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05-18-21 10:04 AM
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Zombie Marco

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Posted on 02-13-07 10:28 PM Link | Quote
As Desroth charged towards him, Oebuss began to retract his arm, but he was not quick enough. The metal of Desroth's sword clanged with his scaled forearm, bringing up sparks.

"You will have to try harder than that, demon"

He resummoned his whip, and slung it towards Desroth's waist, hoping to ensnare him.
Jedi Master Desroth


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From: Macomb

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Posted on 02-28-07 07:02 PM Link | Quote
Desroth smiled at Oebuss' words

"Demon? Heh, what a foolish creature you are..."

The wip struck out at Desroth, snaring him as was planned, yet Desroth didnt seem to notice.

"I may have fallen forever into the eternal darkness, but I will not fall to you. I must rise up once more!"

As his words passed through his clouded lips, a faint glow appeared within his chest, lighting the depths of darkness that had encased him. It filled his entire body, making him shine as bright as the sun for a few moments before the light exploded outwards. The wip was incinerated in the process as the light shot straight up into the sky. It hung perfectly infront of the full moon, lightining the night sky around them.

"Maybe Scian was right, maybe I am not a savior, but I will never walk the path that he chose. With this light, I will be one step closer to destroying his shadow once and for all..."

Through the light, Desroth gazed at Oebuss for a moment, contimplating his words.

"And you for that matter."

The light faded, revealing Desroth once more. His wings had become graceful and pure white, like that of a angel's. His face and skin were still completly white from the intense inner light that was radiating deep within his being. Arzul had become less sinister, the skull guard became feathers that wrapped around his hand. Elw remained the same, reverting back to its original form without the skull handguard. Both swords looked as if they had been crafted from the finest and purests silver every known on Earth. His armor gleamed, crafted from the same silver looking material. A full suit of plate mail, seemingly crafted by the hands of a angel graced his pure white body. His eyes glowed with a soft blue color, instead of the intensity and malice of his conflicted spirit form.

"The end is near, can you feel it Scian? This is my power, and I will demonstrate its extent on this god. Come now Oebuss, I am waiting..."

Desroth stayed floating in the high in the sky, not bothering to put up and defenses.


Herald of the Apocalypse; Lucifer Form: Desroth assumes this form when he is very close to transforming into his true demon form. Almost identical to his Void form in abilities, he gains the ability to use Elvish arcanum like his ex-friend Scian, but as his ultimate defenses, these spells draw a significant amount of power to use. When he is finished transforming into the form, he begins to count down from five. When he reaches zero, his true form will be revealed and the whole world will be plunged into the void world in which Desroth was trapped in for over 5 milleniums.

OOC: Scian is another character in Desroth's story. Scian always coveted the 3 weapons Desroth wielded, finally resorting to attempting to kill Desroth. Although Desroth thought he had killed Scian, he has returned from hideing more powerful then ever, forcing Desroth to learn to control Elvish Arcanum as Scian does in order to fully defeat him. The only reason he is bringing Scian up now is because he is finally close to revealing the full extent of his power, a feat he has never done before.
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - 2 v 1. FX vs Desroth |

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