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Posted on 05-14-05 08:27 PM Link
Yeah. This is the revived review thread. Follow these simple steps to review.

Play a Game.

Review the Game.

And that's it! So get reviewing! I'll take one from my library to start it off.


Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask

I got around to actually playing Majoras Mask a while ago (QUITE a while ago, now. Had held it off before. Never cuaght my attention at first). I never got to into it, with Ocarina of Time being my main Zelda game. But, at last, I got right down to it. And I thought it was a pretty darn good game.

A direct sequel to OoT. Link has started a search for his old (annoying) friend, Navi. As he is riding throguh the woods, he is attacked by the masked Skull Kid. After being transformed into a Deku, and finally getting a chance to get your Ocarina back, it is found out that Skull Kid has summoned a Menacing Moon to crush the town in 3 days. In order to prevent Clock Towns armageddon, you must summon those from Swamp, Mountain, Ocean, and Canyon. So, just like any Zelda game, you go off on an adventure to different dungeons to save the day, collecting many useful items, and masks along the way.

Majoras mask had pretty decent graphics for a N64 game, very similar to OoT's graphics. Just slightly better than that of OoT.

A fun game. The dungeons were unique and cool, the bosses were interesting and fun to do, the final task was cool to watch, and there was alot of sidequests. The collecting of many different masks was fun, and the masks themselves were good. Cool looks, funny looks, and neat affects, the masks made the game even better. Being able to transform into a Deku, Zora, and Goron was a nice touch, and was fun to use, especially the different instruments that came with each one. It was a bit short, consisting of only half the amount of dungeons OoT, and most other Zelda games for that matter. There were only four. But a fine four they were.

With many of the classic Zelda tunes, the Score of Majoras Mask is pretty nice. Of course fitting songs to the areas, different instruments that came with every different form, and the classic "song of Storms" Majoras Mask score wasn't too shabby. It's not like it needed super funkism songs anyway.

Majoras mask, is a underated game that is easily on my recommend list. A little bit tricky at times, and large array of sidequests to complete, Majoras Mask is a pretty good game.

Story: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Sound: 7/10

Total: 7/10

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Posted on 05-14-05 08:50 PM Link
Also just a heads up, you'll gain:

500-1,000 Lucre per review.

Make sure they have quality to them, and you're good to go.

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Posted on 05-14-05 10:38 PM Link
Does any Japanese game count? I might do a review on Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War... Oh hell I might as well start one now.

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

One of the coolest game I ever play, it was said that this Fire Emblem game was the most popular game in Japan. It is one of my favorite game due to few things:

Story: You start off with Sigurd who suppose to save Elaine. Eventually, Azel, Lex, Cuan (who married to Sigurd's sister), Ethlin (Sigurd's sister), and Fin (Cuan's bodyguard). Sigurd must go out on an adventure to protect his kingdom but however, he got involve into a deeper situation. His country have broke into a war, every enemy begin spreading the rumor of Sigurd's father action, and eventually, Sigurd lead a war... A war has came with a huge price.

But in the end, Cecline takes over his father position shortly after his father's death. He began to start his campaign to free the world from a dark order...

Graphic: Unlike most Fire Emblem series, Fire Emblem provides a great graphic on the map. The battle graphic isn't that bad, and almost everything look very real. Of course, it may be SNES but the graphic is very real and make the game look very interesting.

Gameplay: If you are looking for a challenge, this is a game from you. Take on about 25 enemy units while you only get 9 units in the very beginning on a huge battle map. You must play your tactic right if you want to prevail in the end. The skills are a major help in the game, it can be activate during after or before a battle begin, or even on a world map as well! The Weapon Triangle was the first to be introduced into this game. Lover system was also introduced where you can pair up between two opposite sex to give a bonus to the second generation.

Sound: The music isn't that horrible. In fact, it is incredibility well done! Most of the music you hear in the game should be on a soundtrack and make it masterpiece. Most video gamers are shocked to hear such a wonderful music playing.

Conclusion: Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War is well known for being the popular Fire Emblem game in its series. It provided challenge, wonderful music, great graphic, and a tragic storyline. It is one of the recommendation I suggest you to play.

Story: 9/10
Graphic: 9/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Sound: 10/10

Total: 9.5/10
Lord Vulkas Mormonus

High Xeodent of Xeomerica.

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Posted on 05-15-05 04:09 AM Link
Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords

Story: 10/10
gameplay: 9/10
graphics: 10/10
Sound: 8/10
voices: 8/10

This game is the best game I've played Since its prequal, and yes, I'm very serious. This game didn't miss a single good thing about the last game, added a few plot twists, and improved everything. This is one of those games that are going to be remembered for a long time, like the Jedi Knight series.

This story starts off with a bang. The Ebon Hawk (Your ship) is damaged and is forced to land in an mine. You then wake up and find yourself in a backta canista, which you fall out of. Everyone there is dead, and you end up fighting a lot. The story unfolds after that, and has you befriending sith, finding the last of the jedi, and generally killing anyone in your path.

The gameplay is even better then the original. You can do anything from turning your enemies temporarily onto your side, to doing a force crush. In the conversations then I've had the opportunity to make a few people give me all their money, and then go run off a cliff. I've also been in a quest in which I had to free a twi'lek slave, and then have her give me all her money and continue working. Ive even had a chance to get money from slave traders who gave a lot of it to me every shipment.

The graphics, like its prequal, were perfect. Everything looked real, and I'd have to say it was better then even Halo or Halo 2. Nothing looked looked fake, and everything looked like they went to a lot of work.

They could have done better with the music. None of it sounded like the movies perfect sound for every moment of the game. They should have put the imperial march somewhere in it.

The voices were also lacking. Most were good, but it sounded like it was made during flu season. They improved on the sounds while people were talking in a different language though, there were more then just two long scripts of noises made.

Overall, I'd give it a nine. The story ended too soon, and it was not very easy to understand. However, almost everyone should own this.

next review

Star Wars: Battlefront

Graphics: Fair
Story: None
Gameplay: Very good
Genre: Action
Overall: Fun.

This game is basically a game version of all the star wars battles you've seen in movies, only with more. You basically get to select a location, choose whether you're fighting in the galaactic civil war (the classic star war series), or the clone wars (the prequals).

The graphics of this game are good, but most games that came out in 2004 have better. The real thing about this is that it has a sort of... cartoony look.

The gameplay is fun. Those of you familiar with Jedi Outcast or Halo would be familiar with the controls, except that it's in third-person. The weapons system is very good. only other games, you just hold the trgger to fire, rather then keep tapping it.

The only severe problem with this game is the level design. In the entire game, you can only have one goal; capture cammand posts. The command posts are basically spawn spots marked with a hologram.

