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11-27-20 03:46 PM
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Posted on 09-16-06 10:11 PM Link | Quote

*Demi stands above a romansque church atop one of its perches. His faint blood colored eyes examining his environment in the still of midnight, in which surprisingly, did not warn the civilians of any form of retiring their business or to their abodes. The city still rustling with ant sized men & women going to and fro from various places. From the extreme height that Demi stood he continued his watch, awaiting one whom would entertain his powers.*

"It has been so long. I must have gotten rusty."

*Demi pulls out his 3-BL and caresses its metallic body, loading orange, silver and dark brown ammunition in it. He cocks it back and readies the ammo. Pulling out his Buraitou, he sits down upon the perch, left hand on the trigger of his 3-BL, right hand gripping his Buraitou (which upon request flops lazily from its sword-state into a whip-like state next to its master)*

"I am waiting. Do not tire my patience."

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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Awaiting One.... (Open Challenge) |

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