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08-13-22 10:28 AM
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If you're reading this... You are the Resistance

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Posted on 08-23-06 08:20 PM Link | Quote
So I'm watching the news this morning. In Los Angeles we have this "wonderful" morning show called 'Good Day L.A.' with the most obnoxious news anchors who spend most of their time, and ours, going over celebrity gossip than actually discussing the world events and such. Most of the time that I end up watching this program, it's because I simply turned on the TV and went off to work on the computer without noticing what I'm watching until it's nearly over.

While typing out a few e-mails to my magazine staffers, I kept noting that Tom Cruise's name came up several times throughout the show. Apparently he's been kicked from Paramount for jumping on that couch on Oprah ages ago.


Look, I understand that celebrities have public lives. Some of them revel in it while others hide from it. But it's the public's interest that fuels the need for the media to come running whenever Britney Spears is seen with K-Fed or whenever Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going baby clothes shopping. Why do people demand these super market tabloids? What is so interesting about the lives of movie stars? Is it not enough that they have highly over-rated occupations?

As I write this, while trying to check my e-mail, the front page news bit was a picture of Tom Cruise with "Star Burning Out?" written next to it. ENOUGH!

Enough about Mel Gibson!

Enough about Bennifer, Brangelina, TomKat, Nicole Kidman and whatever flavor of the month guy she's seeing now!

Does the public really think we care what soup they picked up at Ralph's? Are we that interested in the private lives of these public figures? It astonishes me that when these people do anything it's such a blow for people. A girl in my English 3 class today, actually said that when she found out that Mel Gibson arrested for a DWI she almost cried. Huh?!

Someone --ANYONE-- explain to me why a 10.0 earthquake on the other side of the world doesn't constitute breaking news while the moment's notice that Tom Cruise named his newborn Suri is.

Zombie Marco

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Posted on 08-23-06 08:29 PM Link | Quote
Yes, this is a rant that I have been doing for a while ago. My biggest complaint is the sex with celebrities. Why is it wrong for these people to have sex lives? Why was the Paris Hilton tapes a scandal? So she wanted to film herself with her boyfriend. So? Is there anything wrong with that?

Now with Tom Cruise leaving paramount, that is okay, since it somewhat pertains to us. It affects the movies that he will be in, therefore no more Mission Impossible (thank god! MI:III sucked, I actually fell asleep).

But yes, for the most part, we should not involve ourselves with celebrities' private lives. That's what they are PRIVATE lives.
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Celebrities and their insultingly boring drama |

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