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06-29-22 06:21 AM
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This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

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This will be where I place my Sim/RP characters from my brand new series, Dream. Yes, almost everything in the profiles came from one dream I had. It was an amazing dream and I started writing it.

Anyway, here's the first profile:


Note: Incomplete

Name: "Nile” Walker
Race: Human/Watcher
Age: 21
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 150
Hometown: Philadelphia
Date of Birth: March 15, 1988
Alignment: Neutral Good
Rank/Job: Hunter of the Watcher
Personal Theme: Restoration

Personal Information

Appearance: Short brown hair, hazel eyes, lean build. Always wears grey Gi pants and often no shirt. Sometimes he wears a trenchcoat overtop, but very rarely does he wear a shirt. He almost always wears sadals or goes barefoot.
Food: Philly Cheese Steak
Drink: Water
Past Time: Wandering through Forests
Book: Innocence Gone by Jack Eldridge

Common Quotes:

“The test of time offers no what-ifs. What happens is what does and while the human mind may try to see alternate realities; they are not the reality at hand. Because of this, people wish to escape the confines of this singular dimension and create a new one, only realizing too late that their participation is what continues to give the dimension its form. Life is predestined by people’s struggles to change predestination. So it is, and so it shall be.”

“Time is nothing but a book. You can go back and revisit the past after its been written, you can see the present being written, but you can’t see the future until it has been written.”

Battle Style:

At first, Andrew had no skills besides his martial arts when he joined the Watchers. However, on his first mission he gained a liking to crossbows and daggers, which saved his life when swarmed by the vampiric horde. In the conflict he gained a style of combat he could achieve with them. After the mission, he was offered weapons by the Watcher.

He had 3 weapons made for him. A Obsidian-Tinted dagger, A miniature automatic crossbow (the size of a pistol), and A European blade.

The Dagger is his standard weapon. It is heavily crafted to be almost indestructible. The blade is smooth and 6 inches long, tinted the color of obsidian. The hilt is hard rubber with a comfortable grip for better control. At the bottom is a compass that points to the nearest Gateway Stone, which comes in handy when he needs it.

In case of need of a Long-range weapon, he uses his crossbow. It is only a small amount larger the size of a .45 caliber handgun. It fires 4 inch long crossbow bolts at speeds that rival a handgun. However, he has multiple types of bolts he can use on separate occasions:

Standard Bolt
Fragment Bolt-The arrowhead shatters when it hits a target, spreading the sharp jagged pieces deep into an enemy’s body. The rest of the arrow then falls out.
Grenade Bolts- Each arrowhead is filled with a special chemical compound that explodes when it comes into contact with oxygen.
Coma Bolt- Each arrowhead contains a chemical compound that works as a tranquilizer. However, the induced sleep is only disbanded when an anti-serum is given to the victim.

For in dire emergencies when he fights a powerful opponent, he uses his European blade known as Mucro Vicis. The sword has a standard European blade, save the carving of a tree directly above the hilt. The hilt is like that of a rapier, wrapping around the hands and protecting them. The blade is 5ft long, 3 inches thick, and 5 inches wide at the base. The blade is impenetrable, as the legend says, because it was forged by the Guiding Hand itself. It has not rusted or broken yet, however, so the legend may have some backing.

Nile is a master of his own sword style he mastered implementing each specific he can. When he calls upon Mucro, he becomes an incredible threat to any enemy he stands against.


As his hometown was being burned down by Teufel’s summoned storm, Andrew viciously fought with Teufel, trying to protect everything that was important to him in the town. They both injured each other, and it appeared Teufel was to win. He began a spell that would enable him to absorb Andrew’s memories, life force, and soul. The spell was interrupted by shattered parts of a building hitting the two of them. Teufel’s spell failed and he recovered himself, leaving before it became too volatile, leaving the unconscious Andrew to his doom. Stone rescued him, however, and took him to recover at Tempus, a small infinity in time that cannot be reached without a Gateway Stone.

When Andrew’s mind was magically invaded, he gained a sense of magical prowess, becoming one of the 4 members of the Watchers to have magical abilities. However, he was the only member who could not make magic from studying spells in a book. His magic came from his being itself, and the only living person who shared that power is Teufel.

From that moment on, Andrew began practicing spells he could cast quickly, without unnessecary searching in his mind.

Main Villan:

Basic Information

Name: Don "gae" Teufel
Race: Magi
Age: Technically 507, seems 29. Is immortal.
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 152
Hometown: N/A
Date of Birth: August 16, 1502
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Rank/Job: Disruptor of Time
Personal Theme: Manipulation

Personal Information

Appearance: Short white hair with black sideburns. Always wears a white dress shirt and black dress pants, and often wears a cloak. Lean build and pale complexion.

Food: Turkey Breast
Drink: Red Wine
Past Time: Inventing Minions Using his Magical Prowess
Book: N/A

Common Quotes:

"I hold in my hands the power to change reality. Why not toy with it?"

"When you've lived for centuries like I, you tend to need hobbies."

Battle Style:

Incredibly adept in martial arts, magick, weapon play, military stratedgy. He's lived almost 10 lifetimes of warfare already. His individual prowess makes him one of the if not strongest warriors of all time.

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