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12-02-20 02:57 PM
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An odd smell reached the nostrils of Vulcan, the last of the dragons. The smell was familiar, but he couldn’t place it. It was overwhelming him a hunger, and he tried to ignore it. No, it was too strong. He altered his course and flew toward the scent…

* * *

Jaques woke up suddenly to a loud noise outside his residence. He looked outside and saw that a caravan had set up shop in the marketplace, which was annoyingly only a few acres away from where he slept.

He got up and put on his leather armor, he was supposed to be on guard duty today, and he couldn’t believe he had actually overslept. He was unused to doing so. It must have been from the night before, when he was forced to work second shift until midnight.

He went to the marketplace first. The caravan was several months late, and with the large need for food, the situation just asking for trouble. He began walking through the street and spotted a man running from outside of the town. Apparently what he was yelling was disturbing to a few people and he repeatedly yelled, “A dragon, I saw a dragon flying from the north toward here!” Jaques decided he would have to quiet the man. People going around yelling ‘news’ like this was common, and often false.

* * *

Vulcan felt the scent becoming stronger, and he saw an odd creature. It was actually walking on two legs, and was using a sheep’s fur to keep it warm. The creature spotted him and began running.

He saw a building which had more creatures in it, and he flew toward it, devouring anything inside, all that remained was a smoking ruin. He began flying again. That last creature had a bit of fat on it and would make a nice ending to his meal.

* * *

Jaques regretted the way he had to stop the yelling man from disturbing people. The man resisted heavily was unconscious at the end of the fight. He would be placed under house arrest until he calmed down.

There was a sudden sound of an explosion and Jaques ran back to the market place, to find an oriental person, or ‘wizard’ launching objects into the air which exploded at a safe distance. A false alarm.

He found himself being pushed to the front edge of the crowd and the wizard took notice of him. “Come here young ‘guard.’” he said, and Jaques seemed the have no control over his limbs as his legs took him to the wizard. Jaques suddenly found he could no see his hand. He could feel it, but not see it. Suddenly his vision seemed to fail, and he heard the crowed talking excitedly among themselves. What was happening to him?

The place was suddenly filled with screams, Jaques could feel nearly a large wave of heat, and he could suddenly see again. There was a dragon. It was worse then even the man who was yelling about it had described.

It was completely black, with orange lines streaking across his body. His eyes were like a cat, but like his body, there was red, and his pupils were black. Jaques finally tore his eyes away from the dragon, and saw the rest of the marketplace. It was burned, and there was nearly no one left alive. Those who were, were soon torn apart by the dragon as he ate them. The look in their eyes was something Jaques would never forget.

Jaques looked at the spear, and didn’t see his hand. “I must still be invisible.” he thought. But from his head down he was slowing gaining visibility and it wouldn’t be long until the dragon saw him. He ran, and accidentally tripped over a rock that had broken out of the street.

Vulcan’s head moved in a blur. He looked toward Jaques, and only saw a head. He looked back to his meal, and Jaques resumed running, but was quieter and more careful this time.

By the time Jaques reached the end of the street, he was half visible and the dragon spotted him. Angry that a human had survived his attack, he flew toward Jaques, who, in desperation, threw his spear at the dragon. It penetrated a wing, and an orange liquid fell out of it onto Jaques hand. Jaques resumed running, and suddenly found himself outside of the city. From the outside then it looked like it always did, minus the buildings that were taller then the wall.

Jaques moved to run the orange liquid off his hand, and discovered the liquid was already gone. His hand, however, was different. It turned brown, and his fingers looked like they had claws for fingernails. He moved his sleeve and discovered that it slowly went back to normal along the arm.

“Had an encounter with a dragon?” Jaques spun around toward the voice, and found the wizard. “I believe you even made it bleed.”

“Your timing with the invisibility was suspicious.” Jaques replied. “I take it you are responsible for these deaths?”

“No,” The wizard answered, “but you, who have been touched by dragon blood are the only one who can now defeat it. I will help train you for this encounter, but only for the sake of defeating this last dragon.”

“You are crazy.” Jaques replied. “We would need a large amount of things. To defeat a dragon then we need to have armor, armor at least as strong as mithril. We would also need weapons, as sharp as adamant.”

“Crazy?” the wizard asked. “It’s my job. Now, about that armor… you won’t need it. All you need is proper training with that new arm of yours.
Jaques was forced to accept.

