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11-23-20 11:01 PM
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(Reserved for Cairoi. Ask for my premission first, if you want to join this battle.)

This serenity female waited in this environment that was full of tranquility. There is enormous waterfall that can be seen from a distance and in the middle of it, displayed the wonderful rainbow that was created by each elegant water drops. The ground was masterfully made like a stepping stone, but each are perfectly lined up together. The mountains surrounded the area from the same amount of distance from here to the waterfall, making this area look more like a land prison rather then a peaceful place to live.

The girl walked back and forth, waiting for her opponent to arrive. Her blond short hair, her purple eye of faith, and her flawless beauty made her simply divine. Her heart, as some said, is made of gold and love. During any battle against the evil force, some witnessed that they saw an angel guiding her toward. According to her, she only seeks to bring balance to the world, even if she has to get involved with a war. In, she is a half-angel with an elf’s blood in her body.

“May the light…” She prayed. “Shines on this blessed land.”

She kneeled and closed her eye, praying. To her, her devotion to God, despite that she worshipped a different God, remained true and loyal. However, a small flicker of image appeared in her mind. She couldn’t remember his name but it was a youthful male she met before, in the hospital. She dressed up like a doctor to help this male from dying, but never knew that he would be the “chosen one” the myth told about.

She shook her head to ward off her memories of that particular male. She opened her eye and found a master crafted staff next to her. This ancient staff has an ankh attached on the end, to repent the order of life. However, it was unique, it was enchanted in the ancient time but nobody know what it could do. She was ready…
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Rauni v.s. Cairoi |

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