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07-04-22 01:54 AM
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Posted on 11-26-06 12:43 AM Link | Quote
Name: Mika Mala
Height: 5'0" (but can change this at will, mid-battle)
Weight: 70 lbs (but can change this at will, mid-battle)
Build: Very Petite... Elfin. (but can change this at will, mid-battle)
Hair Color: Orange with Scarlet highlights. (but can change this at will, mid-battle)
Usual Attire: Gray shirt with a darker gray oval, with black Remeran characters (which read - for anybody who cares - "Mika Marcy Mala"). Black pants, gray shoes, and black gloves with red hearts on the backhand. (but can change this at will, mid-battle... (!))
Color Reference
'nother pic
Vic Viper reference
Caret Blade reference
Risin Arikan Reference
(Hell, if for any reason you had an attack that relied on you knowing her name, she could change that at will, mid-battle...)

Mika is a sword wielding agile mage. Your basic all around fighter, with all defense points put into speed and coordination. (noticing a trend, people?)

She fights with 3 different swords, usually one at a time, or akimbo, but she's yet to do the "One Piece" sword in Mouth technique. (I wouldn't put it past her, though.)

These three swords are, The Vic Viper, the Caret Blade, and the Risin Arikan. (in order of most frequent to least frequent.)

More on the Vic Viper

The Vic Viper is a red sword of ENERGY. Volitile random, psycho-death energy. In NewRem, there is a specific kind of power called "Millions." This energy glows red, and destroys absolutely anything that comes in contact with it, except for one, very specific, barrier, which is composed of an energy called "Vash"(anybody else noticing the Trigun theme? I mean their homeworld is called "Remsavorem, for god's sakes...") and a rubbery metal called "HL."

To this date, Vash has only been found emanating from one source. This is a jewel that is found on the hilt of the Vic Viper, which, interestingly enough, is right next to another jewel that is the only source of Millions energy, also on the Vic Viper.

The destructive red energy gushes out of the base, and out in all directions... Then the Vash energy forms a barrier in the shape of a sword, which the Millions bounces against, all over the place. Essentially, this makes a lightsaber of death.

Anything except for Millions energy passes right through the Vash barrier. So if you went to touch the sword, your hand would be owned by rushing death. Congrats.

The energy that forms the barrier, which holds the blade in shape isn't exactly perfect. If Mika swings her sword fast enough (which is easy because all of the weight is in the handle, since the energy is weightless) the barrier fluxuates, and allows energy to spill out. This usually occurs in crescent waves (if swung), or as geysers (if stabbed.)

Mika is also capable of combining with this sword, to give her punches and kicks a coating of Millions and Vash energy, or other things. She can throw and swipe Millions energy all over the place, in this manner.
More on the Caret Blade

The Caret Blade looks like a chinese sword with a bend at the apex. This is made out of any sort of material that Mika feels like, but it starts out as Steel.

The Caret Blade is a fragile little thing (fragile, meaning, not invincible...) and in the event that it breaks, Mika can touch the hilt to some object, and it'll rebuild itself out of the very same material (usually she does this with a rock, or something... once she did it with glass... things like Dirt or Water fall appart, so no elemental weapons, unfortunetally).

The Caret Blade can create plants. She makes alot of plants when fighting with the Caret Blade. This should be damn self explanatory. I'll add explanations of plants as she uses them.
More on the Risin Arikan.

The Risin Arikan is a holy weapon. It's a Katana made out of Ice and Silver, with the words "Risin Arikan" written on it in Mika's Blood. This weapon can never break or melt. It's contained in Mika's mana energy, making it completely invincible. 90% of Mika's energy is spent keeping this sword intact, even though she doesn't use it to fight, most of the time.

As a Holy weapon, this sword has healing powers. Not too good (much less than say... Shiné) but it's still there.
More on Basic Mika powers.

Mika's skill with a blade is unparrelleled. She has never lost an fencing match against anyone in NewRem before. Also, if for any reason it's more accessible than to just slash you with her sword, she's a very decent hand to hand fighter. The only person in all of NewRem that can best her in a fist fight is her mother, Shaddow Orunitia, and that doesn't even happen very often.

As stated above (waaaay above) Mika can change her shape at will. She'll do this to make herself incredibly heavy (without changing her size) or extend the reach of her arms, etc. She can take the form of anything that she thinks of, melt down into goo, or anything else that she feels like doing on the spur of the moment.

Mika's father was a strong demon, and Mika's blood is acidic and volitile. She has, before, slit her wrists on her Risin Arikan, and sprayed blood onto her opponent, which ate away at them.

Mika has magic attacks that aren't quite as powerful as some people (Alex, Shaddow, Shiné) but are stronger than everybody else in NewRem.

Final words

VERY versatile fighter that can attack you in almost any way, shape, and form.

... Wait a sec... You're not FROM NewRem, are you? This could be an interesting battle.

(Last edited by .SK on 11-27-06 04:18 PM)
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