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Sailor Déesse
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Posted on 10-08-06 03:41 AM Link | Quote
Putting her cat Nibbles down, Josie straightens up, looking at Edward putting his leather book under his arm; she turns to head into the house. As she walks into the house, she leaves the door open just in case one of the others wanted to come in. She wonders over towards the kitchen, as she pulls some dips, crisps out of the cardboard and placing these food items on the bench, she looks out her window which faces the front of her house.

Seeing three more people outside, Josie leans forward to get a closer look, she recognises Mune, but the women and man she doesn’t.

“I’ve not seen them around the neighbourhood before, what is going on here.” She turns around to see if Edward followed her into the kitchen.

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Battering Bird

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Posted on 10-08-06 01:30 PM Link | Quote
Kail could only puff his cigar as he looked at all these people out in front of a house. He didnt know what they were doing there and what they were talking about but this place seemed to be hustling and bustling as he took a drag from his cigar and continued towards the place. When he got in front of the house he took the time to examine the front of the place.
Jedi Master Desroth


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Posted on 10-09-06 08:30 PM Link | Quote
Scain was taken back by Munes comments, what was wrong with wearing a cloak at night?

"I am sorry to have misunderstood what was happening here. My, shall we say, sight is easily clouded by my chivalry. My name is Scain, I have recently returned from a long stay in China by a feeling I had."

Scain could sense that each of these people had some sort of strange aura around them, perhaps they to had powers similar to him.

As he still had his head looking at Mune, he saw someone infront of the house. He could make out some features of the person, but he didnt know who it was.

"Who is that infront of that house? I came back here called to this place, and I intend to find out why. But seeing as how your here, it would be best to learn your names first."
Kaijin Surohm
Living the dream

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Posted on 10-09-06 08:52 PM Link | Quote
Goddamnit... He forced a smile when the hostle intent slowly died. He was still skeptical though...

"Mune." He said, placing his left hand in his pocket. "My name is Mune." He slid his right hand through his slanted sliverly spiked hair. This was going to be irritating dealing with these two. Hell, he could sense the power surge, but nothing called him to the house. Just what the hell were these two babbling about?

"I dont know. Stay here and I'll find out. I know the person who lives there." He motioned for them to stay put as he ran back to Josie's house. This was getting complicated fast...

He made sure the two stayed a distance from the door, and quickly, he rapped on the door once more.

Dark Wizard
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Posted on 10-09-06 09:02 PM Link | Quote
She nodded as she watched Mune make his way over to the house. She then looked over at Scain.

"I'm Kira." She said gently as she walked over to him. Once standing directly in front of Scain, she offered her hand for a handshake.
Jedi Master Desroth


Since: 08-24-04
From: Macomb

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Posted on 10-31-06 04:57 PM Link | Quote
OOC: Errr, I guess Kaijin is out of this, maybe it can be worked into the story somehow so his character disappears without a trace and he cant be found or something???


Scain turned his head, following Mune's path across the lawn. He didnt seem to have heard Kira, but then he responded back to her.

"It is good to meet you Kira. What a interesting name you have, I may have to watch myself around you..."

As he said this, Mune had reached the door to the house. As he knocked on the door, something happened. It was nearly at the edge of his own vision, but Mune was illuminated in a strange aura, and vaporized into thin air.

"What the hell was that?"

His mind raced, were they under attack from someone or something? He didnt have a choice, he wasnt going to stand around and be the prey for whatever was attacking them.

"I am sorry you will have to see this, humans tend to take this in the wrong way you see..."

Scain pulled his hood off, as his cloak blew open, revealing a monk like clothing underneath. The grass below him began to blow outwards from him, though it wasnt wind. Three kunai flew out from a sac he had at his waist, all three of them levitated up around him. It wouldnt be enough to stop anything magical, but he wasnt about to waste his energy over exerting himself at a enemy he couldnt see.

"Where are you hiding?"

Scain glanced around looking for anything or anyone who may be nearby, and then he saw Kail by the house. He didnt know that if he was friend or foe, or even his name, but it didnt matter. He had to have been the one that made Mune disappear...

"Hey you, over there. You have until the count of 5 to tell me your name before I start "throwing" sharp objects. 1...2...4..."
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