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02-02-23 08:37 AM
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True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

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Posted on 08-16-07 12:04 AM Link | Quote
Okay I know some of you don't know what KIBA is so I'm going to post up some of the plot lines and yes.. It's got nothing to do with actual series but it's based on the series. I need a group... I mean a GROUP of people who want to play bad guys as well. =P I would love you all to join in this rp I promise you it will EXTREMELY fun.

Plot Line: Six Treasured Shards are scattered around the world. These Shards choose who they want to control them but some are after their power. Some are just after them to be after them and some are after them to control them. There is one group though that see to it that these Shards are never found. Seekers. Seekers look for every shard and once they are found they hide them within the world once more(not part of the anime). Though Task and Jimoto are after the shards Neotopia and Tempura seek help from each other to keep the peace.

Shard Casting:

Shard Caster (someone who casts shards duh)
-- Considered to be a way of casting magic. Shard casting is separated by elements and by types as well. Shard Casting is the way to get through life if you are a warrior. In order to draw your weapons you will need shards or little beads drawn from areas of your body. The shards are drawn from special jewels with markings around them. If thrown they can damage, teleport, or even summon. When attached to hilts of swords weapons are drawn.

Types of Shards
Brown - Earth (used as a shield)
Green - Wind (used as teleportation also called "Shifting Shards)
Yellow - Lightning (used to attack and as attachments to weapons)
Red - Fire (used to attack and as attachments to weapons)
Blue - Water (used to attack and as attachments to weapons)
Purple - Deceit and puppetry and capture (used to hold your opponent down with a sticky web if thrown. If attached to someone they can be used as a puppetry device and can transform someone into someone else... LIMITED)
Gold - Healing (used for healing wounds. This is actually not taken out of a shard caster like others are. Also used as a last measure when the shard caster dies.)
Spirit - Summoning ( have distinct patterns on them... KEY SPIRITS AREN'T USABLE)


This country firmly believes in the legend of Tasker. Tasker created the world, Spirits, and the Taskan Race. The Tasken race consists of four types. There are four types of shard casters in this race. There are also two parts to the land of Task, the floating continent and the lower realms.
Beast Man Type A
Six armed apeish creature. They are very barbaric and they are very strong. These creatures don't use shard casting like normal humans. They have shard casting abilities with in them but they use them to intense their immense strength and breath fire. They are very honorable and believe that Tasker will some day be revived. CANNOT SUMMON SPIRITS

Beast Man Type B
Six armed apeish flying creature. They are just as barbaric as type A. These creatures are very agile just as they are strong. They use shards within them to spit poison and fly faster. CANNOT SUMMON SPIRITS.

Taskan Barbarian
Human but holds the Taskan Mark. Horns on the shoulders. Can hold their own against Taskan Beast men and can summons forth Spirits. These are the Taskan humans that live in the lower realms of the continent.

Taskan Human
Human but holds the Taskan mark. Hons on the shoulders. Taskan humans have smaller horns than their barbaric counterparts. Very noble and rich.

Communist style group of humans. They believe in the Ultimate Rule and are lead by a strong pope. The Ultimate Rules guide people and their every day lives (what time to wake up, when to eat, when to leave for school or work, when to come home, etc). Disobedience of the rules leads to death and the family of the offender is banished. Everyone is the same class except for the knights. Knights are higher up because they are the ones that are looked upon as saviors and as executors. Kinghts summon horses and centaur spirits.

A country full of Harmony and Peace. Where the wind blows freely. This land is guided by seven sages and people live freely with law enforcement. The people are either working or noble class.

A county lead by honor and desire. This country borders between civilization and barbarianism. These people believe in fighting for what they want. They are like a huge pack of wolves and they are lead by an alpha wolf until the alpha wolf is defeated. There are two races in this country. One war loving the other peaceloving.

Jimoto People
Soldiers at birth. These people are taught to fight every day. They never give up and they are faithful to their Lord because they will over throw him one day.

Karbuhu People
This group of peace loving people believe in in no war. They want nothing to do with fighting. Ther have lungs and gills so they can breath in air and under water. Also they are born from eggs. If the nest is attacked they summon forth their god.

Originally not meant for human habitation, but after many sacrifices and many years, the Ulbacans made their home. The Ulbacans were originally from Neotopia. This group of people were the families that were banished from Neotopia because of their relation to an offender that was executed. In order to survive the stormy and cold island they changed some of their body parts to machines. This group of people originally could not be shard casters because they didn't have the distinguished marks, but thanks to their technology, they can summon forth synthetic spirits. The Ulbacans main goal is to gather all six of the key spirits to make a synthetic spirit.

