight I used it in, here is the description)

Meteor Strike:
The user calls to the heavens and pulls several meteors to Earth. They will home in to where the opponent is, but stop hominh when they reach 1,500 ft from the target. The meteors can do extreme damage if they connect on the opponent, but their impact on the ground does the most damage. It is possible for a meteror to crush the opponent into the ground, cuasing more then double the damage from a direct hit. (taken right from the sheet he has all his attacks on)

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Kaijin Surohm
Living the dream

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Posted on 09-20-05 04:17 PM Link
With a bolt of black lightning, swarmed in bats, it strikes the ground, and the whole mass forms into the being known as Kaijin.

Alrighty then.

Waves a hand, and freezes time.

I'll have to stop this fight on a ruling. A ruling should be seen by tonight, over the Meteors.
Jedi Master Desroth


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Posted on 09-20-05 05:00 PM Link
Uh-huh... Kaijin, Beowulf is throwing mixed signals around about me. He took the side of me wanting to change it so it was down to a size that was okay, but he goes and tells you about it. It is one digit that needs to be changed. If it was opening the dome, Leon was not clear on that. He said it could not be destroyed, but never said a attack could come in. All he said that was it was indestructible, and WE the fighters could not go outside of it. If he makes a ruling now on attacks coming inside the dome, I am afraid to tell you that ruling would be ipso facto, and would not be able to be applied to this problem (since BOTH fighters were not told ALL the rules about this dome, we only know we cant go outside it and it is indestructible.) Im not trying to sound rude or anything, but this problem was already worked out, and I told Beo I would fix the size so it worked out. Technically, I can still change my own post, for he hasnt attacked yet or answered back to the fight.

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Kaijin Surohm
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Posted on 09-21-05 04:35 PM Link
Since it is taking long then I thought, I'll post my comment now.

The meteors cannot make it through the dome. A dome, is something that is round, and covers the arena, thus causing an indestructible shield overhead.

Making the Meteors useless.

Do not alter the arena. They are made for a reason, and are indestructible for a reason too. Just saying that you can make an opening in the roof, or something along that lines, destroys the perpous of having an indestructble arena.

The battle can commence.

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Beowulf laughed at Desroth’s attack. Of course, the meteor have failed and struck the dome instead of the arena, which gave Beowulf another chance to counterattack. Beowulf began to coughs a little less now, as the poison no longer began to take the full effect now. The fumes are being pushed away and the mercury could not proceed any further. His Lotus sword holds the dangerous poison away from Beowulf’s body as a small barrier appears around Beowulf, holding this very poisonous stuff away.

Lucky, he has to thanks for his Lotus’ sword for his protection. Without it, he would be stuck in a critical moment, and probably could not survive. But his body felt the fire burning deep inside of his heart. It was his burning desire and passion, but the rages could be felt within. Many say that it is somewhat impossible to control it, but easily said within Beowulf’s eyes, he reveals the desires of his victories. He’s planning that this worthy adversary isn’t going to surpass him that easy, and he is going to unleash his fury.

A sudden flash of light appear in the very arena, and when it fades away, the Lotus sword began fully actives. The runes that appear in front of Beowulf still kept the quicksilver in its place, and shields Beowulf against its very poisonous fume. The Lotus reveals its full nature and reveals it beautiful lunar color blade. The mysterious magical blade was not more then about 26 inches long, and no more then 3 inches wide. The depth of the blade is just about .75 inches thick. The blade, however, seem to shine and glow it mystic color, leaving an odd feeling to look at. Small glittering star-like fragments began to pours out from the sword.

His eyes reveal a tales, and a different story. His body seems to be somewhat calm, Beowulf’s grip on his Lotus sword was somewhat loose and he felt that he was more at ease. However, the aura or the presence of Beowulf’s body emits the fury of his wrath. The power of his presence or wrath seems so powerful that it can shake the planet at will, but Beowulf did not. Beowulf charges at Desroth and when he was halfway there, he jumped so high then expands out his wing. Not only he is flying at Desroth, but it look like he became faster as well.

He has one thing in mind. Vengeance.

He used his Lotus sword to swing at Desroth’s chest from a few feet, missing on purpose. Even if he missed, the Lotus would leave a mighty explosion at Desroth that capable of dealing many damages, and as well as it releases the same particles that the meteor he casts before. It releases many thousands of atom sized particles during the process of the explosion. He knows the end is getting near…


Lotus Sword –

While it has no blade to be with, it however does have it uses. When actives, it emit a strange magical lunar-like color blade that is 26 inches long, 3 inches wide, and .75 inches thick. The blade is considered to be made of magical properties from the hilt’s material, and also need Beowulf’s hand and arm to be covered by runic symbols, due to it bound by the presence of Beowulf’s body and presence. In order to have these, Beowulf undergoes through several burden on his life, bearing and suffering through nearly everything just to fulfill his duties...

