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03-20-23 11:46 AM
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Posted on 12-28-06 12:45 AM Link | Quote
Keep in mind this is my first sim battle character and I wanted to make her pretty basic.

Name: Shana
Age: 17
Race: Elf
Sex: Female
Appearance: Shana is the height of about 5 '7. Her body is slim, with long toned legs. Her hair was very dark red, normally tied back in a high ponytail. Her eyes were a shade of crimson. Her face was slim and tanned, scar on her right eye, unknown were it came from.
Backstory: Shana was trained playfully as a girl by her brother. They played games of war and battles. When she turned nine she was given her first weapons, not to use for protection, but to continue her training. Those plans were then crushed when her brother went to war a few years later. He was then found dead for unknown purposes. Shana's personality changed dramatically from playful and almost carefree to serious and silent. Years before she could be found playing with friends or playing fantasy games by herself, now days she could be found either training or she couldn't be found at all. In her teen years she would disappear for days without end, then come back bruised and exhausted with heavy blisters on her hands.
Her bow and arrow and sword never left her side, though the blade never seemed to get dull. Over the years her clan either was sent to war or killed from war. Her 17th birthday was spent alone, training even harder then ever.
Powers: Sword never dulls others unknown.
Weapons/Equipment: A long black double bladed sword and an oak bow and arrow. Sword kept by her side and bow and arrow kept along her back.

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