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11-23-20 10:40 PM
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Posted on 11-21-06 11:40 AM Link | Quote
Just got back from seeing them in their Beyond Hell tour at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard (well technically I was back a few hours ago, but I'm still going to say it that way. ) Yeah, a whole post about this, but if you guys keep going on about the concerts you go to, then so am I.

Man, that was one hell of a show. They really know how to manipulate the spectacle that's ever been lost on the newer bands of today (hell even Metallica had Cunning Stunts... or Stunning Cunts depending on how you like to talk about it ).

I know a few of you guys aren't into Gwar and think they're crude and disgusting, but you know what? You're absolutely right (the lead singer wears a 2-foot long alien penis that hangs out of his thong). But they rock it hardcore.

Between songs people randomly ran on stage, wearing all sorts of prosthetics and either got killed off or did something just over the top gross. Either way, lots and lots of fake blood and other things were shooting out into the pit. Watching (S)Hitler ejaculate green sludge into the audience was definitely something I won't forget.

One of the people who ran out was dressed as Bush. As the running gag with Gwar goes, they're in Antarctica and happen to be near the gates of Hell. So when the lead singer asked the Bush impersonator what he was doing in Hell, the impersonator gleefully answered, "I've just been assassinated!" The audience erupted in cheers and applause and laughter so loud, the next few lines in the dialog, blasting through the massive PA system, weren't heard. The lead singer of Gwar then pulled out his broadsword and knocked the top of mask off revealing a pile of feces (novelty, plastic crap in a curled little pile, of course) that was spraying blood everywhere.

So yeah, talk about surreal experiences. My ears are still ringing.

Incidentally the bands that opened for them were Municipal Waste and The Red Chord. During Municipal Waste's set, they demanded that they pit play their "Wall of Death" in which the two halves of the pit run at each other fists drawn. Needless to say about 60 people all got punched in the face at the same time.

Here's some old video of Gwar doing a television spot. They've since added more grotesque and risque things to their costumes, and have upped their showmanship:

Old concert footage. Not the best, but it gives you an idea:

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