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12-03-22 09:13 PM
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Posted on 09-22-05 07:46 PM Link | Quote
We'll follow your rules, that sounds good to me. So, on with the engagement. Erm...Battle...

Sand stretches in every direction. Forming dunes and valleys. The occasional mountain breaks from the sand, and seems to scrape the sky. Clouds form in a circular fashion around the endless battlefield. The center of this circular cloud formation, holding a moon in its grasp, and cradled by the stars. The ever-darkening sky seems to break and lighten to the west. But this feeling of hope, the want of the sun, is crushed as the light slips from view. The sand begins swirling about, seemingly focused on one point, where it rises and creates a dust devil, or a small tornado. The tornado becomes violent, hurling small rocks around, but the power is greatly lost almost as rapidly as it came about. The dust devil fades, and leaves a true devil in it's wake. Teeth of white, and eyes of yellow, increase the panic of the area around.

Those eyes, the yellow eyes, coming from another world, or at least, a parralel world. His skin was seen, pale, or if one were to use the politically correct term, he was fair-skinned. His skin revealed no flaws. And if he were a woman, he would be described as 'beautiful.' His thin lips were opened in a sneer. Revealing his white teeth, and canines which were slightly larger than average. His hair, framed his face, and length-wise it went to the base of his neck. The man wore a simple dress-shirt, crimson in color, and left unbuttoned. The long-sleeves were rolled up. And overall his chest area was left uncovered, except for the bandages, and his breastplate made of black adamantium. A link was created between this weapon and the sword which rested on his back. Connecting the powers of the two, and making the armor extraordinarily protective. He word black leather pants, which fit him tightly, and his white iron cross belt shone in the light. He had left his championship belt at home, this was not a challenge for his title, this was a challenge based on his honor, and the will to remain at the top, with the elite.

His second sword, which actually was his primary, rested on his left side, and was a katana in image, but a weapon deadly enough to tear through the toughest of metals. Folded over three thousand times, the mithril composing this metal could hardly be crushed that thinly. It was hundreds, possibly thousands of pounds in weight.

His eyes scanned the sky, it was beautiful. A night of pure chaos, beginning with total peace...

is that a good enough intro?
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - *Slaps Levi in the face* I challenge you to a duel! |

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