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05-16-21 10:48 AM
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(ooc: This is my first attempt at using multiple characters... If you don't want to fight multiple characters, do not reply in this thread. >

Napolia - A living electrical signal. Lives in a small PDA-like device but can project herself out. Uses elementals.
Atunto - Ability to copy the properties of anything he touches, such as being able to become solid metal if touching a metal etc. Uses guns.
Allan - Human with a bird's wings embedded in his spine. Uses melee weapons.

The trio took slow steps through the rubble of what used to be a building. Something happened here... Something truely terrible. Small remains of bodies lay randomly about what was left of the floor. The stench of some of them made Atunto want to throw up. Allan had gotten used to this smell, considering the cell the scientists kept him in stank of rotten meat they always fed him. And Napolia didn't even have a nose so she was fine.

Allan suddenly heard something in the distance (He has incredibly heightened senses). He instantly flicked out his wings and sprang off the ground, grabbing Atunto with his naked, clawed feet. Atunto took Napolia's PDA out of his pocket and flicked on the screen, causing a small splash screen to appear briefly with Napolia's face across it. After a couple of seconds, she appeared.

Napolia: "Well, I can detect something... It doesn't seem big, perhaps only 'average' human size."
Her voice came out so clearly a human would have mistook her for a real person. Score one for technology.
Atunto: "You two are lucky... I'm stuck with quite a limited ability... You guys can scan for things miles away!"
Allan: "Quit moaning... We might finally find who we've been searching for."

Thanks to an experiment the scientists made that had gone nuts, Allan, Atunto and Napolia had just managed to escape the complex alive. Allan still has some of the scars around his neck and back where scoldering hot steel shards cut into him. He was hoping that whatever this radar blip was, it was the girl that nearly killed them. This could be there chance for revenge.

Instead, they find... Well, not her. Allan dives and drops Atunto from a few feet, who rolled across the floor to prevent himself from damaging his feet. They stood staring at the person/people in front of them for a short while, before Allan got the guts to speak.

Allan: "Uh... Hi..."
"Man, speaking to people who were not part of the group is hard..." He thought.
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