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05-09-21 01:27 AM
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Fear will kill your mind and steal your love as sure as anything;
Fear will rob you blind and make you numb to others suffering

Since: 10-03-04
From: Azul Lux Orbital, Kirin Beta

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Posted on 04-07-07 06:38 PM Link | Quote
Well, better get it out of the way now then.

General Purpose Rule Dispute Settlement Clause:
Thexare is right. (In other words, if I see you doing something that isn't against the rules, yet still should be, I can still punish you for it. Our rules are minimal, but use your brains, people. You should be smart enough that I shouldn't have to spell everything out for you.)

I'm simply tired of having to spell out every individual rule for people that always try to weasel their way out of something by saying "well it's not in the rules" because they are either incapable of using common sense or because they think they're smarter than they actually are.

Common sense should tell you not to spam skills in town (which reminds me that there's someone I need to yell at about that), not to spam in the chat window, not to repeatedly harass someone, etc.

1. No botting or packeting
1b. Exception: Vendbots are allowed. Note that we have @autotrade, though.
1c. No packeting, period.
1d. You heard me, no packeting.
1e. I'm not changing my mind about that last one.

2. No dual-clienting outside of town or in Prontera during War of Emperium.

3. No bitching about KSing. If someone steals your kill, kill them. PK mode is on - use it. Not every problem requires GM intervention.

Server Info:
Caps are 110 Base, 70 Job, and 110 Stat.

9/9/10, equips 15, cards 20.

PK mode on, can't start until 55, 15 level range.

All GMs' normal accounts are GM level 1, but that only gives them @dye (and related), /b, and /lb in addition to the normal things; nothing that gives them an advantage over you.

@commands: rates, showdelay, exp, mobinfo, iteminfo, whodrops, time, duel, away, main, noask, jailtime, showexp, showzeny, autoloot, autotrade, changegm, changeleader, pettalk, who, who2. All alternate versions (like @mi for mobinfo) and related commands (the various duel commands) are also available.

Bug reporting should be done in @main when there's more than one GM on. For those unfamiliar with the command, use @main on to turn it on, then @main (texthere) to chat from anywhere on the server. GMs are instructed to have @main on at all times.

Job changer is in, but the job quest rewards have been improved. It's now actually worth the time, if you want to do them.

War of Emperium will be 6-8 PM GMT-5 on Saturdays. In the event that Erk's server isn't on DST, that's 7-9 PM. This is after tRO's WoE ends. Pront-only; Fadh is a novice castle, the other four are normal.

Registering an account is done by logging in as you intend to in the future, with the same user/pass combination, but add _M (Male) or _F (Female) to the end of your username (NOT your password).

(Last edited by Vidar on 04-11-07 03:31 AM)
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