Overall, this game is fun, but it would be a lot more fun if you have Xbox Live. There is only one thing that is severly lacking from this game and that's the lack of any of the classic types of gameplay (Capture the flag, attrition, etc). Get this game if you have Xbox live, or enjoy going around shooting people.


Star Wars: Jedi Academy

graphics: 8.5
story: 7
gameplay: 9
Level design: 7
overall: 8

I really like this game, contrary to what I thought I would. In nearly every way, it beat Jedi outcast. I admit though, I did think it was not going to be fun, and I advised for Dan not to get it almost a year ago, after he found me in some way that I'll probably never know.

The graphics are pretty good, but they aren't good at all on Xbox (I have it on PC). The lightsabers and faces are of coure the most important thing, and they failed a bit on that. If you look at anyones mouth, it just doesn't move right. However, with the guns, the aliens, and everything else, they did good for the time.

There isn't a very advanced story, they mostly advance it by you reading your next goal, or a few animations. What I liked best was the missions that you had no choice about. They always involved more story and plot advances. Please note, only the dark side ending is extremely cool.

The gameplay is the best thing in the game. There are a lot of attacks you can do, and a lot of them very different.

The level design was good, of course. unlike the other Jedi Knight games, this was not all about walking through levels, surrounded with pits, wondering what on earth to do next. However, they all have one basic outline.

Overall, I really liked this game. it gave me something to do, and I enjoyed the lightsaber combat.


Those are my three reviews, more to come later.

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Posted on 05-15-05 08:42 AM Link
I don't want any lucre seeing as how I don't post anymore. I'm simply posting for the sake of finally giving in my reviews.

Final Fantasy X
Square Enix
Rated T
RPG genre
Platform: Playstation 2 exclusive

Out of a possible 10:

Graphics: 9
Sound: 9
Control: 9
Difficulty: 5

Overall (not an average): 9

Made by the legends of fantasy and of RPGs, Square Enix has done it yet again by creating another epic RPG that will stick with gamers for quite some time. The land of Spira is being ravaged by a great entity known as Sin. The solution? Call upon summoners to defeat Sin. The catch? Sin doesnt stay dead the summoner dies when fighting Sin. The plot twist? Your main character is a man who claims to come from a place called Zanarkand which was destroyed 1,000 years ago. The game? Final Fantasy X.


As always, the Final Fantasy series gives us only the highest quality graphics. And Final Fantasy X is no exception, pushing the PS2 to its limits. From the incredibly amazing FMVs to the battle sequences, everything was done with care. Honestly, these are some of the best graphics youll ever see from your PS2 console. The character models are absolutely gorgeous as are the fiends you fight and the monsters you can summon. And the FMVs? Well, lets just say it is truly some of the most beautiful scenes you will ever see.
Picture this. Fiends swarming around in a coliseum-like arena. People screaming and fleeing in fear. Then suddenly, a monster appears. A horrific monster that has only one eye which it uses to blast these fiends into nothing. Blood slowly drips from its only eye. Yes, that is just one of the many scenes you will encounter in this game and you will definitely be in shock as you watch them. Everything looks very life like, especially the character models, except for the fact that everything about the character models are too clean and too perfect. You would almost have a hard time distinguishing FFXs FMVs with real people.
However, the backgrounds of the world map may occasionally seem kind of dull and you kinda wish that there was more to it. Not saying that its bad cause that is in fact very untrue. The backgrounds are beautiful but you get the sense that more could have been done to improve it. Also, the battles may sometimes become too repetitive due to the extraordinarily similar models for the monsters you fight. But overall, this wont take away your enjoyment of this game.


As always, you can expect Square to include lots of beautiful songs and tunes to their games. And for the very first time in the FF series, there are also voice-overs. And for the very first time, it is done exceptionally well. Each voice fits its character perfectly and does in fact show emotions and such. In fact, the voice-overs would be perfect had the developers at Square spent a little more time with the lip movements so that they correspond with the words being spoken. But thats only in such screens as the world map. Youll see none of that in the FMVs which are near-perfection.
The music is, of course, topnotch whether it be a sweet and soft violin solo (Suteki Da Ne) to a hard rock song (Otherworld). Square once again proved that they arent just the graphics, they are also the music. And the music is absolutely superb. You may sometimes find the battle music to be a bit annoying after a while, but that is merely a very small flaw in an otherwise masterpiece soundtrack. And heck, how could you not like Squares version of hard rock in OtherWorld?


The controls of the game are very simple and there is no need to feel rushed in any matter, especially in the battles. Why? Well, Square has completely revamped the battle system, kicking out the ATB and replacing it with whats called the CTB. In other words, youre actions will effect how many times you get to move in a battle. Use haste, and youll move more often. Use a super powerful attack; expect your character to rest him or her before executing another move. Whether this was a smart change is completely up to the player.
Sometimes the camera angles may be a bit annoying. And the fact that it cant be customized to move the way you want it to slightly lowers the score a bit. However, it doesnt take away too much from the overall fun factor.


With only one difficulty setting, Final Fantasy X is probably one of the easiest FFs youll ever have the chance to play. That is, of course, you understand how to use the Sphere Grid system correctly. What is the Sphere Grid system? Well, in simple terms, Exp has been kicked out and has been completely replaced with AP. Like a board game, each character has his own peace. Gain more AP, more advance around the board. Each space has his own special node where a sphere can be inserted. Insert a sphere in a certain node and youre characters stats may increase or he or she may learn a new attack.
This is a new concept to the FF world and it can be a bitch if you dont use it properly. Now considering that you do use it properly and that you dont run away from all your battles, then the overall game will be very easy. Now the fact that your character can gain a maximum of 99,999 hit points only adds to the easiness factor. If you want a challenge, however, you can always go on the Monster Hunting quests and have the Monster man to fuse different monsters together to form ultra hard bosses to fight. When I ultra hard, I really mean it.


Final Fantasy X, unlike the other FFs, has more of a Japanese theme behind it rather than European influence and you can notice this in the character models, the clothing, the weapons, and even from the summon creatures. But nevertheless, it is still a Final Fantasy and it still one heck of an RPG that any true RPG fan or Final Fantasy fan should check out immediately.
Featuring a new and innovative storyline that has many plot twists as well as an improved graphics engine and a new battle system, Final Fantasy X is sure to get a very huge crowd. So whether you are into swords/magic, or just want to experience that incredible story, dont be afraid to give FF X a try. And now, its available in Greatest Hits so dont worry about emptying your wallet completely.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
Square Enix
Rated T
Action/RPG genre
Platform: Playstation 2 exclusive

Out of a possible 10:

Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 6/10
Control: 8/10
Difficulty: 6/10
Story: 7/10

Overall (not an average): 7/10

There have been many RPG games out there but few of them ever make a grand entrance, whether it is because they are too unoriginal or too repetitive in many aspects. In fact, its hard to find a new innovative RPG game in the market these days. Well, if you been wanting to get that new feel of an RPG, then allow me to introduce you to Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, featuring a very addicting battle system that will compel you to just keep on fiddling with it.


