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06-28-22 02:58 PM
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True Flight
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Melissa looked at the red light. She sighed as she began to stand up. That light began to bring a glimmer of memory back that she had suppressed.

"Go Melissa! Don't worry about me, just go!"

Melissa shuddered and looked forward with the same smile and continued waiting keeping her thoughts to herself this time.
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The man collected the forms from everybody in the room.

"Great, now we can--"

Suddenly a horn blared through out the complex, as red lights above the doors began to spin. In an instant Alicia had a knife in each hand, and stood, low to the ground.

"The fuck is going on?"

"It's nothing. Probably just a system malfunction. If you'll follow me."
True Flight
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Melissa looked up. Finally another person she can identify with. "Yes!" SHe said happily. "My thoughts exactly!"
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After a few moments of standing at the door of the room and watching the others, who were as of now signing something, Luna took another step forward. Her senses working as she did, scenting the air, listening and getting an over all feel for the room and its occuppants. Doing so was as natural to her as breathing.

"I hope I am in the right room.....this place is a god damn maze" She spoke smoothly, a slight irish accent to her voice. She spoke to the man who hand handed everyone the papers.
True Flight
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Melissa smirked as she stole the pen from her superior's sleeve and signed her's hoping he would float her's to him as well.
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Ki raised his hand and a contract floated to him. “I really hate tease things,” he says as he grasps the contract. He pulls a pen out of his sleeve and sine. “Allow me to inform you of one thing government man, if you think that any type of insurance is going to cover vampire attack you must be out of your mined, trust me its a bludy complicated mess to explain and believe me the insurance company will think your daft” Ki floats the paper back to the desk.
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Horo picked up the contract and skimmed through it, took out a pen and signed it. He handed his politely to the man and returned to his seat.
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The doors to the room opened once more, a tall woman walking in. Blue eyes, that seemed more wolf-like then human, took in the occupants simply as she made easy strides into the room. The doors shut behind her with a click. Her dark brown streaked hair was down and reached her mid back in straight strands. She wore tight jeans, red shirt, black boots, and a black coat reaching her knees over that. She was pretty with sharp features, classic for a werewolf. The only thing marring her skin was a new, thin scar running two inches long beside her left eye. She had straight white teeth, with canines that weren't as sharp and long as a vampires, but more defined than a humans.

Luna looked around the room from where she stood, her expression dark. She didn't speak, arms down at her side.
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"Nothing special. Just contractual agreement, insurance, that type of stuff."

Alicia snatched her forms back from Melissa.

"N-now if we can just get this signed, we can begin."
True Flight
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Melissa looked at Alicia with a weird look. "My my," she said in a noticeably fake english accent as if to mimic her superior. "We have an attitude problem, don't we." Melissa gave a smirk to Alicia. "Let me see this." She looked at the sheet to see what it says. "So working for the government. So what are doing, signing our lives away?"
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"Great. Now that we're all here,"

The man pulled four manilla folders off his clipboard and handed one to each of the others in the room. Alicia opened hers and flipped through the first few pages.

"What the hell is this?"

"Contracts. Since we are technically a government agency, they are required if you are to be working with us."
True Flight
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Ki was right just behind him a teen ager looking young lady walked in with a serious look. Her eyes looked right at Ki who happened to leave her to get lost looking for the restroom. She gave him a scowl and sighed. "Leave me behind to get lost again... I see now," she said with a smile. She wore a wife beater with a large studded belt over the hip line where her shirt would meet her tight green pants. Over the pants she wore a pair of tight black leather boots with silver heels. Melissa's hair was put up in a loose pony tail.
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The door opened and a tall man in w white coat stepped threw the door. He wore a tan leather hat pulled slightly over his right eye but even under the shadow you could still see his glazed over eye darting back and forth between the people in the room. A crossed his back he careered a large sword with a dirty ribbon that could have only once been described as white dangling from the pummel.
His eye stopped on the man in the suet, “you must be the one that contacted me” Ki spoke calmly his English ascent becoming apparent. “my name is Ki Henderson and it is a plesher to make your acutance , my good friend Ms. Crym will be in shortly”.
Ki moved to a corner of the room and removed the sword sling from his back he looked at Horo “you haven’t been hunting to long have you?” ki said not looking at him with his glazed eye
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Horo opened the door slowly and walked sensibly into the room. He noticed a suited man was staring at the shotgun that hung across his back. "Don't worry, I have a permit to carry this thing, and these babies," He said, pointing to the micro uzis that stuck out slightly from his pockets. He placed the small rucksack he was carrying under a chair and sat on it.

"And you are...?" The man asked.

"Horo Antima," He stated, "My friends just call me the Ant. They're all over six feet tall so they dwarf me and my short body."

Horo looked at the woman sitting on a nearby chair. "Hey," He said before seating himself a little more comfortably.
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Alicia sat in the small room, spinning one of her knives around her fingers. She felt anxious. She had never worked for the government before. Actually, until recently, she had been on their 10 most wanted list, as a 'terrorist'. Now they had 'learned the error of their ways', and were trying to help her combat the vampires. Huh. Took them long enough.

A wiry man in a suit and glasses entered the room. He carried a clipboard.

"You must be," he flipped through a few pages on his clipboard, "Alicia Amaranda?"

She didn't answer. He looked around nervously, not sure what to do. He held out his hand.

"Well, it's great to have you on our team."

She glared at him. He lowered his hand, and took a few steps back, trying to get as far away from her as possible.

"Well, we'll just wait here in this room," he gulped, "together, until the other recruits arrive."
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