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04-04-20 08:51 AM
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Since: 08-17-04

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Posted on 03-17-20 08:13 PM Link | Quote
I know it's pretty much all most people are talking about, but how are you doing?

I'm honestly terrified. I wasn't a week ago, but I am now.

I'm worried for my parents. Mom is 73, she's had cancer off and on for years, just had knee replacement surgeries, and she's had breathing problems lately. and Dad is 69 and has diabetes and stubbornness that everything's always fucking fine. Good god, I keep having to harp on him to wash his hands and not cook bad meat.

So I'm at home, for now.

One job is allowing me to stay home this week and still get paid for half the day. The other job is paying me for the shifts I was scheduled, but they're shut down for the rest of the month.

I went out to a couple markets yesterday: a Japanese one that was full of people in full head gas masks and a regular super market. It was all panic-buying and people running around, buying EVERYTHING. The frozen food section was even just stuff ripped apart. It was extremely unsettling.

Doesn't help that people here have also been panic-buying guns.

Anyway, Brandon and I went out to Arizona this past weekend. We were supposed to be there for four days, going to the renaissance faire. We got out there and I'd already been second-guessing it all, but the hotel room was non-refundable, so we figured we'd play it by ear. The room was disgusting, we got another one which was serviceable, but still terrible. We checked out in the morning and went home, stopping through a couple places, but now we're observing social distancing.

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Lord Alexandor


Since: 10-15-06
From: Dayton, OH

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Posted on 03-18-20 04:34 PM Link | Quote
I'm working every other duty day, and only half days. The stores here are also mostly empty. However, we did have plenty of deli meat and steaks on the shelves...

Fortunately, my parents were already fairly introverted, so they're just washing hands more often and having my brother do the shopping (he works at a grocery store and lives with them).

My pay is not going to change (unless the US Gov't stops military pay), so I'm not financially concerned. However, if any of the long-time members here need help, please don't hesitate to PM me!


Since: 08-14-04
From: 255

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Posted on 03-19-20 10:33 PM Link | Quote
I too am more worried about family than myself right now. Made sure to text my grandma yesterday to see how she was doing. My sister just got a new job overnight, but then the governor here in KS ordered all schools be closed for the rest of the year, so she's in a situation now with my nephew being home all the time. Dang...

I'm worried about the economy ahead of us now. Thankfully I'm at a lab and think we're even providing test kits and stuff. I'm just a lower end data entry guy but I think I should have some extra good job security being here through this. Some departments were directed to go work from home for the time being, but we can't since there's classified personal information on our PC's. It's a little alarming in ways, being at a big lab still with dozens and dozens of employees walking around, but yeah...

I always hear good things about Black Elderberry for seasonal changes, anti-cancer, etc, I was going to try it out again as the weather changes here, but I made sure to get some now sooner than later. Amazon looked backordered a bit for awhile. Been keeping extra hydrated and all too.

Humorously this doesn't feel all that different when I'm home like usual, but yeah. It's very eerie having to drive out to work with the roads mostly empty. And I'm more worried about others than myself, I'm always good with my own hygiene... the "tips" have been common sense to me, but never underestimate most people I guess...

The story is changing everyday, but last I heard some expert/scientists are hoping we'll be out of the hump of this by May. It's hard to believe anything that China is telling us though and if they really are over the worst of it, but hopefully that's the case and that timeline should line up a bit with us recovering in May and June...

In my and our lifetimes, probably the weirdest global event since Y2K and 9/11 so far... stay safe everyone and check up on anyone you can!


Since: 03-27-20
From: England

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Posted on 03-28-20 09:43 AM Link | Quote
Same, I couldn't really care less if I get it or anything really... as for my mum however, she's been going through a lot since the past year or so and it does genuinely bother me, as her immune system is likely lowered (from when she had a heart attack last August) and she suffers from depression too since a long time so...
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - COVID-19/Coronavirus Discussion |

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