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01-26-21 01:39 AM
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Posted on 04-05-07 09:30 PM Link | Quote
So Xeogamers, tell us a scene where you thought was the greatest moment in Anime history. Moments that brought tears to your eyes, epic battle victories, or even the most hilarious moment.

Mine trails back in my Dragon Ball Z Days.

Gohan Ripping Cell a new fucking asshole and turning him into a pile of SALT!

I bet every Kid/ Young teen who loved DBZ absolutely loved those moments.

But that scene ties when Goku first turned SS1. I never knew about Super Sayans untill I saw that scene. ( Well I heard of them, but I diddnt know they get Golden Hair )

So whats your "Greatest moment in Anime history"?

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Posted on 04-05-07 09:51 PM Link | Quote
Something related to the above:


I'm 19, no I don't own the DVD's, posters, action figures or anything, but I can still say Dragonball Z was awesome back in the day. Scenes like this still give me shivers!

Frieza Saga > All (should have been the end too).

Also, I could only find generic AMV's but the part where Vash "deals" with Legato, yeah that was tearful.

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Posted on 04-05-07 10:15 PM Link | Quote
Well, for now it's:

1- Kira Yamato vs. Rau Le Cruset: Gundam Seed Final Episode. Well, last I watched, it was win. So yeah.

2- Kazuma vs. Ryuho (dunno how to spell this): Scryed. They fight so many times in 26 episodes. That's totally what you want to see.

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Posted on 04-06-07 02:54 PM Link | Quote
The Japanese version of Yu-Gi-Oh before the edited version right here

I've never watched any Japanese episodes of it but I read them.

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Posted on 04-11-07 12:53 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Týr

2- Kazuma vs. Ryuho (dunno how to spell this): Scryed. They fight so many times in 26 episodes. That's totally what you want to see.

I second that. especially in the last episode where they go all out and end up fist fighting each other. It was amazing.

Also, the scene in Samurai 7 where Kikuchiyo picks up the massive bandit sword and holds it up to stop the capital ship. Absolutely amazing. The aftermath also adds to the powerful emotions of the scene.
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Posted on 04-18-07 08:16 AM Link | Quote
Kazuma versus Ryoho, I agree!

When Gohan hit SS2, that was and always will be a pivotal moment in my anime-watching lifestyle, as well as Goku hitting SSJ.

Another one for me would be when Hitokiri Battosai got knocked out cold by Shishio, but Shinomori Aoshi came in, wounded, and covered him until he woke up. Those few episodes were AMAZING.

But the greatest moment in anime history, at least to me, is when Prince Ashitaka got shot in Princess Mononoke, and just kept walking. He wasn't like "HA HA HA I AM BETTER THAN YOU" or "I HAVE DEFLECTED YOUR ATTACK". He looked down, bled, and opened a door it would take 15 men to open with the gaping hole in his torso, all while rescuing Princess Mononoke.
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Posted on 04-18-07 09:33 AM Link | Quote
For Me.........PRolly the scene in Tenjo Tenge when Takayanagi beat the SNOT ((Literally)) Out of Nagi.


The End of teh Sensui saga when Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara watch Yuske die and attack Sensui liek theres no tomorrow
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