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08-14-22 01:57 PM
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ooc-- Lol.Ressurection spell.

Alex smiled, he liked roller-coasters. He exited the vehicle and stumbled as if he were drunk. His shaggy brown hair shook and flew about in the wind. He turned his head towards the vehicle.

"Whoa, how far did we travel? And where the hell are we?"

Alex had a way of putting things as simply as possible. And saying things most other people seemed to have trouble with.
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"Sound fun?"
Not really. In fact, not at all. That's what ran through Kevin's mind as Darian spoke. He watched everyone as they troupe made their way to the small encampment, then turned to his wife.

"Francine, I doubt you an' me are gonna need this assisting crap. Most likely, it'll be those green kids. They always get the short end of the stick," he said, smiling.

"You're gonna jinx it if you keep talking like that. While the greenies are learning, I wonder what we'll be doing in the mean time," Francine answered him back

The two spoke quietly so that the other's wouldn't eavesdrop.

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"Probably watching them to make sure they don't fuck up."

*Morrighan stepped out from behind the vehicle, where she had been standing unseen for a few minutes after scouting around looking for any possible threats. There was a smirk on her face*

"You know, you two really should make sure you're alone before you have these little chats. You always seem to forget that I'm sneaking about."

*With a slight chuckle, she moved past them and walked towards the encampment; hitting her com-link to contact Darian*

"Finished scouting, no sign of the enemy. Over."

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Darian laughed, clicking his com link off as he patted Morrighan on the shoulder. "Thank you, Miss Morrighan. Over." He walked off, laughing and stepping towards the compound. In a few minutes, they'd be heading in, and each member would be getting objectives they're surely not expecting.
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