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01-22-21 11:39 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who now owns a Wii: PART 2!!! | | Thread closed
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Jedi Master Desroth


Since: 08-24-04
From: Macomb

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Posted on 12-18-06 05:52 PM Link
As is said above, this is part 2 of the "Who Owns A Wii Now" Thread. It has been a little over a day since the last shipment of Wii's for this year hit shelves much to the delight of the crazy people who couldnt get one the day of the launch.

Personally, I camped out with a certain someone and his mom and bro to get my hands on the almighty Wii, and being 2nd/3rd in line for it after that someones brother got in line first for us, we both got one.

So once more, who camped out again to try to geth their hands on one? How was it? Did the people try to kill you becuase you and the people you were with got there first and each got a ticket to buy a Wii from that store and everyone who was last couldnt get one?

Since: 08-17-04

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Posted on 12-18-06 06:29 PM Link

This thread saddens me...

post on the old one.
Fear will kill your mind and steal your love as sure as anything;
Fear will rob you blind and make you numb to others suffering

Since: 10-03-04
From: Azul Lux Orbital, Kirin Beta

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Posted on 12-18-06 07:52 PM Link
For once, I agree with Shaddow.

Ok, so it happens more often than that, but you get the point.
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who now owns a Wii: PART 2!!! | Thread closed

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