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01-24-21 01:58 PM
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This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

Since: 08-29-04
From: PA

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Posted on 04-21-06 08:14 PM Link | Quote
This is an open challange to anyone who I haven't had a high amount of battles with in the past while.

The list of those I feel I've fought too much:


Yeah, post giving me some info on your character, and I'll have a custom introducted post at the go. ^.^ Oi.

Metal battleaxe
Is back. Kind of.

Since: 11-15-04

Since last post: 932 days
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Posted on 04-22-06 11:42 AM Link | Quote
Hello Cairoi.

Have not battled in awhile, hope you dont mind fighting me.

Name Chris Tylja
Alias Spartan
Height 6'2"
Weight with armor 500 KG
Weight without armor 115 KG
Weapons included in armor :
Gauntlet Blades-Dont Ask they will be explained when used.
Leg Blades-Once Again dont Ask will be explained when used.
Katana- has 8 slots in it for unknown purpose's
Throwing Knives- Has 8 Magically Imbued Throwing Knives

Cairoi for my armor.

Think Alien Symbiote mixed with MJOLNIR armor MJOLNIR being the armor the Master Cheif Wears.

Hair Color-None- lost all color in the Biological Modifications done to his body

Chris Tylja was a member of the Spartan-III program.
But as the program was completed the need for Spartans was over, the covenant had been wiped out to near extinction.
The ODST Helljumpers and the many other special forces teams took over policing smugglers.So the Spartans ended up as Bodyguards for the rich and famous and the high in Military Power.
Chris ended up with an eccentric Research Scienctist,Bevel Lemelisk.
Bevel was doing research into another alien parasite he had found similiar to the flood.
He had asked Chris to go get his MJOLNIR armor and go inside the containment chamber and see what its reaction to a Spartan Would be.
As Chris walked into the room the alien symbiote lept onto his armor and began to meld with it, the pain was intense.
Chris Passed out and woke up to the lab destroyed and Lemelisk Dead.
Chris Fled the lab and has been roaming for 5 years now.
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Nile needs a battle. |

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