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03-20-23 12:57 PM
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The Accidental Protege

Iggy Koopa
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Posted on 12-03-06 05:13 PM Link
Art Forum Rules Updated 12-05-06
Author: Clockworkz

1: Art Forms
Basically, anything that you drew, painted, scratched or spat can go it here. However, videos on YouTube and other such sites belong in the Video Hut, and written works go in the Story Realm. Flash animations and games can also go in the Art Forum. So basically, any traditional art or digital art is fair game in here, unless otherwise stated.

2: Content
The only limiting factor in content is extreme violence or sexual art. This also includes Hentai. If you want to post pornographic or violent artwork, please put an "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work) in your thread title. If you decide you want to post that kind of art in an existing thread of yours, PM me first, and once I reply back, THEN post the artwork. Also, make sure that it's all in hyperlink form; no one wants to accidentally click a NSFW thread and get a face full of boobies ().

3a: Contributing to the Artist
This rule is very important. If you don't contribute well enough, the artist may not want to post artwork anymore due to immaturity. Please do not just make one sentence posts saying "Wow, it's soooo good!". This contributes little, except throught, as does "omg these suck ass die of HIV". Also; if someone sucks, do not flame them to hell. Encourage and support the artist, and give ideas and ways for him/her to improve.
Critique is another issue. It's encouraged by most artists to critique works to figure out what's wrong in their pics. However, if the artist requests that you do NOT critique the work, don't put up a fight and ask why; just respect it.

3b: Critiquing 101 (Courtousy of Acmlm's Board's Modern Art Forum)
To make sure you help out our artists, here is a simple guide on how to critique artwork.

1. Have a good, long look at the picture. I mean really REALLY look at it.
2. If the artist is trying to convey a particular idea or mood, do you think they have done a good job of doing so?
3. Think about what you like about the picture. What has the artist done well?
4. Think about anything you can see that needs improvement. Think about how to explain what you see, because you will need to be able to tell the artist.
5. Write your comment. Make sure to stay what you liked, and what you think needs improvement. Make sure to try to say WHY you liked or disliked something, and if something needs improvement, try to suggest something that might help the artist make it better.
6. For bonus points, if the artist improves their work, critique it all over again!

An example of a good critique:
"I really like this piece! I really like the dramatic pose the character is in, and the dark colors you've used to convey the mood. However, I do think that the shoulder is twisted a little bit funny -- do you think you can move it backwards a little, I think that would fix it"

An example of a bad critique (aka sugar-coated spam):
"OMG CUTE!!! You did a good job!"

An example of a bad critique (aka flaming poorly disguised as a critique):
"Your art sucks I could have done that in five seconds"

Action WILL BE TAKEN against those who continually post "bad critiques".

Article 1: All art posted on this forum MUST me made by the person posting, no ifs ands or buts. There is, however, a thread stickied for art that you found. Credit MUST BE GIVEN on that thread.

(Last edited by Clockworkz on 12-06-06 12:32 AM)

Divine Mamkute
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Ms. Invisable

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Posted on 07-08-10 06:42 PM Link
Ok, major editing here.

Firstly, since Story Realm has been merged into this forum, written works may now be published here. Videos still go in the Video Hut, given that it isn't merged into another forum as well.

Also, until further notice it seems I am the only listed mod of this forum... Clockwork/TAP is still welcome to aid me in being mod for the art side of things, but he has been MIA for some time. If Xeu wishes to put someone else here along with me I am cool with that, but I am fine doing this by myself. As such, for content, contact me for now otherwise follow the rules above for art submissions.

Critiquing rules for written work are very similar to those listed for artwork. Our writers work hard on their work, and it would be nice to get some honest feedback instead of "filler posts". This encourages them to continue their stories to completion.

For now, I have marked all written works with the note thread icon to let them stand out. While it is not required, it might be a good idea to do this for all story submissions so that they stand out from the art threads.

As with art work, plagiarism in written work will NOT be tolerated.

That is all!
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Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - Submission/Critiquing Rules (READ) | Thread closed

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