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12-03-22 08:53 PM
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Since: 08-14-04

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Posted on 04-07-06 11:25 AM Link | Quote
Seriously. This happened a few days ago... I don't know where this should belong so I thought post in General would be okay. Move it if you desired.

Web Link:

Another bomb threat at Chippewa Valley

The Chippewa Valley School District had its second bomb threat this school year.

The threat targeted Chippewa Valley High School in Clinton Township.

Chippewa Valley High School Principal David Cannan sent a letter home with students that said on March 28 at about 9:40 a.m., a high school junior was apprehended by a staff member as he attempted to print a message containing a bomb threat while working in one of the school's computer labs.

The letter said the student was immediately escorted to the school office and the Clinton Township Police were called.

The student was charged at the 41B District Court in Clinton Township with using a computer to commit a crime, a seven-year felony, and making a false bomb threat, a four-year felony.

Chippewa Valley School Superintendent Mark Deldin spoke to the issue.

"Although we have no reason to believe that this was a credible threat, we take situations like this very seriously. Parents can help by talking to their child about this incident and reminding them of the serious consequences associated with making threats at school, said Deldin.

Cannan, in his letter to parents, also encouraged dialogue about how bomb threats, in jest or not, are serious matters for the school district.

"Parents, please help us by spending some time talking to your child. Remind them that there are serious consequences, both school and legal, associated with making verbal, written or Internet threats. Remind them of your expectations and review the Chippewa Valley student code of conduct book with them.

Tell them Chippewa Valley will not tolerate any threats made to fellow students or staff members, real or false, said Cannan.

The principal also said the school is safe.

"The safety and security of your child is our number one priority. Every member of the Chippewa Valley High School team is committed to creating and maintaining the safe environment for our students, said Cannan.

Diane Blain, public relations director for the Chippewa Valley School District, said the student is currently suspended and expulsion is a possibility.

She also said the school was not closed.

The last bomb threat in the district was at Wyandot Middle School in Clinton Township. The student who made the threat was expelled by the school board on Jan. 10 for her actions.

The district also deemed this threat as a hoax but took the matter seriously.

About six months prior to the girl being expelled from Wyandot Middle School, the district dealt with a serious Internet threat from now former Chippewa Valley High School student Andrew Osantowski, who was sentenced at the Macomb County Circuit Court to at least four-and-a-half-years in prison for plotting a Columbine-like attack.

He was also expelled from the school district.

Honestly, it intrigues me that none of Dakota get any but Chippewa recieves two of them.


Since: 08-14-04

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Posted on 04-07-06 12:35 PM Link | Quote
But theres a big problem with this, Joe Coppage(guy who printed it) Is a huge joker, and a cool guy. He printed it out as a joke to hand to some of his friends and get a good laugh cause hes joe coppage, hes funny.

I guess the printer froze and the media lady fixed it and the bomb message came out.

It wasnt from some weird kid who would actually bomb the school, was just a normal guy having fun.

Joe Coppage got EXPELLED for this.

I think its ridicoules(sp), cause we probably have all said some dumb threat to someone we knew to laugh and what not.

This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

Since: 08-29-04
From: PA

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Posted on 04-07-06 12:54 PM Link | Quote
In my high school, we've had two bomb threats in ONE MONTH. There's currently a $500 reward to anyone who can help lead to the arrest and conviction of the person writing the threats. It's always in the girls' bathroom in Cafeteria A.

Kids have been getting Out of School Suspensions for joking about it. Yeah, welcome to my live.

We've also had a lockdown this year, and last year one of stairways was set on fire.


Baron of Radical

Since: 08-19-04

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Posted on 04-07-06 03:12 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Seticus

Honestly, it intrigues me that none of Dakota get any but Chippewa recieves two of them.

Because Dakota's better. Duh.

Honestly I didn't really care until I read Spyware's post. I feel really bad for the kid because I can see myself in the same situation. Having a joke backfire on you like that in the worst possible way.
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Since: 01-10-05

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Posted on 04-07-06 09:06 PM Link | Quote
Sorry but printing out the words bomb in school which do not relate to a history project are like talking about bombs at an airport. There are lots of people and the staff do take it serously. He should have thought of what he was doing before he printed it.

That's my two cents.

Since: 08-14-04

Since last post: 826 days
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Posted on 04-10-06 11:10 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Valhalla
Originally posted by Seticus
Honestly, it intrigues me that none of Dakota get any but Chippewa recieves two of them.

Because Dakota's better. Duh.

Honestly... With the ACT of 16, you are qualified for the honor roll. (Keep the rival going, Val. I copied this one off from Mr. Barnes.)

Yeah, I agreed with Spyware (like you, Val) but I don't understand WHY would he print it. Sometime, I wondered if other students aren't very educated or well-manner, they tends to do stupid stuff... But this one is taking to the extreme. I mean, he shouldn't have print it out in the first place.

School can be a scary thing now.

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Since: 09-05-04
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Posted on 04-10-06 11:58 AM Link | Quote
Well, last year, we had a bomb threat at our school...Wasnt very fun seen how I know the guy who did it...Goes to the school I currently attend now...and hes a "talking partner" seen how I dont talk to anyone at school other than Jimmy and Trigger...

I wanted to get an IX Calculator and program a timer on it counting down from an hour...Meanwhile stickying it with play-doh and putting wiers in make it look like a bomb

And when the timer goes off, Pac man comes out of the side of the screen saying 'Boom'...while nothing happens....

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