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05-05-21 10:57 PM
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Posted on 02-28-07 12:47 AM Link | Quote
(seriously need some practice with a good sim-fighter. Its been a long time since i have done this.)

Scy is waiting in a great field of white roses which distance goes on for as far as the imagination can stretch.

Arms folded he thinks to himself, "I need something to get me going". As he speaks these words to himself. He makes sure all his equipment is strapped up and ready to go.

Lord Alexandor

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Posted on 03-04-07 04:37 PM Link | Quote

OOC: The above table shows my status at the start of my post. the one below will show my status after my post. Please also be prepared for extremely detailed descriptions and a very serious competitor. I take the whole Sim-Battle idea to the next level with my dedication to accuracy. I may go more than a few days without posting due to my college course load and my work schedule, but don't worry. I'll post as often as possible.

Also, I'm assuming that this battle will not be taking place in the "real" world, as the field stretches out in all directions so far. I would like to propose that the entire battle takes place in a virtual reality world/simulation, so no one can have their character die. Normally, I refuse to kill a character unless it is absolutely necessary, but if this is simply a simulation, I will have no problems with killing of characters.

Alexandor Solaris shimmered into existence 100 feet in front of Scy. Alex was eager to get some training in with the simulation. Wow, this is very realistic, Alex thought to himself, looking around in wonder. He knew that his powers would be exactly the same here as they would be in a real combat situation. Alex remembers seeing a fight involving Scy somewhere, but can't place the exact time, location, or Scy's opponents. Never the less, Alex knows that Scy is definitely not someone to ignore. A quick check with his superiors before the match indicated that Scy was at least a class D enemy, but could be much high as class B. After his last fight, one involving a bounty on a man named clash, Alex knew not to ever underestimate his opponent's strength. Overkill is always better than failure. But, he also remembered that this was just a training exercise and Scy didn't know that Alex was the one who took up the exercise...

Scy! I will be your challenger today. My name is Lord Alexandor Richard Solaris III, heir to the throne of Sol. I am a Class Ω Stellar Guardian. I understand that you haven't fought anyone in a while, but I won't go easy on ya. Because this is only a simulation, I have no problem if you go all out and try to kill me...I intend to do the same for you. In a real life combat situation, I would not be so brutal. I would normally try to incapacitate you first and try to get you to surrender. That said, I shall prepare myself for your first move.

Alex mentally engaged the class B transformation matrix in his Core Link and, in a brief flash of light and fire, powered up to level 2. Alex shifted to a ready stance wearing his standard combat clothing. He placed a hand on his SCX35 combat rifle and waited for Scy's reaction.

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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Need a nice warm-up round |

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