Dont expect to see Square Enixs masterpiece quality graphics such as those found in the Final Fantasy series in this game. Overall, the quality of the graphics is great, but not enough to be considered spectacular such as Final Fantasy X or X-2. The character models are absolutely beautiful, each character having a unique anime-ish appearance to him or her. The CG sequences are great with lush details which really show that the developers put some effort into the quality.
Now despite the fact that the graphics are very good quality, they just dont stand out in anyway. Nothing that would makes you go wow when you see a CG sequence. Remember in FFX, when you saw Anima for the first time in an awesome FMV? I bet you were thinking something along the lines of Damnthats amazing! Well, you wont be getting that feel anytime soon here. The graphics are great, but they could actually be better.


The sound is probably the weakest aspect of this game. Though sometimes the voice-overs might get good (keyword being might), 9 out of 10 times, youll be wanting to skip through the conversations or mute the whole thing altogether. The very awkward pauses between lines in a dialogue might make you think Okand? The emotions portrayed by the characters are just enough to keep you interested in the story.
The music, however, can be probably considered the worst part of this game. Honestly, they do nothing but add a dull flavor to each scene or fight. Nothing spectacular, nothing great, move on. Sometimes, the music doesnt even fit the theme of the event or scene which also gets pretty awkward. Remember that mute button on your TV? Well, if you hate the music of the first 15 minutes of the game, then youll be relying on that quite a lot.


The controls, in general, are reasonable and easy to get used to. However, sometimes the buttons become unresponsive which can lead to problems since the later battles are usually always very intense and fast-paced. You try to execute one thing and end up executing another. This usually isnt too big of a problem seeing as how it doesnt come up frequently.
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is a game that relies solely on its action to get the player excited. Thus, you can expect a wide variety of attacks and combos, unique to each player. In other words, Fayt (who wields a sword) would definitely handle differently than Maria (who uses a gun). This, of course, only makes it even more exciting during each battle as you try out different characters and use different strategies to defeat your enemy which is always a very rewarding thing.


This game can be a bitch to you, if you let it be one, that is. Its important to understand how the controls work and how to execute combos and sidesteps cause if you dont, then you can expect your sorry little ass to be whooped in about 30 minutes into the game (seeing as how the real enemies dont come until then). Of course, if you at least familiarize yourself with the controls and the basic, youll always be on top of the game.
The options menu features the ability to decide which difficulty setting you wish to fight on whether you are a newbie or a hard veteran, giving new players a chance to enjoy their first experience with the game while veterans can play through the game again but with greater challenges and risks than before.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time isnt the greatest RPG of the year. It doesnt feature the most memorable characters, the coolest graphics, or even the best storyline. It wont be on everyones mind a few months after its released. But for the time being, Star Ocean really stands out in the market against other RPGs for coming up with one of the coolest and most addictive battle systems ever to be witnessed.
Sure, it isnt the BEST PS2 RPG out there. But heck, its still a great game and is certainly worth your money to rent if you dont want to buy it. And the fact that it comes with 2 DVDs packed with special features and a versus mode! Thats right! The very first RPG to include a versus mode where you fight your well trained characters against another human players characters or the CPUs characters! With all of this, crammed into two little discs, youll sure to be playing this game for up to 20 hours (assuming you try to accomplish everything). Short? Perhaps. Good game? Definitely.

The following is not quite a Halo 2 review. Rather, it's just a commentary. I still need to finish the Sound section in my Halo 2 review.

Halo 2 is an excellent FPS, don't get me wrong. The controls are super slick and very responsive. The button layout feels perfect and is very easy to get used to the moment you start playing the first level.
The graphics are top notch and an incredible improvement over the first Halo. Some examples can be found on the Master Chief's armor and the Brutes scaly skins. Hardly will you ever find any lags or slowdowns.
The music, as usual, is composed of a powerful orchestra as well as some original songs from Breaking Benjamin. Halo 2, like its predecessor, has proven that its soundtrack is of theatric quality. And how can you not like its theme with the choir in the background?

Now lets address game play which I feel to be the biggest issue in conflict. Dual Wielding is a welcomed concept though it wasn't exactly necessary. However, it did allow the players more freedom as well as challenging the players to use strategy. Will you use two Plasma Rifles to pummel the enemy or will you use a combination of the Battle Rifle and some well placed grenades instead? So Ill just leave Dual Wielding as "unnecessary but nevertheless, awesome".
The storyline? Well, the storyline was honestly much weaker than that of Halo 1. Sure, Halo 1 didn't exactly have that great of an ending either but Halo 2 was much too predictable; more so than the first Halo. How could you NOT figure out that Tartarus would end up being the 'bad guy' (yes, I understand the term bad guy is poor but it is the best I can come up now. For those who played it, you know what I mean.). And there honestly isn't anyone in the world who can say the ending was a good one. Why? Cause the ending was horrible. A 30 second trailer showing Master Chief sailing through space in an Covenant spacecraft, telling his superiors that he was "finishing the job". Granted, the music added a very powerful emotion to the trailer but overall, it was, in my opinion, too weak overall. Sure, it sets up everything for Halo 3 but is that really reason enough? Can you honestly justify a horrible ending by saying that its because Halo 3 will come out? I hardly think so.
Lets move on to the levels. Though much improved when compared to Halo 1, it still suffers from one fatal flaw. Repetitiveness (please excuse the spelling if it is wrong). I must have encountered the same looking hallway 5 times in one level. Sure, the levels are big, but does that necessarily mean they are better? Does that justify using the same level design over and over again? Hardly.
Now that we addressed level design, dual wielding, and story/ending, lets address the final issue: the actual game play. This is obviously Halo 2's strongest point. With new guns and more enemies (though they too can get repetitive), the action is almost always very intense. Especially in the later levels where are constantly thrown against Brutes armed with Brute Shots and Energy Swords. Its an exhilarating experience and will definitely keep a player on the edge of his (or her) seat. The Flood is back (wow, how predictable) and their overall difficulty rating has increased tremendously. No longer will you simply pass through swarms of Flood unscathed. They are tough and they can really show it. With superior strength and armed with guns (as well as Energy Sword), they are some of the coolest enemies to fight against (though I would have appreciated more Flood designs then the one provided).

