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11-26-20 04:57 AM
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Leon D. Sagara

Zombie Tarma
HELLO!!!!! ^_^

Since: 08-18-04
From: To Hell and Back

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Posted on 02-05-07 12:22 AM Link | Quote
I live in Texas and I listen to alot of Local Music. Lemme know where you live at and what kinda local music you got over there

Fair to Midland
The Vanished
Nothing More
Fly Leaf

((Just to name a few))

#1 Enhancement Shaman US Ravenholdt

Since: 09-05-04
From: His Laughin' Place

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Posted on 02-05-07 01:35 AM Link | Quote
I dont like to listen to the be honest with you.

Normally I listen to my friend's Ipod broadcast.
If you're reading this... You are the Resistance

Since: 08-17-04

Since last post: 27 days
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Posted on 02-05-07 02:57 AM Link | Quote
I live near Los Angeles, Calif., (closer to Long Beach, or "Da LBC" as Snoop calls it) and we've got a pretty wide variety of local bands and artists.

Was at a show last night that my boyfriend's band played with a few other rock bands (some edging on ska minus the brass section). His band sounds more metal, but they seem to get booked with all sorts. The gig they played last week was them and six punk bands. And before that was them with a couple new wave and techno bands.

Anyway, whatever scene you might be into, there's a lot of it here.

Dark Wizard
\"She said tonight...come on come on collide...see what I fire feels like..I bet its just like heaven.\"

Since: 08-15-04
From: Philadelphia, P.A.

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Posted on 02-05-07 11:09 AM Link | Quote
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The second best city on the East Coast. New York being the best. ( Yes, I'm a little biased)

Local bands...lesse...I know a lot of the people who do the local bands here and because of that I'm kinda turned off from them. I do have a few friends who have good bands though, and some that are trying to start bands. **shrugs**

My favorite was Little League. They were actually pretty popular when I was younger. The one guy in the band babysat me and his little sister a lot when we were little, and I remember watching them practice and thinking they were so cool. I still have their demos and stuff, and they were actually pretty good. They're not part of that band anymore, but they all do have fairly successful careers in music, so...I guess it wasn't so much of a waste for them. **shrugs**
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