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06-15-21 11:26 AM
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Posted on 05-09-06 01:12 PM Link | Quote
Time: High Noon
Location: The Old Dusty Trail in the center of a Ghost town. By the Clock tower.
My Character: Xeios Ballain, or Leon Machina

A shadowy figure stands facing a clock tower, he pulls a golden gleaming pocketwatch from his pocket and stares at the larger clock, and then makes a slight adjustment to his. A grin comes across his face, a sinister feeling grin, It's nearly time to make his appearance, his foe should be there soon. This would be a good fight.

ooc-- Alrighty, you can either choose to fight the Paladin of Blood, or the unknown magicless warrior. Both have a profile if you'd like to examine them, they are where the profiles are supposed to be. And you can make your descision, I care not for which character I use.
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