So here are my ratings:

Graphics 9/10
Sound/Music: 9/10
Controls: 10/10
Game play: 8.5/10
Story/Overall Plot: 7.5/10

Overall: 8/10

The ratings are purely my opinions based on what I have experienced as one who has played through the game on Legendary as well as Easy.

I haven't looked over these reviews so you can expect to see some typos.
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Let's see. I've reviewed Morrowind and Fable... time to review my most recent new game... there's a funny story about how I got this one, but that's unrelated.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Rockstar Games/Rockstar North
Rated M

Overall, San Andreas' graphics are good. The blurring of everything when you're driving fast is a nice touch, and the car designs are mostly very distinct and detailed - you can easily see the gas tank during the daytime on a 13" TV, so that's saying something. There are occasional bizzare graphics glitches, but while noticeable and not entirely rare, they aren't annoying; it's mostly just missing textures here and there.

Y'know, I thought I'd have a hard time with this. But the controls are very good once you get used to them, which shouldn't take long. The only problems I had were a bit later on, with flying the planes and helicopter. Everything's very responsive, the only time you might have trouble is with the gun targeting (like Zelda's Z/L Targeting) since each weapon has a different targetting range. And manually aiming weapons is quite easy, though the speed's often either too slow or too fast.
7/10 - points subtracted for very annoying plane controls. L2 to turn left?!

I won't spoil anything, which really means I can't say shit. It's a good story, though, more than I expected.
8/10 - Good so far, haven't finished the game yet.

The first couple missions are easy, just designed to introduce you to the controls. After you do a few, though, trying to live through your daily wanderings in the city is a pain in the ass, as the Ballas (a rival gang) start attacking you as soon as they see you. In addition, at around that same point, the missions jump up in difficulty. Once you get out of Los Santos, the difficulty curve goes back to a more reasonable one for, as far as I can tell, the whole game.
9/10 - Not quite the perfect balance, but still very good. Not much feels 'too easy', and many missions do require multiple tries, but they're not frustratingly hard either.

I won't comment on the music; as you might know, nothing was composed for this game, they just took songs from the real world and stuck 'em in the game. So that's a matter of personal taste, though there are numerous stations to listen to that you can change between. Gunshots sound like gunshots, I guess. I'll be honest, some of them sound like those little toy guns, but for the most part it's not bad.

Closing: Rent, Buy, Commentary
Buy it. If you're reading the review, you're obviously interested, so running over cops and shooting rival gang members is obviously not that offensive to you - at least in video games. So buy it. As an added plus, in San Fierro you can find a katana with which to kill people. How can you not like that?

Overall, not an average: 8/10 - Flawed, but fun.
The Accidental Protege

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Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
Nitendo/Hal Labs
Rated E

The mystical ball of fluff returns in his latest installment for the GBA. K&tAM is a nifty little game for a 30 dollar price tag. With new powers, enemies and bosses, this game takes Kirby, hurdles him into 4 player co-op (which is ridiculously fun) and makes a wonderful game that is sure to please. Now, let's take a look in depth, shall we?

As you would expect from a Kirby game, the sprites and objects are very colorful and seem to come alive in the Mirror World. There's a plethora of animations and zero slowdown throught the game, which is a big plus.

Apparently, Nintendo has learned from Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland and fixed the Kirby Slide, an effect where Kirby continues to walk well after you release the D-Pad. The game controls flawlessly, and the button assignments are perfect.

Apparently, a being named Dark Mind has entered a Mirror World of Dream land (lilke a parallel dimension, if you wil) and has attempted to take it over, but not if Meta-knight and Kirby has anything to say about it! As Kirby enters the Mirror World, he is almost instantly cut to ribbons by Dark Meta-Knight and split into 4 pieces. These four Kirbys team up and take on the Dark Mind and his men via a cell phone.

Interestingly enough, there is a bit of difficulty with some puzzles and what-not, but the enemies are still cake to beat, and that's ok with me. I just enjoy finding new puzzles to get 100 percent. A good difficulty, but too many lives via the bonus game contradict it.

Crystal clear. You can even hear Kirby's voice when he get's hit. The music is fitting, and I even found myself bopping along to it at times. Even enemies are responsive sound; If you slam a hammer on the ground, the shy enemies that hide doors will get frightened and burrow underground. A very nice concept to accompany the sounds.

Replay value:
Very high. I just traded it in because I have completely owned every aspect of the game. I love experimenting with new powers and trying attack combos, and getting 100% is tough, but it has its rewards....

Buy this game. One of the best Kirby games available, if not THE best. The pink puff ball will please anyone of any age.
Overall score: 9/10
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Doom 3
P.C./ X-Box
ID software

I finally got my Doom 3 back from letting a friend borrow it. And though I beat it within the day i got it back this game was pretty amazing.

Starts out with a little shuttle ride to Mars at the UAC base where unusual research is taken place. Your a no name Marine sent to help around the base for the upcoming month or so. Your given no slack on your assignments as your instantly sent to find a missing scientist in the old canal systems. After learning the basics on your little journey your not given any time to rest as the evil Dr. Batruger has opened a portal leading straight to hell releasing a horde of demons consuming and turning your other collagues against you. Thus begins your journey to stop this demonic army, stop Batruger, and mainly to keep yourself alive and get out of there.

The graphics for this game are top notch in the latest graphic development. They look almost real, severd limbs, gushing blood, the physics engine adds to the graphics as well making all characters (dead or alvie) very much life like.

A great first person shooter. What you would expect as a Doom game in runninga round with tons of arsnel destroying demons and undead marines/scientist. The game is mosly played out in dark enclosed areas (except boss fights) so anything can sneak up on you and do what the game was made to do, scare the shit out of you. And the flash light adds because you cannot equip a flash light and a weapon at the same time so you can either choose take a risk with your armor and health and pull out your flash light to take a look around or just blast your way through the darkness...and waste ammo =p.

Sound on Doom 3 was orignally a project of Trent Reznor from NIN but he dropped it and a former member of his band picked it up. Sound in Doom 3 is amazing. The sound makes the game scary with sudden shocks and errie tunes. If your heart can survive it turn off all the lights turn up the surround sound and play doom 3. I'll promise you you'll piss your pants and be paranoid. Only thing bad about the sound is that the weapons in my opinion arent very life like as HL2 weapons sounded.

Doom 3 is basically a newer and greater game in this era of physics engines and graphics. Doom 3 is a must play horror first person shooter if your at home and have nothing to do.

