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11-26-22 10:23 AM
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#1 Enhancement Shaman US Ravenholdt

Since: 09-05-04
From: His Laughin' Place

Since last post: 3830 days
Last activity: 3824 days
Posted on 03-25-07 04:41 PM Link | Quote
Ewwwwwwwwwwwww a soft pad...

and its DDR....

Sorry, but I just dont like the challange DDR has to offer...

( Also, could you be so kind as to remove your layout? I couldent see half of you during the video Yakitori )

Red Paragoomba

Since: 02-15-07
From: Boston

Since last post: 5536 days
Last activity: 4577 days
Posted on 03-26-07 06:02 AM Link | Quote
im one of those people thats a natural thinker which is the worst talent ever because we're smart but we never end up getting those great smartyass jobs because we know what's more important in life. we also think about shit too much so we end up getting depressed, and people make fun of us even once we've completed every form of schooling possible. we also have like no or few friends because nobody wants to be around a know it all, and we're very selective about who we want to be around.

i wouldnt want it any other way.


Since: 07-24-06

Since last post: 5378 days
Last activity: 5468 days
Posted on 03-29-07 12:53 AM Link | Quote
That's the worst attempt at satire I've ever read. As for my talents, the word "talents" in itself implicates some sort of natural endowment or innate ability. Of these, I am lacking.


Since: 08-16-04
From: New York

Since last post: 4211 days
Last activity: 199 days
Posted on 03-29-07 01:14 AM Link | Quote
when i get a video of my guitar playing recorded and uploaded, i'll post it here.

oh and Shuyin
about fucking time


Since: 03-24-07
From: Rhode Island

Since last post: 4498 days
Last activity: 4498 days
Posted on 03-30-07 01:11 PM Link | Quote
well im pretty good at juggling, and im pretty good at basket ball. im also good at football.

as far as nonathletic activities, i can eat really fast.

Red Super Koopa
Watching you fall brings joy to my heart....

Since: 08-16-04
From: Oregon

Since last post: 5382 days
Last activity: 5322 days
Posted on 03-30-07 11:48 PM Link | Quote
Like a few people here, I am also talented at dancing. Only... DDR and ITG.

I can play 9-footer doubles, and 10 footer singles. I can pass every song on DDR extreme except The Legend of Max, max unlimited, PSM, and PSMO.

I like to freestyle dance on ITG too. I recently hacked my machine so i hae EVERY DDR song ever made, every ITG song made, except for ITG3, but I do have a few from that unreleased mix, and even some custom songs.

Over 1,000 songs on one machine at 50 cents a play? Oh yes...

Owning the machine and getting to pay for free? Priceless.

Other than that, nothing. I'm not a talented person.
Kyoku kun

Phan Phan
Where in the world in Aurora the Explora? Currently California!

Since: 06-19-06
From: Northern California

Since last post: 4043 days
Last activity: 3670 days
Posted on 03-31-07 12:02 AM Link | Quote
Thinking about it the only thing I can think of is Ballroom Dacing... I'm also good with kids. I can't think of anything else annoyingly.

Haha, I can just beat medium mode on guitar hero.. .



Since: 05-03-05
From: california (knows how to party)

Since last post: 5601 days
Last activity: 4850 days
Posted on 04-02-07 06:04 AM Link | Quote
I am gifted actor but that is more training than talent (though i have no meagre amount of that), and i have an extremely well honed vocal instrument. i am very good at tongue twisters or anything involving elocution or speech (think announcers, shakespear and chatting) i am an exellent liar. If egged on properly i am freaking hilarious. I am quite charming, or so i have been told. I wish i was good at video games but i lack the dexterity. I am an exellent writer....if i have someone forcing me to finish the damn thing. Tragiclly, however...i am lazy so none of any of this counts for anything, inasmuch as i never bring any of my talents to bear.

Also elara forgot to mention that she rocks the history books like a fifty dollar gold plated blender....i have no idea what that means...but it is good

Divine Mamkute
Dark Elf Goddess
Chaos Imp
Penguins Fan

Ms. Invisable

Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

Since last post: 52 days
Last activity: 52 days
Posted on 04-02-07 02:37 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by venomouslobster

Also elara forgot to mention that she rocks the history books like a fifty dollar gold plated blender....i have no idea what that means...but it is good

... Uh, okay. But yes, I guess that is true. My teacher read my essay to the class as an example of a good essay (this was the one that I bullshitted the hell out of for my midterm). I got the highest grade in the class. Perhaps I'm just good at bullshitting essays.


