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11-26-22 05:12 AM
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Dirk Ralthar


Since: 07-18-06
From: Malthar

Since last post: 5404 days
Last activity: 5375 days
Posted on 07-18-06 06:33 PM Link | Quote
Name: Dirk Ralthar
Race: Maltharian
Specialty: Swordsman
Equipment: 2 Duetronium Bladed Longswords, 1 CGGP/L Combat Rifle, 1 CGGP Pistol, 1 Laser Pistol, 2 Duetronium Combat Knives, 1 suit of Duetronium Microweave medium combat armor, 2 Flash grenades (causes blinding light, without fast reflexes or visor polarization, opponent is temperarily blinded say 2 posts, one from me, one from opponent?), 3 Fragmentation Grenades (10-foot blast), 3 Smoke Grenades (obscures vision, require infra-red or motion detector to locate enemy), 1 Micro-thermal-nuke grenade (concentrates the full force of a thermonuclear explosive into a 10 foot blast radius.)
Hair: White
Eye: Grey

Name: Anyndir Jadin
Race: Drow Elf
Hair: Long flowing white locks
Skin: As black as obsidian
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 150 lbs
Class: Fighter/Weapon Master
Weapons: Frostbite (Adamantine longsword of frost, protects wielder from flame and heat), Flamestrike (Adamantine Longsword of flame, protects wielder from cold and ice), Two steel four star shurikens (the diameter of the width of his forearm), a hand-crossbow (w/ 20 poison coated quarrels, the poison is a sleeping poison and will knock most creatures unconsious for three to ten hours), and a pair of mithril daggers.
Armor: A suit of Adamantine chainmail.
Other gear: A camaflauge cloak (it will blend in with most environments to make the wearer seem to disapear to all but the most observant, will not be seen durring casual inspection), Gloves of Haste (these gloves will speed the movements of his hands with the speaking of a single arcane word).
(I am putting this here because this is one of my other characters... as I said when I first signed on, Dark Vader was an old username that got jacked up... I made the new one to bypass that.)

Name: Elemental (Andrael Shadowstar)
Race: Half-elf
Abilities: Has full manipulation of all elements (fire, water, air, earth, electricity), cannot create, but can force it to grow. These are supernatural abilities, not magical.
Gear: 1 Diamond bladed Wakizashi, 2 Cigarette Lighters, Bluejeans, T-shirt, Leather jacket, runnning shoes, sunglasses.
Appearance: Long black hair pulled into a ponytail reaching to his mid back. 5'8" tall, eyes the color of a deep flawless emerald. Wears a neatly trimmed goatee. Muscular, but not body builder size.

(Last edited by Dirk Ralthar on 08-31-07 05:00 AM)
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