Story: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Sound: 10/10

Total: 9/10
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Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

There is a war going on in this world. A war between human and deimos. This war has been going on for decades. The cause? The humans discovering that the spirit stones are a huge impact on their machines. The deimos, however use the spirit stones to make magic happen. Another war, between the humans arises however, the Diilzweld army(aka the communist people) are wanting to gather the great spirit stones so that they can rule the world. The deimos catch on to this gathering and they want to collect the stones to rid the world of humans.

You play two plot lines with two different characters.

The first plot line is with a princly man named Kharg. He is more a ladies man and has a soft heart for his enemies. He finds Lilia the keeper of the light stone, and he wants to protect her and stop the gathering of the stones. After that he wants to rid the world of deimos. Without knowing he's part deimos himself.

The second plot line is with a slave named Darc. Darc on the other hand is Kharg's twin brother. He finds Lilia after she runs away... again. He finds out about the stones and he wants to gather the stones to rule the world.

There were okay for a ps2 game. Very basic though. There were lots of detail with hair, outfits, and happy emotions. The only problem with the game was the emotions. Whenever there was an angry comment or a sad look, the character would lean forward with a more "happy" face. The sadness was covered with hands over the face. (Tch lazy)

With the ultimate attacks they could've done better. Instead of just posing and putting up the name. THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE ACTION!

You could figure out the controls easily. The battle system is almost if not exactly, like Final Fantasy Tactics. It gets kind of droll and boring at times. Lets not forget the fact that there was no way of you traveling across the world map like on the regular Final Fantasies. It was basically point and hit X. There were some pretty neat puzzels, but you could get through them easily.

Overall if you went through this game with just the main character alone. You'd beat it. (I have proof!!)

The voice overs were EVIL! There was no way to not be annoyed by some of the voices. Just think about it. You have the choice to turn the voice overs off in battles, but that was about it.

There were no voice overs in most of the game, just the cut scenes. The game was not made up of cut scenes like Kingdom Hearts and The Bouncer. So it was okay to deal with the old school text box.

Overall this game could've been way better than just this stuff. This game had NOTHING to do with the chimeras or the arc or anything of that sort. The makers of this game rushed it too much.

..... I see a lot of potential in this game that the makers did not make happen.

Story: 8/10
Graphics: 5/10
Gameplay: 4/10
Sound: 2/10

Total: 5/10

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Tales of Symphonia
Nintendo Gamecube


Colette Brunel lives in the Village of Iselia, on the Continent of Sylvarant. It is in Iselia that the Chosen, a religious descendant of a long dormant Goddess known as Martel, is "chosen" of course in order to go on a journey of world regeneration. This journey is imperative to the survival of Sylvarant, as without the awakening of Martel, the land will wither away. In order to save this world, four sacred seals must be broken, and the Chosen's abilities tested in the process. During this journey, the Chosen will begin to take on the form of an angel to ascend into heaven and meet the awakened Martel. Colette finds that she comes from a long line of Chosen, learning her father is an angel himself, or so she believes. As her first task as Chosen, Colette, accompanied by Lloyd Irving and Genis Sage, both childhood friends from Iselia, and the surly Kratos (a wandering mercenary) entered the Temple of Martel, a holy place outside of Iselia, and met the angel Remiel, Colette's assumed father and the man who grant's Colette her angel powers. Remiel comes from what the worldly peopel of Sylvarant call Cruxis, where the angels live and Martel's body sleeps. After recieving her mission statement, the young girl sets out on her journey of World Regeneration, only to find deception, loss, and insurmountable odds against her and her fellow travellers. She finds that when the seals in Sylvarant are broken, another different land known as Tethe'alla becomes weak. Mana (the source of all life in the story of Tales of Symphonia) is the substance that keeps the lands in balance. But why, Colette asks, is this other land here, and nobody has been told of it? Why is she working to save this land if another is in danger? And if Cruxis is all it is meant to be, why do they place the fate of a world in the hands of a clumsy girl and her rag-tag friends? The answers to the questions you may ask all are found in the two discs that make up Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo Gamecube.


Tales of Symphonia has an anime style that can either be counted as artistic, chic, and recognizable, or by some of the players who look only skin deep, as a childish sort of style. Tales sports no blood, or gore, even at the most violent of parts, but still expresses itself through the sheer emotion portrayed in each character. The voice acting is amazing, even comparativly to many other games on the Gamecube. With a hint of anime cutscenes thrown into the mix, Tales has an original style that most should be able to enjoy. The only problem is the lack of detail in many different areas. Sometimes the characters mouths move, sometimes they don't . Whenever any explosion occurs, its just plain poorly done. If you can't see it for yourself, and have Super Smash Brothers Melee, use Mario and use is Fire Ball attack and pause it. You'll notice it looks like a piece of paper. Thats the best analogy for what the game's explosions look like. And, whatever cutscenes you do get to see, they're short - too short to excite some enough. An interesting part of this game is how the characters look the same in battle as they do outside on the world map; costumes are able to be found later on in the game to glorify this fact.


Tales is an RPG, so walking, talking, and all that is a must. Battle in this game is different to the average turn based RPG, a genre I notice that has been dying recently. Tales makes gives the player the option to either watch the battles (Extremely lame, and makes the game not worth your time) OR, the much better choice of controlling you characters in a fighting game-esque style. You actually move the character, press buttons to make them move they're weapons around. Its exciting, and keeps the player on his or her toes. As for travel on the world map, there's nothing wrong with it other than later in the game the world seems much smaller due to the different modes of transport you'll acquire. Battle controls can be VERY confusing if you're not told how to do it before hand. Setting special moves is confusing, thus you may find yourself constantly pressing the A button for the first half of the game.


Awesome voice acting by some popular voice actors. The music gets very, very repetitive at times though. There isn't much to it - the sound's nothing special, but nothing bad.


An aging game, Tales of Symphonia is sure to be cheaper than it was when it was first released in late 2003. It's worth the buy, but still leaves the player with a feeling of uncompleteness when they finish the game. This calls for a replay or two. Tales has enough secrets and sidequests to keep the player coming back for more.

Story: 6/10 - Plot holes are common in Tales of Symphonia.
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Sound: 7/10

Overall game score: 7/10
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God of War (PS2)
Makers: Sony
Genre: Action/Adventure
Players: 1

The long awaited PS2 game of 2005, God of War is not a let down. Unlike other games that were hyped up *cough*HALFLIFE2*cough*, this game does not suck nuts or end after about 2.5 hours of straight gameplay. This game is sure appease both the puzzle and the i-gotta-hack-everything-that-moves-to-a-million-bloody-pieces game lovers. Now then, with out further ado, TEH REVIEW!