A nomad group of people who hide the key spirits and find them with every generation. Their main goal is to keep a six of the spirits from meeting in the same place.

Now for your characters.

You will not hold key spirits. I have the six names right here =P so sorry. You're only looking for them for your country at war to keep peace etc etc etc.

You will not play other people's characters

You will have fun... XD

Character Sheet:

Personality: (three adjectives please)
Shardcaster Mark: (if you are a shard caster tell me where she/he will be getting shards from ie. three circle marks on her forearm or a mark on his neck with a gold diamond around it.)
Race: (please specify one... if you want halfs pm me.)
Outfit: (be extravagant if you want but please remember the limitations of movement when it comes to fluffies =P if you're Taskan human specify whether your horns are hidden or see able.)
Country of Origin: (You can be Taskan and be from Karbuhu or Neotopia state why and how your character is coping with this country. Also state if your character has prejudice against him or her. Being as most humans don't like Taskan whether they are human or not)
Country In Now: (state why)
Job: (If you have one)
Weapon: (restricted to swords rapiers daggers whips* and bow and arrows. *Can be used as both a sword and whip depends on the user's mood.)
History: (What is your character doing and why)
Spirit Name:
Details: (include appearance of both the spirit and the pattern on the shard. Don't forget the powers of the spirit.)

edit: SHIT I forgot the Spirit part. SORRY X.X

(Last edited by Lil Miss MRE on 08-16-07 05:32 AM)
Leon D. Sagara

Zombie Tarma
HELLO!!!!! ^_^

Since: 08-18-04
From: To Hell and Back

Since last post: 4649 days
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Posted on 08-17-07 03:35 PM Link | Quote
((Im Game for this, sounds kinda like an Idea I have for a story anyway LOL so Ima Use a Character I made for that Story))

Name: Ledion Vargas
Age: 17
Personality: Assertive, Blunt, Scatterbrain
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow
Shardcaster Mark: N/A
Race: Human
Outfit: White sleevless shirt with 2 black designs of cuts that start at his chest and wrap above his shoulders and stop just under his shoulder Blade. The shirt fits tightly to his body. he wears a pair of black pants, slightly loose arounf the crotch, and black shoes with tight laces. He also has a tattoo on the back of his neck of the number 2 in Jap.
His scabbards hang from both his right and left side, black on the right, red on the left.
Country of Origin: Jimoto ((War Loving))
Country In Now: Neotopia
Weapon: Two Katana's Ebon and Crimbs
History: Ledion does not care about the shards or who uses them. He only wants to gather all of the legendary swords posible ((He has 2))
Spirit Name: N/A ((Unless I Have to have one, then I ll think of something))
Details: N/A
True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

Since last post: 2243 days
Last activity: 2228 days
Posted on 08-18-07 04:16 AM Link | Quote
okay I really want more people to join this RP XD.

Name: Mirelle Reynard
Age: 17
Personality: spunky, carefree, determined
Hair: dark green
Eyes: green
Shardcaster Mark: on the back of her neck is a red gem with a black tribal marking around it
Race: Taskan Human (not barbarian)
Outfit: She wears a white bandanna on her forehead. Her outfit is a red pair of pants and short bright red belly top with removable sleeves. Right now she wears the sleeves since she's not in Task
Country of Origin: Task (upper continent)
Country In Now: Tempura. She shifted from Neotopia to Tempura illegally to get away from the guards there. Now she's in jail because a certain noble blamed her of stealing when she didn't steal.. this time.
Job: jailer
Weapon: She uses a special sword that can turn into a whip. She places one shard of each color into the hilt and it turns black. It can whip around because of this as well.
History: Mirelle has been spunky and anxious all her life. He clan spoke legends of Tasker's reign but she only listened to the part about the six "treasured" shards. She traveled country to country in search of treasure. Mirelle finally found clues to one of the six treasured spirits. She doesn't want to summon them only keep them as collectibles.
Spirit Name: Refial
Details: A female spirit. She is a fairy looking spirit. Her powers are wind. Her eyes are closed but when they open her power doubles.
The PulP


