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03-24-23 11:08 AM
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kyle s kenedy


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Posted on 03-01-07 01:07 PM Link | Quote
Name: Drake
age: 27
race: half beorc(human) and half laguz (lycanthropic humanoids) or subhumans as some regular humans call them from the red dragon tribe
sex: male
classes: swordmaster, sage, bishop
apperance: shoulder long silver hair green eyes with blue dots calm self assured smile on his face 5' 9" tall wieght 150 lbs holds a sheath that is glowing red the blade of the sword glows white and is in the shape of a katana (regularly) the handle is red and in the tang where the blade meets the handle there is an eye.(the blade its self is alive it has the soul of a powerful sage that got turned into the sword by a dragon)

apperance in dragon form: red scales same eyes keeps half his human form gains wings and claws

personaity: he is serious but kind of chaotic he likes to watch battles unfold and the world change he gets borad very easaly genrally happy calm and welcoming he is lyer and a theif he will kill anyone in his way


Psychic staff
natti kati: legendary sword of the sage blade can block and cancel all magic never dulls is indestructable and can cut at the slightest touch to drake is weightless becuase he has dragons blood but only one with dragons blood can hold the blade
white mythril shirt and paints
brown leather boots

As a sub sub human he was not well liked by anyone he was raised in the church by a warrior monk. he was tought magic the sword and the cloth he one day turned into his half dragon form and killed all of the monks until he got to the monk who raisd him. He then got himself under control. over the next few months drake lerned how to change at will. how to evan fight in that form. while he was training by himself one day he noticed a pegasus knight and a wyvern rider land at the monestary. Dake thought nothing of this many people fly to and from the island these days. when he got back his master was dead. killed by the wyvern riders killer lance. Drake flew to the main land infuriated by the murder. he tracked down the wyven rider and the pegasus knight. they lived right on the shore. Drake was about to kill them when he saw that they had a son. he was about five, Drake questioned the wyvern rider "who gave the order to kill him who who who" he violentaly threw him to the ground. thats when he noticed that not only did the riders have a child but the mounts had one as well. The wyvern rider said "It was the bishop at" his words were cut short by a genrals lance. the genral yanked on the chain and the lance flew out of the rider and back into his hand. the wyvern flew at the genral with a blow intended to kill him instead he was shot down by a sniper. it was then that Drake notice his biggest mistake so far he let them get sorounded. most of them were fighters with axes Drake could kill them all but he remebered the child and the pegasus knight. so he sourendered and was taken to a prison for eight years. Then one day he notice that the prison was under attack. By a strok of luck it was a band of mercanarys the leader of wich was named Ike. he asked Drake to join him on his quest he refused but fought anyways becuase he wanted to be free. After the battle,Ike and Drake were sitting on the steps of an anceint temple. Then Soren a mage of Ikes party sat next to Ike, Drake said "Thank you for freeing me but i still must ask of you a sword" he smiled as he said this thinking it would be foolish to give him a sword. To Drakes suprise however Soren sprang up and walked away. Drake asked "where the mage goin". Ike responded " to get you a sword of course". stuned Drake said nothing and waited for the mage to reappear. finally the mage handed Drake a short sword it was strait. and had no guard a crapy looking blade. Drake didnt complain however he was glad for what he got. "Thank you for the sword" said Drake "no problem" said Soren who was looking nervus. "whats the matter Soren afraid ill kill you". "no good sir you bear no ill intent twords me i can tell but why not check the blade". Drake unsheathed the blade as instructed Ike and Soren started laughing uncontrolably. "whats so funny" Drake said Ike and Soren both rplied at the same time "no one else could unsheath it. " then Soren said " not me with magic nor our strongest worriors only you it wants you it was a powerful sage who was turned into a sword by a dragon the blades runes say." Drake inturupred "i can read them they say give me blood of a dragon and i will awake." "well then drake do it give it your blood". so he cut his right arm the blade grew to forty five inches long and curved like a katana blade. a guard appeared it was red and looked like two dragons wings. an eye opened and the blade spoke to Drake in his mind "i was a powerful sage now i am a blade i have many abillitys do you eccept them and all of my magic knowlage. Drake answered yes the blade turned glowing light and every thing the sage knew felt everything was now drakes Ike asked what happened Drake said everything good in this world Drake roms the earth looking for battles watching them

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