Storyline: 10/10 (or if you never studied a lick of ancient Greece, probably a 5-7/10)
Unless you have been under a rock for your whole life or havent studied ancient Greece, there actually was a god of war. His name was Ares, and all the Greecian militarys fought under his direction. In this game, they follow ancient lore, but with a twist that did not occur in real life. You play as a man named Kratos ("Ghost of Athens") who in a moment of extreme peril called to the god Ares to save him and his men, and he would pay any price. He was saved and became Ares eyes and ears on Earth, Ares own personel destroyer because why should a god raze a single village to the ground? Kratos followed Ares commands until a series of events lead Kratos to cast aside Ares domination and to find and kill Ares. His quest will take him from the Agean Sea, to Athens itself, through a desert, up a castle on a giants back, and back to Athens before all is said and done. Although there are only 5 chapters in this game, each one takes easilly 2-3 hours to explore throughly and to complete the tasks at hand. The storyline has many plot twists, especially towards then end when you find the one thing that will allow you to destroy Ares once and for all.

Gameplay: 10/10
What is a awsome game without gameplay mechanics? This game features the most intuitive set of combat and magic useage ever devised for a single game. Your best weapon for the first part of the game are your Chaos Swords, forged in the very pits of Hades, these swords are chained to your arms as a sign of you being Ares minion. These swords are the only weapon in the games that allows you to do combos that are both spectacular as well as deadly to your oppenents. These swords are maybe a foot or 2 long,and are blunt and thick with razor sharp jagged edges made for slicing and dicing just like Emirl slicing parseley for a dish. Now these may not seem all to dangerous, but when you add on the fact that the chains extend out allowing for extra long reach when attacking, and the fact the engulf in fire when you fight make them all the more deadly. The only downside to this is the fact there are only 3 weapons in the whole game (Swords of Chaos, Sword of Artemis, and the final sword you will have to get yourself). Aside from the minor detail, the fighting system is a joy. Each and every attack flows smoothly into the next or into a combo attack. Each and every hit also feel smooth and responsive, if you smash a undead with your swords, they will get knocked back or fall back across the ground. Also, there is a added bonus of a theatrical kill. These are usually triggered by pressing the O button when it is floating above a enemy. These range from simply pummeling the snot out of undead warrior, ripping wings off harpies, preforming finishing moves and big bad guys that would other wise be hard to take down in normal combat, or in a boss fight. In boss fights, this theatrical effect is taken to a new level. Sometimes it is the only way to KILL or HURT a boss alot. Also side by side with the combat, there are magic spells. Some of these are more important then others, and only one of them is a total waste of time and mana. There are only 4 spells from the gods: Hades, Zues, Poseiden, and one other i cant remeber. Artemis is also in here, she grants you the Blade of Artemis, the second most powerful sword in the game (but you can not get the same reach or do combos like the Chaos Swords). Hades is the most potent when you get it, allowing you to summon 2 spirits to fight for you and with you, and when you level it up, you get more and more. Unless you are a master at fighting, you are going to be using spells just about the same amount of time as melee fighting. The A.I. in this game is not the best, but certainly not the worst in this game. They block, dodge and counter, but mostly they come STRAIGHT towards you before trying to engage you. Some enemies have better A.I., like Satyrs and Centaurs, but you dont meet them until later in the game. This A.I. can be overlooked however, as you are trying to smash your way through a horde that is trying to rape you. Aside from fighting, there are puzzles. Some are simple as stepping on a button, others require you to put a block puzzle together, and others are just plain a pain in the freakin ass. One such example of a pain in the ass is having to climb about a 3/4 mile tall spinning tube of doom, which has blades all over it. One touch from anywhere from a blade will knock you back to the bottom and you have to start all over again. This part is SO close to the last fights with Ares it is not even funny. I just want to take my disc and chuck it out the window, but then i would be paying Blockbuster 50 dollars for the disc... Although the puzzles and the A.I. can be a little annyoing or stupid at times, you will soon overlook that when you finally get past them and continue your ultimate path of destruction and chaos.

Graphics: 9/10
This game simply looks beautiful. The in game graphics are on par with todays graphics, but the cutscenes are where it really shines. You almost have to pinch yourself to remeber that it is just a game, not real life. Kratos looks like he was a real person in these cutscenes, and his face and eyes move naturally as he talks to Athena, the goddes who watches over him. Combat is also beautiful as well, your Chaos Swords slice the air with their fiery wraith, dismembering your opponents after you beat the crap out of them. The spell effects are kinda bland, as well as the enemies. There is only 2 model types for your opponents (normal, or Hades flame) and both models are exactly the same except for the addition of fire on them for Hades flame. all the faces are the same, weapons the same, attack strategies the same. This wont occur to you when you get surronded by 2 minotaurs, 5 archers, and a bunch of undead warriors and your ass it getting handed to you royaling becuase you ran out of mana. Other then that, the enviroments are gorgeous and are lush. it so mind numbly well animated you will probably have some moments when all you do is sit there and look out across the world and say "Whoa". On one last note, level 1 Artemis Sword glows purple! Jedi Master Windu Kratos all the way!!!

Sound: 6/10
The sound, although great in cutscenes, is rather lucklaster in the campaign. Your swords make the same noise against all enemies unless they have armor on, then they make the same noise when you hit all other armored opponents. Kratos grunts and groans when he swings his swords or does random acts of stength, but once again there are only 3-4 types of grunts and groans. Enemies all have the same 2-4 sound emessions when they attack, defend, or are hit. If you heard one undead warrior, you heard em all. Not much else to say there.

First Level Shock Factor: 15/10
Why 15 out of 10? Why even have this section?? ill tell you why!!! about 30 seconds into the first level, you will crap your pants when the first boss you ever fight comes out of no where and attacks you. This may not seem scary, but its a freakin hydra, it will probably make you jump with how fast and how sudden it is when it comes. You dont even get a warning before the beast attacks, nor do you see it before it attacks. It made me jump when it happend, so unless you havent read this or any other FAQ, you will probably jump to, lol

Overall: 9/10

This game is definetly one of the best PS2 games out for action adventure fans. But I do have a warning for you, this game is not for the weak of heart or stomach, there is alot of blood, dismembering, and generally ripping people and enemies in half with your bare hands... Also, i would suggest watching somone else play the game or burrowing it for a day before you buy it. It is not for everyone, it requires a quick thought process and reaction speeds, as well as brain power to complete the varying puzzles in the game. I hope then now (based on my rambling/review) you too can make the decision to buy or rent this great game!

PS: if anyone knows how to get past the Path of Hades over the River Styx where the giant log thing with all the blades is, please tell me. I can not get past that freakin area, i keep getting knocked down and it is really starting to piss me off...
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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Platform: SNES
Makers: Squarsoft
Genre: role playing
Players: 1

This game is really meant for the people new to rpgs. To be honest I beat this game when I was a little kid of 7. In the aspects of an rpg it is really a fun game for the first time gamer. This game is also known for it's puzzels in the middle of the story line.

