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11-29-20 09:09 PM
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Posted on 04-14-05 11:02 AM Link | Quote
Behind Closed Doors

You can go to your own world behind closed doors,
But it doesn't make the pain go away.
The way you acted when you were a child,
Wanting to take back every mistake.
Shutting your parents out when they tried to talk to you.
Wishing you were dead and never alive.

Behind closed doors you have your own time,
But whats already happened you cant rewind.
The look you put on your parents face as you hit the floor,
From the shockwaves you sent from behind your door.

Its getting real dark and theres no more light,
You think to your self why I deserved this night.
The reason to you may be unclear,
As you think to your self "Im coming my dear".

Behind closed doors many things happen.
Like losing your life to your own hands.
It's now to late as the trigger lies in your grip,
You think about how you should have listened to your parents tip.

Becareful behind closed doors,
You may end up in blood all on your floor.
With only one reason.
" I should have been there dear, and I should have been on time,
Then maybe we could have avoided this crime."

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Xeogaming Forums - Story Realm - Haven't wrote in a while tell me what yall think. |

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