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05-31-23 06:39 PM
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Posted on 03-17-07 11:46 PM Link | Quote
A new character I'm making. Not exactly fully fleshed out yet, I would enjoy criticism etc.

Name -- White

Age -- Infinite, as old as time itself.

Years spent on Earth -- 4

Race -- Seraphim

Appearance -- Dark gray colored pants, tight fitting as to restrict his movement slightly. A pair of Dark gray cloth bindings on his wrists, wrapping them for some protection. Upon his chest a white cloth tabard. His face is young and clean, hair black and shaggy, parted in the middle revealing most of his face. On the back of the tabard is a gray outline of Angelic Wings. His eyes are a piercing green.

Weapons -- White usually uses a white-poled, crimson-tipped spear. The spear is light and easy to manipulate, but strong and sharp. It "Comes from the Heavens" and is a weapon made for him by his God. The weapon, though able to be destroyed, holds a nasty secret when it is, and can easily be remade by the father and sent down to White.

Also in his arsenal is a small wicked looking dagger. Colored black as the night. There is no information on this weapon, as he has not used it yet.

Magical Powers -- White can call forth holy magics in order to carry out his bidding. These magics are a type all their own, though they appear to take on the forms of other magics. His powers range greatly in what they can do, but he has lost touch with the more divine of his powers. (Healing, Ressurection...etc...)

Plagues -- White may call upon the heavenly father and issue plagues against those who are against White. These vary in ability, but are mainly his offensive powers.

Miracles -- White may utilize miracles to defend himself and allies. His Miracles can also act as buffs, making him stronger/faster etc.

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