Storyline: 6/10(A tad cliche for the FF series)
You play the hero of the story. You first find him running up a mountain asking an old man why the villages are being destroyed. The old man urges you to follow him. He flies over a cliff making you jump it. The old man explains to you that the power of the "Five Crystals" are dying. You have to save them then kill the evil boss man.

The storyline is very cliche because of the fact that it deals with saving crystals. Then again this might be the first game that dealt with saving crystals.

Gameplay: 8/10(battles are really easy)
Getting the battle system is very easy. Along with playable characters you can put them on auto to help you save time. You can change out weapons in the middle of a battle or use spells. There was no MP type of system. Just a HP system and a limit to how many spells you can use.

(Battles are easy with 99 appleseeds and an exit spell.)

Items were easy to get free because you could walk in and out of the area and gain items. The puzzels can be difficult if you don't like them. There are mazes as well. Your armor was automatically equiped if you wanted it to be or not.

Out of the whole category gameplay there was one problem. The fact that you had to restart the game everytime you got a new character in your party. This got tiring. Save... restart.... go on with the game.

The amount of time I spent on this game was about 20 hours so it's not very long. So for you brief game people this is the game for you.

Graphics: 7/10
For it's time it had good graphics. In battles it used pictures of enemies that would chage the closer you got to defeating them. Like if you were fighting a dragon. It would look like it was ferocious and then you hit it. The dragon's head is lying on the ground and it looks like you're going to kill it. Which you are.

Sound: 9/10(only because you can make fun of it now)
The sound to me is funny. I remember playing this game after so long and actually remembering that I memorized the background music. When the enemies died it sounded like they farted. Which is something funny.

Overall: 7.5/10
Over all I loved this game as a kid. This game is really meant for the younger players who can read. if you want to have a flashback of the golden days then play this game I reccomend it.

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Game: Dark Cloud 2
Platform: Playstation2
Players: 1
Rating: T-Teen
Makers: Level7
Genere: Action/RPG

This is an action RPG from the creators of Level7 (Dark Cloud and picadraws) The animation is pencel cell-shaded with a vragrainced touch of water color. So graphics are very touching.

you play as a young boy named Maximallion, at the very beginning of the game you enter a circus tent only to find something has gone terriably wrong around the town of palm brinks. When the circus leader spots max, he mentions a "Red Stone" that max wears and flotsom, the circus leader, is trying to obtain for his master.

As the game progresses, you meet a young girl from the future named Monica. She has on her a blue Stone, Her objective is to rebuild 'origion points' and restore the future that Emperor Griffion ( Flotsom's Master) Destroyed. And with the hellp of Max's Red stone and Monica's blue Stone, you can go back and forth through time, obtaining tresure, and key elements to progress through the game...

The gameplay is pretty simple, your character dosent level up, instead, you gain experience points for your 2 equipped weapons, spectromize elements in your item inventory, then apply them to your weapon. Sounds complicated, but nothing but a little experiencing couldent fix...

In the beginning of the game, Cedric (Max's Boss) Gives you a vechicle called a ridepod, if monstors are too powerful to handle, the ridepod will help demolosh anything in its path. You can also fully customize your ridepod, invent stuff using your camra as ideas, put them together, and create many things such as Weapons, items, and ridepod parts...

With Over 100 hours of total gameplay value, this game will ought to keep you busy over the summer. Normal Replay Value, and excellent graphics....i mean really, oustandingly beautiful

You gain extra HP and Defence by finding "Fruit of Edens" not very good for gamers who dont look for them and die in one hit in future dungeons.

RESULTS: out of a possiable 10
Replay Value-7
Overall-8 1/2

I recemmond this game to hardcore RPG'ers whom like beating games 100%, because in fact you really cant beat it if you cant find those damn fruit of edens...

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Game: Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Platform: er... it's an Arcade game for the Neo Geo systems... I suppose that means it's for Neo Geo too...
Players: 1 or 2 (Only really fun on 2 *grin grin*)
Makers: SNK (Now called SNK Playmore)
Genre: Fighting game
Price: 80 Megabyte Download from

This is the greatest fighting game I have ever played... allright? It's probably the last 2D fighter from the Neo Geo... (although I'm not sure about that... there was probably a Fatal Fury 2006) This game follows in the footsteps of Fatal Fury and King of Fighters.

Story: As with all fighting games... naturally the story is hard to notice... I'm playing the game through with each character to try to figure out the story. XD I'll probably edit this post later to post the story of all the characters... O-o As for now... here's your Comic of the starting...

For the record... you still fight people at random, but after every fight, your character says something different depending on who it was you fought! w00t!

EDIT: Ooh I found something!

Graphix: 10/10 (Dude! This would pass on the PS2... o.O) ((Saying that because I own Guilty Gear X, and this is better than that. ^^))

Rather that give my lovely description of the graphix... I'll give you this link...

If somebody would give me a program to make animated gifs with... I'll update that page... ^^

And yeah... I know it's nothing more than a Showcase of the Dante guy... Whatever...

Gameplay: 10/10 Ooooh this is sweeeet!!! Like all fighting games SHOULD be (glares at DBZ Budokai 1)... this is the highpoint of the game.

"Move the Control stick to move, Use the A button for the swift punch, Use the C button for the Pummler Punch, Use the B button for the swift kick, Use the D button for a Collasal kick. Press the A&B button together for a Evasion Attack.

Life Bar<---LOOK T.O.P. SYSTEM! After Choosing a character, set up the T.O.P. area. T.O.P. Attacks are activated when Life Enters the Area. During Activation, Attack power increases. Also... Life Energy gradually increases. Push the C&D Buttons together for a T.O.P. attack!

Just Defended: Life even increases when blocking Methods of Mayhem."

Now then... with that little bit of hard to notice Engrish out of the way... ... ...

This game employs a couple of systems that I can't remember being in any other games... first is the T.O.P. system...When you select your character you select a spot on your life bar to be your T.O.P. area... T.O.P. (which it never fucking says what that stands for) I'm guessing stands for Time of Pwnage... because when you're in T.O.P. mode your life slowly increases, your attacks do twice as much damage, you can do T.O.P. attacks (which I've never used before in my life, because I didn't know until I decided to copy down the stuff it says at the start, for making this review that T.O.P attacks even existed) and your character is all shiny .

