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12-07-22 05:25 AM
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Ball and Chain Trooper

Since: 08-14-04
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Posted on 08-02-15 07:25 PM Link | Quote
Have you guys ever done this? I'm sure a lot goes into the preparation. Being prepared for the mold and such. Mines sound completely dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

This really scratches an itch with me though and feels like something I'd love to do someday... people describing it as leaving this world and entering a movie, or just another world altogether. Hitting up the real like Fallout haha. It's all incredibly fascinating to me.

I feel like maybe Rogue has done some of this?

There's a lot of great youtube channels I've found for this stuff too. Some of the guys out there are very good with it, I'll tune on some video and after awhile, it feels like I'm almost there too, and generally can creep me out more than movies or other junk. Even some claustrophobia hits watching some videos of caves and small places. I really dig the big abandoned buildings, like hospitals, or malls. It looks so alien to see massive places like this, look like they were immediately evacuated, leaving everything behind like they were in a rush. I guess this happens with hospitals leaking radiation or other weird things like that.

Here's some cool ones I watched last night: - notice they trip an alarm at the end. Seems like a good channel. - different people exploring the same hospital. The ambiance of machinery still working, operating rooms still active, etc, is creepy as balls. - An abandoned bowling alley with active power. Gotta love that fan. This is another one of those that just makes me wonder, what the hell happened with the last group of people in there? Or is this proof of real raiders/looters? The place looks like an abnormal warzone. Seriously this is straight up out of Fallout. After the intro, don't worry... the guy keeps quiet and lets the ambiance take over. I'm pretty sure the radio in the background was legit. Really good quality. Could be another good channel. - Here's a more lighthearted one hehe. This channel seems really good. This one with them exploring an abandoned mall was great. The top of the building being a bunch of fake walls is amusingly weird.

Another good channel.

Anyone else interested or fascinated by this kind of thing? "Modern Ruins" as TheUnknownCameraman puts it. I always love beat down industrial settings in videogames, so I guess it's no wonder this stuff is really cool to me.
If you're reading this... You are the Resistance

Since: 08-17-04

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Posted on 08-03-15 12:23 AM Link | Quote
Honestly, I'm too chicken shit to wander into old buildings with a flashlight. I'd be too scared something or someone will be there on top of being too freaked the cops will come to site me for trespassing. Frankly, I'm also still afraid of the dark, open to the notion of ghosts, and I'm getting anxiety just watching some of those videos.

I've hiked to and through ruins of burned out houses and such, sure, but breaking into Linda Vista Hospital at night? NO THANK YOU!!

The most I've done that I could have gotten in serious trouble for was wandering out onto Sunken City in San Pedro. It used to be a neighborhood, which eventually fell into the ocean and all that's left are broken sidewalks and streets. There are almost always people there drinking, doing drugs, spray-painting, and so on, but just being there, alone, is cause to be arrested.

I once wandered into the tunnels under Fort MacArthur, but a guy showed up to chase us out after we'd been there a while. I've seen videos of people in the same spots we were, trying to show how they were haunted.

I've done some exploring of the Mojave Desert, but there's more of the concern of being shot on sight by the locals. Most of the areas around Ridgecrest, look like the NCR Wasteland.

Ball and Chain Trooper

Since: 08-14-04
From: 255

Since last post: 59 days
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Posted on 08-03-15 12:20 PM Link | Quote
Crime/drugs is definitely a scary thing to think about too, yeah.

I went through a lot of This is Dan Bell's channel yesterday, amazing stuff. I can't believe that guy goes alone on most of them though. I'd probably like at least three people total and maybe someone with a firearm haha...

Terrifying, Abandoned Historic Hotel w/ Crazy, Scary Incident (Dead Motel Series)

Scary, Abandoned Illuminati Psychic's House w/ Untouched Childís Nursery

Urban Exploration : Creepy 1950ís Motel w/ a Very Scary Ending

Those are some of the creepiest ones I've seen. The second one especially, if you let your mind wander a bit too much. Toys left everywhere, and... a random tie hanging from the closet? Eghhh....

The noises he hears in the first video seem legit. But I'm with some of the comments that it's probably just wild animals since the place had been abandoned for years Seriously though, I have no freaking idea why he'd go to such a large building alone. Good lord.

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Ms. Invisable

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Posted on 08-03-15 04:02 PM Link | Quote
It looks fun, but yeah, I don't think I'd have the proverbial balls for it.

Ball and Chain Trooper

Since: 08-14-04
From: 255

Since last post: 59 days
Last activity: 54 days
Posted on 08-03-15 05:42 PM Link | Quote
So freaky when they see old barricade/evidence tape in these locations...
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