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07-02-22 11:17 AM
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Ready to be challenged in sim battles

Since: 10-07-04
From: Petaluma,CA

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Posted on 01-30-06 09:01 PM Link | Quote
Name: Link ????

Occupation: Hero

Physical description

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

???ft tall


Age: Age of current reincarnation 25


Hero of Time

Hero of Seasons

Hero of Ages


Has a huge varity of weapons.

Mask's (to be added soon):


Din's Fire: Link touches the ground with his palm shooting out a ball of flame from around him that goes in all directions.

Quake: Link tuoches the ground with his palm and the ground around him shakes with a furious rumble that can knock opponents of balance.

Naru's Love: Link cast's a protective barrior around himself for a few seconds. Blocking an incoming attack. But this power can drain Link's psyical energy as well making it so he can only use it 3 time's per battle before he collapses dead on the fourth try.

Faore's Wind: Link put's both his palm's forward as to cast a gale of wind to fly at the enemy this attack can give many advantages to link.

Twilight Effect: Link can transform into a wolf freely because while entering Xeogaming he gained the power to control it. Origanally this would only happen in the Twilight Realm. While in wolf form he is unable to use any of his idems because they have tranformed along with his body. He is swift and strong in this form and his teeth are fused with the Master Sword. So now they repel evil.

Fighting styles:

Sword & Shield Tactics

Bow & Arrow


Deku Stick:
A stick.

Deku Nut:
Throw a deku nut to produce a flash of light that stuns nearby enemies.

They're bombs and they blow up and cause considerable damage to a foe within range. Link has 99 bombs.

Mechanical bomb's that follow the enemy untill they explode.

Fairy Bow:
Links bow that he found in the forest Temple.

Light arrows:
Arrow's that can cancel out magic, and evil. ("Evil" in Xeogaming is considered dark and shaddow energy.)

Fire arrows:
Arrows that are on fire that never goes out.

Ice arrows:
Arrow's that freeze whatever they touch.( The point of the arrow of course)

Ice rod:
A staff that can shoot a beam of Ice at the opponet.

Its extensive chain can pull Link over gaps etc, and can stab at his enemies.


Kokiri Tunic:
The basic green tunic that Link begins his adventure with. No special effects

Goron Tunic:
This fiery red tunic protects Link from intense heat.

Zora Tunic:
This blue tunic lets link breathe underwater.

Hover Boots:
These boots let you briefly walk across midair.

Iron Boots:
These boots enable link to walk under water, but at a limited pace.


Master Sword:
The Legendary sword that locks the portal to the Triforce. It repels evil. ("Evil" in Xeogaming is considered dark and shaddow energy.)

Goron's Sword:
This huge knife is crafted by a giant Goron in Death Mountain. It's a mighty blade requiring two hands to wield (leaving Link without a shield).

Mirror Shield:
This magical shield can reflect light and magical spells.


Cheerful but serious.


Link came to Xeogaming to cast away an evil presence that is a threat to Hyrule. Link won't mention where this evil presence is eminating from but can feel it's presence. When Link came into Xeogaming he noticed that some of his spell's had changed in the crossing over to the board. When he encountered the Sim-Battle-Arena he thought that he may encounter the evil presence, Link is allies with Yuki.

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