Since: 10-22-04
From: Columbus, GA

Since last post: 5580 days
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Posted on 08-30-07 07:43 PM Link | Quote
Name: The PulP of Orange(refered to as The PulP)
Age: 23
Personality: determined, manipulative, lordly
Hair: Dark Purple
Eyes: Blue-Green with a slight golden tint
Shardcaster Mark: on the plam of the left hand is a purple flame(covers the entire palm and even starts to wrap around the fingers)
Race: Human
Outfit: Light body armor black in color(turns dark purple and grows into heavy paladin armor upon the insertion of shards into the dragon emblem on the chest plate of the armor) with a drak purple cape and hard leather boots.
Country of Origin: Neotopia extreme prejudice against the Karbuhu People
Country In Now: Tempura, The PulP heard that there was one of the six treasured spirits in the temple of the seven sages.
Job: Knight
Weapon: Carries a sword aprx. 5' 6" in length that amplifies the power of the shard put in the hilt of the sword. Also carries a arrows(a shard can be placed in the tip) and crossbow on his horse. As a last resort he has 2 daggers sheathed inside his boots(one in each boot) aprx. 6.5" long(no shard can be use on these)
History: He traveled country to country in search of the treasure. He looks for the six treasured spirits so that his country can use them to vanquish their enimies and rule their rightful territory.
Spirit Name: Ra
Details: Man with hawk head. Power is fire. His powers diminish the longer he is summond.

**Would prefere to be the Villian if possible(my shiffty eyes cannot help my face changes color)**
Dirk Ralthar


Since: 07-18-06
From: Malthar

Since last post: 5472 days
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Posted on 08-30-07 08:18 PM Link | Quote
Name: Delrond Histuyag
Age: 20
Peronality: Vindictive, Arrogant, Spiteful, Focused
Hair: White
Eyes: Granite Grey
Shardcaster mark: Red diamonds on both palms and the back of both hands that appear to trail blood. Red tattoos stretch up in a double helix that pulls together at the shoulder blades and swoops over the shoulders and down his chest, and drops of red resemble blood flowing down his arms.
Race: Taskan Barbarian
Outfit: Black Pants and heavy leather boots, a black leather Jerkin has a single slot in the left shoulder for a shard. The insertion of a shard into the socket causes the clothing to shift into a set of Black Plate armor, a demonic form meant to strike fear into those who lay eyes on it.
Country of Origin: Task
County in Now: Tempura, He was exiled from his home after trying to take control of his tribe, and now seeks the power to return and slay them all. He came to Tempura on the rumor of an artifact of great power that would allow him to achieve his goal.
Weapons: A massive black bladed axe with blades at both ends of the shaft, with depictions of demonic lords around the two hand grips. Blood crusts the edge of the blades, and a black fire seems to burn with his inner hate. Carries a viciously barbed dagger to torture his victims that he might enjoy every last scream.
Spirit Name: Kaine
Details: A demonic spirit that exists for the sole purpose of bringing pain and suffering to others.

Everything about this character says evil.

(Last edited by Dirk Ralthar on 09-03-07 04:23 AM)

Zombie Marco

Since: 03-24-06

Since last post: 3171 days
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Posted on 09-02-07 10:11 PM Link | Quote

Name: Argon
Age: 26
Personality: Stubborn, brash, brave
Hair: Long brown hair tied into a ponytail
Eyes: bright blue
Shardcaster Mark: left shoulderblade
Race: Neotopian
Outfit: Utilitarian leather garbs
Country of Origin: Neotopia
Job: Knight
Weapon: A rapier on his left hip, a greatsword on his back and several throwing knives down the side of his right leg
History: Born in Neotopia and conscripted as a knight at a young age.
Spirit Name: Aviel
Details: male centaur

Name: Logan
Age: 28
Personality: Loyal, withdrawn, protective
Hair: none
Eyes: Brown
Shardcaster Mark: palm of his right hand
Race: Neotopian
Outfit: Brown cloth tunic with a hood
Country of Origin: Neotopia
Job: Knight
Weapon: A bow and quiver on his back, hunting knives of various shapes and sizes along his belt, and he had two halve-staffs hanging from opposite sides of his belt
History: Born in Neotopia and conscripted as a knight at a young age.
Spirit Name: Ch'taith
Details: male centaur
True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

Since last post: 2243 days
Last activity: 2228 days
Posted on 09-06-07 03:18 PM Link | Quote
I have an announcement to make:

there are no villains. Everyone's trying to gain the spirits for a cause here =P
Dirk Ralthar


Since: 07-18-06
From: Malthar

Since last post: 5472 days
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Posted on 09-06-07 06:51 PM Link | Quote
Does this mean that I can't be evil anymore?
True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

Since last post: 2243 days
Last activity: 2228 days
Posted on 09-06-07 10:44 PM Link | Quote

There are evil people. Some people are after the shards for the sake of man kind. Some are after them for money.. some are after them for the fun of it... It's more like a gray scale..
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