Since: 04-07-06

Since last post: 4682 days
Last activity: 4669 days
Posted on 04-05-07 03:42 AM Link | Quote
lots of talent, little skill, half the desired level of confidence

I'm good at being mean and it's a lot of fun. if karma exists I'm doing a good job of hiding.
I can make most disasters into something presentable. ie food.
Talented in artsy areas acting drawing writing etc but far from skilled and faaaaaaaaar from hardworking.
what a waste

I'm a mimic and manipulator [ideas, words, people, etc]
and really flexable both physically and mentall. I can see just about any side of an issue and I can grab my feet. but if i try to lift them I fall over.

and good at conveying ideas in different ways until whoever I'm trying to help gets it.

despite all this I still suck at life.
And being funny, I open my mouth and people just fall silent. It's so awkward it makes me never want to speak again.

oh and of course, my last and most notable talent: TETRIS ?

Baron of Radical

Since: 08-19-04

Since last post: 3238 days
Last activity: 3144 days
Posted on 01-16-09 06:18 PM Link | Quote
My class voted me to dance in a showcase for our school. So here it is. It's better if you turn up the sound and watch it in a higher quality.


Dark Wizard
\"She said tonight...come on come on collide...see what I fire feels like..I bet its just like heaven.\"

Since: 08-15-04
From: Philadelphia, P.A.

Since last post: 828 days
Last activity: 645 days
Posted on 01-16-09 11:21 PM Link | Quote
Shuyin, as I'm sure you have heard this numerous times....but you're...there's something about you. You're so sexy! I rarely use that word. Haha, but it's true. Just...the way you talk to people here, your videos (I re-watched the others) are awesome. You're just. Cool.

Oh...**cough** back on topic. Congrats on the showcase!


Since: 09-02-04
From: Destroy Tower

Since last post: 3298 days
Last activity: 2663 days
Posted on 01-17-09 01:02 AM Link | Quote
Alright, Katana, you've had enough to drink tonight. *ushers*

Badass dancing, Shuy. How long have you been doing it? Lots of practice, or just naturally a slick cat?

Dark Wizard
\"She said tonight...come on come on collide...see what I fire feels like..I bet its just like heaven.\"

Since: 08-15-04
From: Philadelphia, P.A.

Since last post: 828 days
Last activity: 645 days
Posted on 01-17-09 01:15 AM Link | Quote
**giggles** Nah. I don't need to be drunk to say things that embarass myself. XD
If you're reading this... You are the Resistance

Since: 08-17-04

Since last post: 34 days
Last activity: 23 days
Posted on 01-17-09 01:43 PM Link | Quote
It's inhuman! Kill it with fire!!!

Oh, heh. It's Shuyin. That's sweet!
The Accidental Protege

Iggy Koopa
I\"m your accidental protege...
The gift, the blood, the thrownaway...\"

Since: 03-08-05
From: Marching on the city of Southern Cross

Since last post: 439 days
Last activity: 439 days
Posted on 01-18-09 01:12 AM Link | Quote
That is fucking sick.
A-fucking-plus. I love you. Bear my children.


As for me, I can sing. Well, I like to think I can. I've never really recorded it.
And I draw, as you all know. That's about it.

Super Shotgun

Since: 01-11-05

Since last post: 1113 days
Last activity: 234 days
Posted on 01-18-09 01:29 AM Link | Quote
I've been watching a lot of popping lately but I'd have to say that this is definitely top-tier! Maybe if I lose weight...
Cyro Xero

Rune Mage

Rave Atom

Since: 02-23-05
From: Minnesota!!

Since last post: 2110 days
Last activity: 2023 days
Posted on 01-24-09 12:39 PM Link | Quote
Just finished watching that vid. Awesome. I have some liquid-dancing and popping talent, but not as good as you are.

My main skill comes as my imagination and creativity. I excel in creation and add-ons to it. I'm sure most of you have looked into my profile and seen my magic spells that I intended to use for simbattles and RPs. 200+. Most of those were created over a very short period of time with the remainder popping in over the course of a few years. All of them are different.

A secret talent which I really don't talk about is that I'm a precognitive. That means I can see bits of the the future. BUT, I only see stuff in my mind which ISN'T going to happen, which leave the possibility still for just about anything. And it only happens for things will or are affecting me. But it's weird. Most days I don't believe that I have such a thing, as science as false testimonies from people of the past prove the ability doesn't exist. But there are quite a few days where the shit happens. In some way.

On more thing is that I have good memory of music. Especially ones I like.
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