A month later, Jaques was on his final test. His goal was to defeat several enchanted opponents, two with his sword, one with a bow, and two with his throwing knives.

Jaques drew his sword and awaited the first wave of enemies. These training enemies were really no less than a few pieces of wood that were strapped together to look at least a little like a dragon, then armed and enchanted to act just like one.

The first two “dragons” came, and Jaques moved has hand in a blinding blur. The first training “dragon” was decapitated, and Jaques kicked at the other one, knocking it over. He moved and stabbed into its chest.
The next wave came, and Jaques switched his sword for his bow, which he aimed at the dragon’s wing joint. The wing came right off, and the dragon crashed to the ground, moving in for a melee attack. Jaques fired again, this time at the dragon’s heart. The arrow penetrated it, and destroyed the “dragon”.

Now there were two more, and he put his bow on his back, and threw the first knife at the “dragon’s” mouth. It went through the neck, and the “dragon” fell to the ground.

The wizard was watching, and he walked toward Jaques, ignoring the destroyed dragons. “These ‘dragons’ are nothing like the real thing.” he said, “The real one will be much stronger, and will require more than one throwing knife to defeat. I believe you are almost ready though.”
“You believe so?” Jaques replied. “I suppose it is time for the lengthy task of tracking it down.”

“Yes…” said the wizard hesitantly, “but you’ll need more then weapons.” He handed Jaques a book. “In there you will find a route to the dragon, and spells, along with a way to use them, good luck, and remember one thing; these spells will take energy. Do not attempt to do a spell that is beyond your strength.”

“I understand.” Jaques said, and he took the book, pulled out the map, grabbed his large pack of supplies, and began the journey. He never saw the wizard again.

* * *

Vulcan was sitting in his cave, chewing on a bone, which had survived the raid on the town. It was stuck between his teeth. He smelled the scent of those creatures again… Good. He was hungry.

* * *

Jaques looked at the cave, and drew his sword. This place felt evil, like millions of deaths had happened here. He tightened his grip and began muttering a charm, and the sky let up, lacking any clouds and the sun was shining like it had not shined in hundreds of years. That should trouble the dragon’s vision.

Jaques was slowly walking, and the dragon ran out of the cave, a mad hunger for human meat was clearly seen in his eyes. It suddenly charged at him, sending fire toward Jaques who sent up a shield of water, which evaporated instantly, though it stopped the fire.

The dragon attempted to look at his adversary, but Jaques was standing in front of the sun, which was temporarily blinding the dragon. He was able to spot movement, and Vulcan ran at Jaques, and batted him with his claws. Jaques was thrown into the cave, and the dragon, though his night vision was not working very well anymore, pounced.

Jaques jumped out of the way of the pounce, and the dragon missed him by inches. Jaques rolled to the dragon, with his sword pointing out so that the roll would turn into a slash at the dragon. The dragon was hit, and his wings started bleeding the orange blood. Jaques jumped up, and stabbed downwards at the dragon’s wings, and was surprised to find that his sword went through the hole earlier created by the spear.

The dragon’s wings went up, and sent Jaques flying. Jaques landed on the dragons back, and began hacking away futilely at the scales. The dragon jumped up, and Jaques was sent flying to the cave top, and hit it. The result was quite painful, though not deadly. Jaques again ran at the dragon, and using his left hand, grabbed the dragon’s tail. The dragon turned around quickly, and his tail knocked Jaques against the wall. The dragon turned again, and faced Jaques, who was not longer holding the tail.

Vulcan quickly sent his claws at Jaques, and attempted to scratch at his chest, but was met was a bolt of lightning. He tried again, with same result. The dragon roared, and sent fire toward Jaques, who ended up using the shield of water again. Jaques suddenly jumped toward the dragon, and stabbed at its heart. The dragon slowly started dying, and began attempting to hack at Jaques’ body at all costs. He failed, and suddenly exploded in his death. Jaques though he felt wet for a second, then looked at his right hand. It, like his left, had scales. Jaques looked at the rest of his body and felt the scales.

Suddenly, the armor that protected his back exploded, and giant winds grew out of his back. He stretched them out at full distance, and attempted to flap them. It caught wind, and Jaques was thrown backwards because of the force of his wings. He breathed hard, and part of the cave floor turned red. He did it again, and noticed that fire came out of his mouth. He had gained the advantages of a dragon, and he realized the rest of his life would never be close to the same.

The end

Just so everyone knows, the name of the dragon was in reference to a Greek word, not Star Trek.
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