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01-22-21 09:14 PM
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Logan held his hands out and engulfed them in flames. He let the flames spread across his arrow. He spun out from behind the tree and fired the flaming arrow. He quickly slung his bow and shot three balls of fire from his hands.
Kyoku kun
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Combat was something Shana was used too, especially against a archar. She lept back and grabbed his knife out of the air, sweaping the knife through the air cutting the arrows in half. She watched them fall to the ground, "I hope that isn't all you've got."
She tucked that knife as well into her bag, ready to fight.
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"Yes, very." He said as he spun around, flinging the knife towards Shana.

He drew his bow and leaped back, quickly fired three arrows. He landed and spun behind a massive tree, nocking another arrow.
Kyoku kun
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Shana lowered her weapon, seeming a little surprised he noticed her, though she wasn't trying very hard. "No one, I work alone." Shana made herself visible and stared at Logan blankly, she seemed calm. She walked up to the tree he stabbed a pulled out the knife, looking at the handy work. "Looks like your weaponry could be pricey, you wouldn't mind if I took it off your hands?" She tucked the knife in her bag and eyed his bow.
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Logan walked through the forest, weaving through the massive trees. As he calmly walked, he drew a knife and stuck it into a tree, marking his path. As he lowered his arm, he carefully drew another knife, keeping the blade up, making the knife hidden in his palm. He stopped walking.

"Who sent you?" He asked the girl following him.
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