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03-27-23 10:07 PM
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Since: 03-24-07
From: Kawanakajima, Japan

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Posted on 04-01-07 01:34 AM Link | Quote
Name: Irou Mazaki

Age: unknown (looks young but is old)

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Appearance: He has long black hair, hazel eyes, has a weird mechanic visor around his eyes, wears samurai clothing (dont know the names of them) wears wooden sandals on his feet and wears samurai armour on his chest and left arm. Also has barbaric symbols on his face.

Story: doesnt really have a story line but how it goes is that when he was born in a village call Goushin from his parents, his parents left him when he was 3 years old and a old samurai name Shinto took care of him till he got older Irou killed his master and learned on his own. He also has a secret lover sence he was his master name Baiken.

Weapons: the only weapon he carries is a Black Master Wakazashi.

Style: he learned his own style called Gazin-kiro which means The Way of the Shadows or The Power of Shadows.

Powers: he uses his Wakazashi and his style to use his powers for examples.

Gazin-Mazuka: points his sword at the enemy and releases a giant shadow cloud and fires balls of shadow energy at the opponent.

Gazin-Fire: summons shadow fire against the opponent which is stronger than normal fire.

Gazin-stealth charge: stays steady with enemy until he attacks him i hold the attack and a shadow of me comes out and attacks him full speed and dissapears.

Gazin-lightning: fires a stream of electricity at the opponent with his sword once deflected succusfully the shadow burns his hands and skin for weakining.

Gazin-Messenger: clouds of shadows flying to the tip of his Wakazashi and forming it into a giant shadow ball and fires his the shadow ball at the opponent causing massive damage and pain organs.

Gazin-Blow: fires a shadow fist at the opponent knocking him back far distance.

Gazin-sword slice: slices his sword vertical at the air and fires out three shadow blades at the opponent from left right and middle.

Gazin-leaf shield: protects him from strong attack moves or magics using a shadow leaf shield.

Gazin-sign of erruption: stabs his sword on the ground and releases a massive quake and erruption of shadows hitting the opponent that ever touches it. (high risk of getting hit by the shadow erruption).

Gazin-Black hole: releases a dark cloud shaped of a black hole and sucks its enemies to a different dimension.

Gazin-uppercut: uses his left fist and uppercuts his opponent witha shadowy power.

Gazin-pulse blade: attacks the opponent with his Wakazashi making his opponent get into a shock plus a burn for every strong attack they make if succesfully hits them even if its a scratch.

Gazin-combo: sends out a shadow in front of him and who ever goes near it or attacks it gets attacked by a shadow and me with a slice and punching techniques making the opponent very badly injured.

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