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06-29-22 02:33 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim/RP-Discussion - Revision to Kaijin's Division Rules | | Thread closed
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What do you think of my proposed changes?
I like them.
66.7%, 4 votes
I think the system needs to be changed but I don't approve of your alterations.   0.0%, 0 vote
I say keep the system as is.
33.3%, 2 votes
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This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

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Posted on 02-10-06 11:45 PM Link
Kaijin System/b]

How this Works
Your characters are assinged to a division based on what you can do. Each division is like a difficulty in a video game: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme. Each Division is harder as you progress through it.
Simple, no?

What the Divisions Mean
Lightweight : This is where characters with little sim experience, or characters that are just starting out will be placed.
Middleweight : Characters with moderate knowledge of Sim. This is the average sim fighters that you can expect to see, and probably the largest division.
Heavyweight : Characters with a high degree of sim knowledge. Characters who have a high understanding of how their characters work, and a high understanding on how to create characters.
Titan : The best of the best. Few have seen this division, few ever will know it, and few will ever be promoted to this rank.

The Leader is the person with the Belt. He or She is the one who fought for it, and has earned it. This person rules the most respect out of the division.
The Captain is the person who has fought against the Leader and has lost. But this spot is more complicated to get, due to the fact it involves Trainer valification, and multiple agreements that they are just under getting the belt. This way, if more then one person challenge for it, and they show a lower degree of knowledge of Sim then the Captin, they won't get the spot automattical. And vise versa.
The division people themselvs are ranked. The lower on the list they are, shows their experience of fighting.

Rules of Challenge.
The Division rules will be using the Title/Belt rules, and offical sim rules.
Challenging someone to a fight will effect your rank. If you beat that person, your name will move above theirs (regardless of their position). If you lose, you drop down the list by one. Simple.
Do take note, if you win a fight by a time out (someone broke the time limit) the challenger will not move up, but the defender will drop under the challenger.

Purpose of the Captin
If the Leader shows enough experience in fighting, and defending the belt well enough, he or she will be given the chance to give up their belt, and move to a higher division. The Captain then inherits the title, and the person below the Captain inherits Captain.

Characters are the Sim Fighter a User creates. A User may have more then one Sim Fighter, all on different divisions. New Characters must start on Lightweight, and work up. While pre-Existant characters will already be put in divisions.

Cairoi System/b]

In my system, we take away all current title holder's rights and start anew.

Each simbattler that wishes to participate will post in a specially designated thread. Each poster will be given a prompt to use, and they will follow it to the best of their ability. Then, a selected Council of voted upon simmers will decide where the person is debated. Their skills will be presented and decided on their current style, not previous fights or opinions.

Then, their will be catagories:


No Titan Division will be included.

We will then assign seeds on users in each division depending on level of skill. A high level medium sim battler would be a 3rd seed or 4th...A higher the seed the simbattler, the more often they will be examined for promotion.

There will be no title holders or captains in my system, only seeds. A 1st seed member would be the most likely candidate for promotion, and would likewise so be treated.

To advance in seed, one must fight the seed level above them, and not be able to skip about seeds. All inactive sim-battlers will be removed from the roster as it would be impossible for others to advance fairly.

Occasionaly to spice things up, there may be tournaments. However, this is just an idea. Whoever wins the tournament in their division would be able to challenge the 1st seed, and if they were the 1st seed, to move to the next division.

For each division battle, there would a post day limit of 3-4 days. However, no winner would be allowed to be announced. The match would not count on the records, no matter who had the advantage.

Also, no major actions concerning the division rules would be allowed without a majoral vote from foresaid council. This way, a level of fairness would be present at all times.

The official method of advancement would be to participate in a 3-post PM training battle against a council member, which would be reviewed and decided upon.

^.^ So, does anyone like my ideas? Yay, or nay?
Kaijin Surohm
Living the dream

Since: 08-16-04

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Posted on 02-11-06 01:38 AM Link
Lol, I'm not going to vote in this issue for a number of reasons. But I will state my opinion.

First, there's no "Revision" happening, since my "Rules" were the beta test, and were never set in stone.

Keyword: Beta version

Also, your seed rules are confusing as hell o.O All I got out of that was "Must fight some dude to make some random list, and to hell with acctually making use of catagories."

Not trying to dis on you, but your "rules" lost me.

Edit: I'm going to go ahead and close this since this thread was really unneeded. If further discussion of the future rules are wished, then post them in the already created thread.

(Last edited by Kaijin Surohm on 02-11-06 04:40 AM)
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim/RP-Discussion - Revision to Kaijin's Division Rules | Thread closed

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