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06-29-22 06:26 AM
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The twins, Victor and Henry, were born in the twilight hour of All Hallow's Eve. The result of this is their gift and their curse. Due to the mortal world's connection to the netherworld on that night, they both have the ability to transform into the inner demons of themselves.

The meek Henry, can transform into a large hulking creater, eleven feet tall. He is impervious to pain, and all but physical damage.

His brother, Victor, transforms into a vampiric shadow of the night. He is the opposite of his brother, and is immune to physical attacks. He wears a silver breastplate and gauntlets. He has two long thin swords on his belt. On his back is a large scimitar. It can cut through the fabric of the mortal world into the netherworld from which he was birthed. The energy released can be channeled to either heal, or devestate.

The one weakness of the twins is that they depend on one another. Without the other by their side they are trapped in their mortal bodies. If the other is unconsious, they cannot stay transformed for long.
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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Heny and Victor |

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