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11-23-20 05:18 PM
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This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

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Posted on 08-17-06 09:04 PM Link
Name: Fire-Eyes
Age: 63 (21 in human years)
Race: Kitsune (Fox-human)

Universe: Terraknight Universe

Story: Fire-Eyes was born into the Kitsune Fox-Fang clan. Fire-Eyes lived a regular life for an adolescent of his age, playing tricks on the elders and practicing his swordplay. One day while he was wandering, he was attacked by human bandits and subdued, as he was without any weapon. He was sold into slavery and transported to the Grand Colisseum in a Diachrome crystal prison (which means he was encased in Diachrome, a power crystal filled with energy that would sustain the person inside for thousands of years before it shattered dry).
He was to be called into action one day when the Goddess, in her grand fight with Cairoi and Xeios, wiped the Earth of all magical creatures. The crystal's amazing power exhausted itself and brought it to our dimension, making it nothing but ice, but yet still sustaining Fire-Eyes.
An then, on January 5, 1964 by our calenders, Cairoi discovered the faint energy trail of Fire-Eyes while training in the Artic. He freed Fire-Eyes and took him to his American home, keeping him far from the eyes of the American public. Fire-Eyes recognized Cairoi's name from his time and thus, Cairoi had found yet another friend from his former world. He raised Fire-Eyes then, teaching him what happened of his former life and of the new world he lived in.
Fire-Eyes stayed in Cairoi's estate for a few years, taking up personal exercise, meditation, and other spiritual traditions from his past to recondition his body, mind, and connection to the Spirit Realm. He noticed the human's tarot cards seemed to be adept at channeling spirit energy, so one day, with the guidance of Cairoi, he infused his personal kanji (diety or spirit guide) into a deck of Tarot Cards. After permeating in the rich Diachrome crystal, his kanji was immense and gave him a link into that Tarot deck, thus giving the cards powers that were relevant to their meaning.
Fire-Eyes spent many months learning this and mastered the deck to make it an amazing weapon, making him a true threat. He decided to assist Cairoi in his quet to avenge their former lives and loved ones, and so Fire-Eyes began wandering the world, waiting for the day Cairoi would call him back and the final cycle would begin. Until then, he carried on alone, wearing his self-invented tarot holder/arm bracer, always at the ready. And it seems as though he has enemies.

The Goddess's general Uijo has discovered the presence of Fire-Eyes and is hunting him down in an attempt to subdue him before the Goddess becomes aware. He is hunted by Uijo and his men almost daily.

(Last edited by Cairoi on 08-24-06 10:27 PM)
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Xeogaming Forums - Game Over - Outlaw #1925 | Thread closed

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