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07-02-22 01:18 AM
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Since: 12-31-69

Since last post: 1825 days
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Posted on 11-03-05 10:29 PM Link | Quote
I'm sitting here, and should be doing my homework. I've got an entire study guide to do by tommorow, and it's 9:30 PM now.

I've already decided to do my math in the morning before school, but I still need to do Government (the study guide), and I need to order Senior graduation things, which were due Wednesday ... yes, last Wednesday.


You put a bullet in my head, Till black turns to red! This could all end in tragedy!

Since: 08-20-04
From: Read \"Real Name\"

Since last post: 3670 days
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Posted on 11-03-05 10:40 PM Link | Quote

*is scared*

Um... welcome.. er.. to... Xeogaming..? Maybe...




Since: 12-31-69

Since last post: 1825 days
Last activity: 2967 days
Posted on 11-03-05 11:08 PM Link | Quote
Well, it's 10:00 PM.

Guess I'll go do my homework.


Since: 09-02-04
From: Destroy Tower

Since last post: 3151 days
Last activity: 2516 days
Posted on 11-03-05 11:11 PM Link | Quote
You do your homework young man! No T.V or Video Games until it's done!

*Slaps "Xeograd" upside the head*

Sailor Delerium

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Since: 08-17-04
From: The Dreaming

Since last post: 3578 days
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Posted on 11-03-05 11:17 PM Link | Quote
Lol, that situation sounds a little too familiar to me. I'd get on your case about procrastanating (sp?), but I'm just as bad if not worse my school work. As long as you get it done in time, doesn't matter I suppose.

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Since: 08-14-04
From: Australia

Since last post: 5823 days
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Posted on 11-04-05 07:16 AM Link | Quote
I'm doing homework now, I have been handed 6 assignments that are about 2 weeks long each to do in 3 weeks. Try getting that done...
Gan Ning


Since: 10-21-04
From: Love Shack, that's where it's at

Since last post: 2563 days
Last activity: 2563 days
Posted on 11-04-05 12:40 PM Link | Quote
I rarely hand my homework in on exact deadlines. I'm an expert at talking my way out of ANY situation, you see.

That reminds me, I once told a teacher my dog ate my homework. When she had her doubts, I showed her photographic evidence of the dog chewing through my homework.

Since: 01-22-05
From: The restaurant at the end of the universe....

Since last post: 5013 days
Last activity: 4278 days
Posted on 11-04-05 05:00 PM Link | Quote
I usually do my homework while doingo ther things like talking to people and keeping up with the board so i know what you mean. It's just easy to put it off until the very last second.

Cyro Xero

Rune Mage

Rave Atom

Since: 02-23-05
From: Minnesota!!

Since last post: 1963 days
Last activity: 1875 days
Posted on 11-04-05 06:55 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Gan Ning
I rarely hand my homework in on exact deadlines. I'm an expert at talking my way out of ANY situation, you see.

That reminds me, I once told a teacher my dog ate my homework. When she had her doubts, I showed her photographic evidence of the dog chewing through my homework.

That happened to one of my best friends. His dog litterally chewed up his papers. He took a Polaroid picture and brought into school the next day. I chuckled when I saw it, but I also couldn't help but feel bad because it happened. I don't think it was a huge assignment, but one nontheless.

And I rarely ever did my homework. I couldn't sit down and open a school book to read for more than 3 or 4 mintues before I'd become to bored and frustrated. Needless to say, I still graduated, but with a 1.9 GPA. Had I done all of my homework and at the level of my ability to understand normally (which I'm sad to say was pretty bad) I'm sure I would have graduated with a 2.9 or 3.0. Somewhere around there. Still not very high, but good anyway.

Red Super Koopa
Watching you fall brings joy to my heart....

Since: 08-16-04
From: Oregon

Since last post: 5235 days
Last activity: 5175 days
Posted on 11-05-05 12:31 AM Link | Quote
Ah, yes, procrastination. As long as you're getting it done.

If you're having problems keeping on top of your schoolwork or doing it, talk to your parents and have them punish you. I know it sounds silly, but my parents made each of my teachers write out a note daily/weekly saying what was due and when and how well I was doing in that class. If I wasn't doing well or if I had something due, they wouldn't let me online. And I can't live without the internet.

Needless to say, I went from barely passing to an A++ (literally) student. The next year I even jouned honors science because I figured out that regular science was too easy for me. Heh.

Punishment works. I'm glad my parents did that for me.


Since: 08-28-05
From: California

Since last post: 6060 days
Last activity: 5901 days
Posted on 11-05-05 06:25 PM Link | Quote
I <3 procrastination
when i actualy do my homework (which isn't very often mind you) I end up doing it at about 1 am

(Last edited by shadowdude2 on 11-05-05 09:26 PM)
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Since: 08-17-04

Since last post: 29 days
Last activity: 9 days
Posted on 11-05-05 11:54 PM Link | Quote
That's me all over. I am the queen of the procratinators and often not by choice.

My brain is extremely controlling over my conscience. I know I should be doing my homework or studying and I get up early the day things are due so I can finish it before class or whatever, but my brain tells the rest of me to fuck off and that I still have 5 hours or whatever to do what I want and then I can use that last 30 minutes 'til the deadline to do the work.

I'm not even kidding. I had 3 take home midterms in the past 2 weeks and I did them in the last hour and e-mailed them in. I even helped Zoso with his and mailed it off at the last moment. Had a project for Geology 1 as well. I've been busy.

I work best under pressure. It can be seen in my grades, I tend to get A's on last minute projects/papers.
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Since: 08-29-04
From: PA

Since last post: 3974 days
Last activity: 3598 days
Posted on 11-06-05 04:20 PM Link | Quote
Yeah, I have a project due Wednsday worth 200 points that I have to do all alone because my group abandoned me. Yeah, they did that cause I was sick for a week. So now, I got to finish a 400 page book and write TONS of stuff for it in time to hand it in on Wednsday, ALONG with the week of makeup work I have to do. >.< I have my work cut out for me.


Since: 11-06-05

Since last post: 5298 days
Last activity: 5243 days
Posted on 11-06-05 05:22 PM Link | Quote
I like waiting until the last minute to do my homework. I don't know why, it's just fun. I like to do it late at night too so I can concentrate on it easierly. It's just fun! But then it sucks when you don't get it finished... Uh-oh.

Not so much dead.

Since: 12-11-04
From: Someday, Somewhere, Over the Rainbow

Since last post: 5739 days
Last activity: 5628 days
Posted on 11-06-05 07:38 PM Link | Quote
Welllll, its sunday night for me, and I still have two classes worth of homework to do.

Guess we're in teh same boat.

I still have time, but I'm totally not gonna do it. I have my ways of getting things done... mwuahaha....

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