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11-26-20 05:28 AM
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Since: 12-29-04
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Posted on 09-11-06 01:43 AM Link | Quote
i found this someone, and cut and pasted it, but apparently, you need codes to make the link clickable. it's getting late for me, so i'll fix the rest tommor.

damn, took HOURS to fix the url's


Download Old School Classic TV Shows.

[All Downloads Are Free]

*Some of the YouTube episodes have been deleted and if they haven't been deleted yet, they probably will be pretty soon, so watch those while you can*

Kenan and Kel

Hey Arnold

Mr. T

Eerie Indiana


Road Rovers

Ren and Stimpy and stimpy and stimpy and stimpy and stimpy and stimpy and stimpy and stimpy and stimpy and stimpy and stimpy and stimpy

Real Monsters

Part 1 a

Part 2 a

Part 1 b

Part 2 b



Rockos Modern Life


Are You Afraid of the Dark

Clone High

Beavis & Butthead

Another Friday Night:

Head Lice:

On Strike:


Bang the Drum Slowly:

Feel a Cop:

Murder Site:

Beaverly Buttbillies:

Water Safety:

Career Day:

True Crime:

The Trial:



The Butt-Head Experience:

Many classic/awesome TV shows


Inspector Gadget gadget

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [Original Series] turtles

The Wonder Years years wonder years wonder years

The Adventures of Pete and Pete


Rocko's Modern Life

Bobby's World


All That [Original Series] that that

Growing Pains Pains Pains

Perfect Strangers

Punky Brewster

Married With Children

Sanford and Son

The Munsters


Full House

Step by Step by step


Charlie Brown-Great Pumpkin



Darwing Duck Duck

Power Rangers [Original Series] rangers rangers rangers rangers



Looney Tunes tunes tunes tunes tunes tunes tunes tunes tunes tunes tunes tunes

Little Rascals rascals rascals rascals rascals rascals

Tom and Jerry and jerry and jerry and jerry and jerry and jerry and jerry and jerry and jerry and jerry and jerry and jerry and jerry and jerry

Fat Albert Christmas Special

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Classic Nickelodeon Shows [He updates all the time with different classic nick shows - he's awesome]

Muppet Babies Babies The Great Robbery babies

Gullah Gullah Island

Salute Your Shorts your shorts

Finders Keepers

Freakazoid network

The Real Ghostbusters Real Ghostbusters

Sonic the Hedgehog

You Can't Do That On Television


WKRP in Cincinatti


Gummi Bears

Mickey Mouse - Donal Duck

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Angry Beavers

My Brother and Me

Mama's Family

Fraggle Rock rock

Fairly Oddparents odd parents

[url] oddparents> oddparents[url]

[url] oddparents oddparents oddparents oddparents oddparents oddparents oddparents







Diff'rent Strokes strokes [part 1 a] strokes [part 2 a] [part 1 b] strokes [part 2 b] strokes [part 1 c] strokes [part 2 c]

Good Times [part 1] [part 2]

David the Gnome the gnome the gnome

Three's Company

What's Happening!! happening

Strawberry Shortcake


Rainbow Brite


Beetleborgs Metallix

Hey Dude

Space Cases

Super Mario network

Biker Mice From Mars Mice from Mars Mice from Mars Mice from Mars Mice from Mars

Clarissa Explains It All explains it all - 1 - 01 - revenge #nickworld.mpg

Double Dare


Danger Mouse Mouse

Mega Man

Pinwheel [Thanks to Jon from The Shrine of the Silver Monkey]

The Pirates of Dark Water



Ahhh Real Monsters monsters


Eureeka's Castle

Classic Nickelodeon Shrine - Nick GaS shows - nicktoons - everything

TV Show Intros - Commercials and Movie Trailers from just about anything that was on during the 70s-90s


Tales From The Darkside

Trick or treat, part 1:

Trick or treat, part 2:

Seasons of Belief, part 1:

Seasons of Belief, part 2:

Halloween Candy, part 1:

Halloween Cady, part 2:

Inside the closet, Part 1:

Inside the closet, Part 2:

Inside the Closet, Part 3:

Hush, Part 1:

Hush, PaRt 2:

Devils Advocate, Part 1:

Devils Advocate, Part 2:


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Sailor Déesse
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Since: 08-14-04
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Posted on 09-11-06 07:14 AM Link | Quote
You've brought back some good memories So many to watch in such little time.

*saves page to favourites*

Kenan and Kel was my favourite show when we had Nickelodeon & Real Monsters I've actually dl most of the Ducktales episodes already, I wish Disney would release them officially on DVD. OMG and Clarissa Explains It All thanks for these Avatar of Law *huggles*
True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

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Posted on 09-11-06 08:00 AM Link | Quote
I missd Beetle Juice. I remember when my sperm donor would let us watch it but his girlfriend wouldn't let his children watch it because it was "not Christian happy"
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