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11-26-20 04:45 AM
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus

High Xeodent of Xeomerica.

Since: 10-29-04
From: North Carolina, United States. World, Sol System, milky way

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Posted on 10-31-06 07:14 AM Link | Quote
"Oh, what fools these men are." Jaques said. For both the defense and the attack were provided in a single moment. A shield, and an attack from which to shield against.

The second ther spikes appeared, Jaques jumped, as there was no shield on the top, hovering for a brief moment until there were no more. Then he landed on them, skillfully maneuvering his body into a position that they would protect him from the blast. Also, just in case, he used his earth elemental abilities to makle sure that no more spikes would grow. He was not as powerful as Cairoi, but he would definitally be able to slow anything down before he got out.

If Echelon tries to make the spikes grow again, Jaques will leave the earthen mound, and move in a way to keep it between him and the blast. Fortunately, he was fireproof, being a dragon, so any heat or explosions shouldn't damage him in the least.

As far the shard, and its damage, Jaques had taken it in a place where there is relatively light armor, allowing skin damage only. As soon as he received it, the skin already began closing up. The damage was still there, but it wouldn't hinder him in combat. also, his dragonlike abilities allowed a much stronger immune system, meaning any poisons, magical or not, will quickly die, depending on their potency.

As soon as the shockwave ends, Jaques will come out, and jump out once again. He should land near Seticus, with his sword held in a defensive stance. "How about something that is...difficult?"

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This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

Since: 08-29-04
From: PA

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Posted on 11-01-06 11:38 AM Link | Quote
"Sadly, you are mistaken, lad. For even if you are Gaia, as you so claim to be, Gaia as well as all gods in the sky know by my final "

Cairoi stuck his hand out and the spikes stopped completly, before beginning to spin around him and make a tornado of the spikes around him. He spun them around faster and faster, until they ripped through the stadium with ease. He then launched them all at the ground, easily tearing through the earth at aiming at Echelon. If he is indeed surrounded by Orichalon, he would be hit with enough of it to pierce his own armor. Cairoi then turned his attention to the oncoming meteor. He raised his hands and began focusing intently, and the meteor was slowing down. With a high amount of energy, he released a beam that went through the metoer and hit the core, causing it to explode from the inside. The fiery explosion was high above them all, unaffecting everyone, but the fragments of the metoer now rained upon the stadium, but in the size of rocks so small it would be nothing more then a lightshow to the fighters. Cairoi wiped the sweat on his forehead.

"Like my ally said, anything else you got going?"

Since: 08-14-04

Since last post: 88 days
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Posted on 11-01-06 01:54 PM Link | Quote
When Cairoi managed to blow up the meteor, Seticus managed to creates another trap. If Cairoi try to run away after he blasted the meteor, it would be futile since there are 7 kurenai shounetsujigoku gyukuei shards cornering him. One above his head, one behind his back, one in front of his body, one to his left arm, one to his right arm, and two that seemly to be coming from the ground in front of him and the back of him as well, each one that are pointing at his heart. All of these shards are no more then 2 feet away from his body, and if he would make any sudden movement or action, it can impale him without a problem.

“Ha ha ha…” He laughs diabolically. His eyes reveal nothing of possession, only his real self.

Seticus lands not too close to Cairoi after creating a ‘prison’ (about 5 feet away), swing rapidly vertically with his Mortifer at Cairoi’s neck, extending the blade of his lance up to 6 feet long. Despite the look of the blade, the weight of it did not delay anything in its path; the might of Mortifer was kept secret from any being. The blade was as least 3 feet wide, making it looks impossible to wield but for Seticus, it seem like he can wield without a problem.

Seticus have another trick up to his sleeves if something was to gone horribly wrong… But given the distance now that Jacques is more then 25 feet away, Seticus is at ease, using only his right hand and his Mortifer equipped; he is expert at using lance with only one hand, even if it usually is two-handed to master. His disability of using his left arm was only a slight change of plan, but he can easily work with it only using his Mortifer or his right hand. However, he can feel the numbness of his left arm slightly disturbing his body, but he can managed the sensation.

Seticus’ personal weapon and exclusive to Azazel’s bloodline heritage. Only Azazel and Seticus can wield this. A story told how Mortifer became a garden between heaven and hell, having power to itself that could defeat the god itself. Only the story turned out to be false, a famous and ancient weapon smith created this lances that was used during the war between lives. It was first called Dianthe, due to it physical appearance that astounds people and the power of it. It was kept away and was never used until Azazel became the leader of the devil. Immediately, he searched for Dianthe, and founded it. When he wields it, it saw the corrupted heart he had and Azazel was the first to created Mortifer from Dianthe. This lance has 5 feet long handle rod, with the blade about one foot attached to one end. Since it is now in its true form, the blade is made of dark purple crystal, impossible to identify any crystal from it. The rod is made of silver material, most notably that the silver itself is enchanted. Despite being corrupted, the arcane silver gave the crystal the power enough to manipulate spell of the wielder’s choice, without a problem due to Azazel’s corrupted power. If this falls into any wrong hand, the lance will burn anything with sacred black flame that Azazel cursed it with. It is impossible to make the weapon disappear to prevent Seticus or Azazel from ever using it, since it will shatters anything in it ways when either of the two will call for it.

Kurenai shounetsujigoku gyokuei – Crimson Inferno crystal
A crystal that appears crimson with wicked side-effect in it. Anything it hit or touched by other will know to suffer an uncontrollable burning sensation throughout their body. This can mysteriously burns up the victims and render them nothing to spare. The crystals, while made from Seticus’ magic, are impossible to destroy, since it is only have one purpose, to completes it mission. This spells belong to royals’ families since the spell can only be effectively wield of someone with higher power. When it comes to this type of crystal, the only way to negate it is that it must hit the exact point where the caster specifically mentions to. The spell cannot be slowed or affected by any other means, since it has the power to override anything used against it. The effect became so powerful that if anyone with high spiritual power wields Mortifer, the crystal will be known to cause catastrophe later. In addition, the burning side effect can not be cured easily, as it required a sacred opposite element to be healed.
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