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06-12-24 12:39 PM
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Since: 03-24-07
From: Kawanakajima, Japan

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Posted on 04-01-07 12:56 AM Link | Quote
Name: Veil

Age: 20

Race: Human/Crystal Vampire

Sex: Male

Apperance: Wears a black and white stripe shirt with a black and white vest. His hair is medium long and the color is black. On the lower part wears a custom made pants, the left side of his leg has a medium wide spread with small chains hanging on the side of them and the right side of his leg is a tight fit but somewhat loose as well. He also wears a black trench coat with a japanese sign of death inside the trench coat and the back of it is a picture of death (grim reaper). His body inside is made of hard mystic crystal known as tera, his fangs are also made of crystal which are twice as sharp and stronger than normal vampire fangs. his eyes are purple and black. Wings also appear out of his trench coat.

Story: He was once a human boy and was born in a Holy/city call Kolick which had many temples and tradings between two other villages. it also had a strong defence of trained swords,spears,and professional holy warriors call Buken's. When Veil was born he was actually named three times by his father and mother because the father never liked the name Veil so they decided to name Virgil even though the mother name Elucia kept his sons name a secret. When he became 10 his father Damascus was acting very strange to his mother and his two brothers name Kilong and Firin, no one really knew what was wrong with him so they ignored him for 10 years. When Veil became 20 a war then came between the dark demons of Gullin and the Holy/City everybody was prepared to fight against them except for Veil and his family. So when the battle broke out and the demons enter Kolick the killed everyone that was still alive. Meanwhile while that was happening Damascus was trying to kill Veil because he wanted to summon a dark lord named Kagatori Hisshi, But for order for him to do that he had to kill a the last person in his family that was born so in the mean time when he tried to kill him his brothers tried to stop him from doing that cause until they were pushed back by a tremendous dark wave, when Firin and Kilong were knocked out the father used a red aura spell to possess them into the darkness. While the 2 were getting possessed Elucia try to stop him but the father took his knife out call the Ieternal Slumber and stabbed her tords the heart and killed her while the only one left was Veil. Damascus had the final blow to finish him until Veil took out a kitchen knife and sliced his arm and ran off out in the wilderness, the father then asked an assassin shadow to kill him, the shadow of course was going after him and they both the assassin and Veil were going on a cat chasing a mouse thing going on for 5 hours long until Veil found a tree with a hole on the bottom of the trunk. He thought he could hide there but he wasnt sure so he went inside the tunnel so far that when he reached the end he found crystals laying around at the end of the tree he tried to figure out how the crystals got there. 5 mins past by and Veil was still hiding from the assassin when he was just thinking of where the assassin went he heard him coming saying " I can smell your flesh young one hahahaha!". The assassin the appeared at the tree and went under the tunnel and found Veil he looked at him with an evil grin saying to him " any last words "boy"!" Veil replied back to him "I will return..." the assassin laughed and sliced him dead. Veil was dead and the assassin walked away silently back to the tunnel he heard a noise and saw Veil getting buried in the ground and thought of somethign was wrong but he ignored it and walked away until bright dark purple crystals were coming out of the ground and there was Veil appearing out of the ground floating in the air while crystals were going into him and a dark legendary vamparic spirit name Jedah went inside his body. while all of it was mixed into him he then slowly floated down at the ground with his feet and opened his dark purple and black eyes with his mouth wide open with crystal fangs and charged at the assassin with his fangs and bit him and ripped his neck open and killed him. till then he became known as the crystal vampire.

weapons: his weapons are based off of his crystals he carries and his crystals change form of any weapon of desire except for guns and laser weapons.

Powers: his powers he obtains is from vampire or crystal abilities for examples

Ball of spike: releases a spike crystal ball and shatters at the opponent.

Strength of anger: absorbs anger from the opponent to gain more strength.

Mystic Silent: makes him so silent that no one can hear him even if they have incredible hearing.

Soul Explosion: takes the opponents soul and uses it against him in a dead on explosion. enemy is still alive but with out a soul in him.

Wings of protection: protects him from any attack except from the back.

Wings blow: spreads wings out strongly to force a dark wind appearing at the opponent.

Crystal nail stun: shatter a piece of crystal from his hand to go so fast at the opponent and slice him with crystal nails which paraylsis the opponent.

Triple senses: makes his senses triple it used to be.

Crystal spike: summons a giant spike crystal from the ground at the opponent.

Crystal Gaulets: able to carry larger heavier weapons or items

Crystal hail: summons crystals from the air falling down at the opponent.

he has more abilities i just dont want to make a list of them enjoy my character bye

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