Another is the "Just Guarded" where if you press back the second the opponet attacks you, (and not before) you don't take any damage from attacks, and infact you absorb it, and get a slight bit of health back... (Which is fun when playing against n00bs who only Hadouken over and over and over)

The whole "Special Bar" at the bottom of the screen is here, once again... but it fill up pretty slowly, and only goes up to two. When playing as a character that deals loads and loads of Damage (IE, Kain, Grant, Tizoc) you probably will kill the opponet before you even get to see the attack. v_V Each character has 4 special attacks... two 1 Bar specials, and two 2 bar specials (which are pretty much powered up versions of the 1 bar... luckilly, unlike Morrigan, Zangief and Akuma, whose 3 bar specials actually hurt less than their 1 bars... X_x the 2 bar specials are USEFUL in THIS game...)

The controls are smooth, flawless, and respond faster than you can twitch the joystick, at breakneck speeds... there isn't a choice between Turbo or Normal speeds like in Street Fighter, so you're going to have to allways play on 5 star turbo mode (at least that's what it feels like) which is all good, IMO...

Lastly, this game is HARD and will remind you alot of Mortal Kombat 2, where the opponet will destroy you every fricken time unless you're a god... (Like me ^_~)

Sound: 10/10

Where voice-overs are 100% Perfect... (O_o Does anybody have a host so I can put up samples of the people talking?) Every punch connects perfectly, the screeching sirens of Hotaru's special attack sound great, GAH IT RULES...

As for what I said earlier about the music sounding midi-ish... i DEEPLY appologize... I was playing Marvel Superheros vs. Streetfighter today too, and I got the two games confused... the music in Garou kicks serious ass. ^^


Overal 10/10 w00tness on a stick

Yeah... the game rules!!! Go get it!!! !!!

Bye the way... to play as Kain (AKA Dante, Rufus) highlight Jae Hoon, hold Start, and press down down up up down up, and press A for Rufus costume, and D for Dante costume. ^^

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Game: Forsaken 64
Platform: Nintendo 64 (Obvious?)
Genre: FPS, aerial
ESRB: M, due to blood and seeing limbs of people fly out of their vehicles in multiplayer

Note: One of my favorite games on the 64. Copied from a review I submitted to GameFAQs...

Well, as I said, Forsaken is one of my favorite Nintendo 64 games. This, combined with the scant few reviews already up for the game, made it a good choice to review since it's likely that mine will be posted.

Earth lies in ruins, destroyed by its own mechanical defenses. Bounty hunters, salvagers, and all other sorts of scum were allowed to go there, to find neither glory nor wealth, but only their death. However, someone was slapped in the face by conscience, and he decided to assemble a task force to go in and destroy the defenses so Earth is no longer a wasteland. This task force is you. You have been given schematics of the defenses and supplied with basic weaponry and fuel.

In all fairness, they aren't perfect. Similarly, in all fairness, this is a Nintendo 64 game. They're a bit angular, and some textures are repetitive, but for their time they are quite good. My only gripe is that in some areas, enemies are a bit hard to see.
Overall Score: 8/10

You are in a ship of some sort that you have complete control over. Horizontal and vertical strafing? Check. Forward and backward movement? Check. Complete rotation along the X and Y axes? Check. Hovering? Yeah, we got that too. Each ship performs differently, though irritatingly there's no way to know without testing them for yourself.

Your primary weapons are Pulsar, Suss-Gun, Beamlaser, Transpulse, and Trojax. The Pulsar is your basic starting weapon. Fires little green balls. Suss-Gun uses unique ammo that's very rare, and is your machine gun of sorts for this game. The beamlaser is rather powerful and has infinite ammo, but can overheat. Additionally, its shots have no 'travel time' - you fire, they hit. Transpulse bounces off a wall towards a target. Trojax can be charged. Then there's the array of secondary weapons, which include two types of homing missiles, three kinds of mines, and another four types of unguided missiles. Switching between these weapons can be a bit tricky with the default setup, but once you get your preferred setup (mine's Beamlaser/Pine Mine), you won't be switching much anyway.

You can get a bit disoriented in the game sometimes, and there's no radar at all, so I gotta dock it there.
Overall: 9/10

Yeah, I went into that in the intro. Nothing special, your average "robots destroy the Earth" thing. Not important, really, but I gotta comment on it.
Overall: 5/10

There are multiple branches for the singleplayer game, as well as a nice variety of enemies, some of which are quite interesting. The levels do a good job of giving you the "mechanized Earth" feeling, and the bosses are rather difficult. There are cheap kills here and there, though, and the game can be insanely difficult at times, but it's still very fun.
Overall: 8/10

There's AI opponents available, everyone has a choice of vehicle (but two cannot use the same), and when you have AI characters you can choose whether or not their part of the splitscreen shows up or not. There is an unfortunate lack of radar,, however, and the weapons available depend solely upon the level you choose (But most of them have everything anyway). I'll tell you this right now, though - the Bio-Dome is my favorite level. Also, it lacks a team mode... but, if you're playing with friends, you can just arrange an alliance of some sort. The vehicles are pretty easy to tell apart. Surprisingly, no matter how much I've seen going on, there's no slowdown I've ever noticed.
Overall: 9/10

Is It Worth It?
Yes. Yes. Yes. I cannot stress this enough. If you have an N64 and you see this game for sale, it's cheap, it's good, get it. It's not perfect by any means, but it's a solid game that any fan of shooters should enjoy.

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Posted on 09-03-05 07:15 PM Link
I don't want to be a pain, but now that we have the site up think you guys could copy and paste your reviews unto there?
Fear will kill your mind and steal your love as sure as anything;
Fear will rob you blind and make you numb to others suffering

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Posted on 09-03-05 08:24 PM Link
You are good at being a pain.

When I get around to it, sure.

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Posted on 09-03-05 08:55 PM Link
I mean, I'd gladly submit these myself, but that's if you guys want me to have credit for them.

If I send in a review, it'll simply say I posted it, so I just think it would be better and more organized if you guys submitted your own stuff.


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Posted on 09-04-05 11:38 AM Link
I think we should set up a default review format which all reviewers should follow. I mean, it just seems kind of weird how each review is reviewed differently in a different structure on the main site. Perhaps it'll look a tad bit more 'professional' if we were to follow a system of sorts.
Fear will kill your mind and steal your love as sure as anything;
Fear will rob you blind and make you numb to others suffering

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Posted on 09-04-05 12:54 PM Link
It'll be even MORE of a pain in the ass.

Point me to one other site that's got reviews submitted by readers where they are all in the same damn format. I'm serious, because I've never seen one...

It'd make the process even more difficult, and some people (like myself) already have a certain style that they've been using for a long time. Although, in my initial review, I accidentally skipped over Sound. . .

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