The mysterious blade have no solid material, but is consider to be compounds of between few mixture of magic, creating a reactions that made it stable and completed. It carries many charges and it contains some particles (as small as an atom) that capable of making a transfusion that create a life-threatening situation because the raw power made from the substance creates an unbalance reaction in other body. However, it soon dies after given few moments. But, if it is inside of the victim’s body, there are no chances due that transfusion will merge and spread through another cell with the opponent’s energy source, creating an magically unbalance reaction capable of using up the energy and basically worn down the opponent.

While the blade is made of magical mixture of between the wielder and it, it proven that it can strike through anything and inflicts a poisonous wound due to it being non-solid magical power. Not only that but because of it mysterious components, the energy mixtures creates many thing and with proper presence and essence of its user, it emits those star-shaped like particles where the sword is and soon fades away after few seconds. If someone have to break this sword, it would not be possible due to its requirement raw power, essence’s power, and mixture of components energy as well as it being somewhat gas-like.

If the sword misses intentionally, it cans reaction from the user to set a slight ripple that is capable of unleashing an explosion as well as emitting those atom sized particles. It is very dangerous to get close to one, as it can possibly destroy or decimate someone’s life.
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Desroth saw Beowulf's new mighty weapon, and knew that it alone would not be Beowulf's key to victory here.

Beowulf had used his sword, slicing at the air. Desroth had enough sense to figure out that a invisble slice was hearding towards him, and decided he would need to back away from it. As he wheeled his wings, pumping them backwards to force himself away from the slash, it explodes. The force caught him, and proppelled him backwards, doing a small amount of damage since he had already gotten out of the way of the main explosion. As he was propelled, he saw the same weird dust particle things from before. They would only last for a few moments, but their effect would stay for longer.

He landed softly on the other side of the dome, and saw his opening. There were not alot of those particles to the bottom right, so he could penetrate through there. He launched himself out of the way of the main cloud that was following him backwards, and swopped down. He barely missed the cloud, but he felt some burning on his wings where some of the particles touched. He was moving at 30 mph, and easily powered across the arena. He had gotten some more spores in himself, and he felt them burning down. He now had the chance to do his next attack.

The Elw Sword of Seals glowed, as Desroth concentrated on the Seal Chain around Bewoulf. This would be a one time thing for this battle, but Desroth felt that it would be a good use. The Chain Seal began to warp, looking as if purple energy was passing through it. Suddenly, above and below the Chain around Beowulf, clock faces appeared. They slowly began to turn, but began to speed up. This would be the final act before Desroth would be able to push in and finish the battle. Desroth slowed his speed, and began once more to moving slowly back towards Beowulf, knowing the same trick would not work twice.

Elw Seal Chain; Distortion: This technique is so powerful, it can only be used once per battle. It is not powerful in terms of its strength or that it is unstoppable, but in terms on what happens to the opponent. The clocks that appear above and below the oppoenent are clocks that spin time out of control, creating fluxes in time all about the opponent. The fluxes are not seen, nor can be accesed, but their effects are applied. Anything that the opponent has on, what he has equiped, and even his own body will age, or decrease in age. It is all random, as is time. You can have one patch of skin be 1 years old, and the next one 85 years old (or the equvialent in whatever races life span. So 85 years old for humans could be 1,000,000,000,000,000 years old for a Demon, so although it is in human years, it matches the equivalent of that races life span.). Armor and weapons tend to have a very bad reaction with this. If they age backwards enough, they can not even exist (As well as Apocalypses spirit if Apocalypse ages back to 0 years old). It does not age as in it reversing history or fast forwards history, but it just ages everything without changing history itself. The attack can be blocked, but the blocking force will age, which would basically drain power from you to keep the affect of the ageing off of you (which is probably better then being aged into nothingness ). Once the attack is used, its effect can not be used by the sword for the rest of the fight, and its power cant be extended into the Chain for the rest of the fight. If its power is activated again by the owner of the Elw Sword of Seals, the attack will reverse and age the owner into dust. NOTE: It is blockable, but remeber, it will age the force field you put up, so you will have to expand more energy to keep the shield up.

OOC Edit: Errr, the 2 week limit has passed, just thought you should know Beo. Even though I asked for it not to be closed, you cant be sure what a judge will do.

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Rules are rules, Desroth, lol. As with the two week limit, the fight must close.

You both fought well, and I will speak with the other judges for a verdict of this fight.
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