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07-04-22 08:56 AM
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Not so much dead.

Since: 12-11-04
From: Someday, Somewhere, Over the Rainbow

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Posted on 03-22-06 07:40 PM Link | Quote
I've got a story for you guys!

So, I've been in my writing class for two and a half semesters. At midyear, some students dropped the course and others picked it up. For the first quarter, I sat with this kid who seemed like a generally cool person, and still is, except for the second half I had a seating change and we're in opposite sides of the room, meaning I can't really be his partner during writing excersises and stuff. So, in my stead, came a new classmate who joined at midyear.

This student happened to be a complete and total douchebag.

He wasn't a typical bully, but a person who desperatly desperately wanted attention from people of the opposite sex. This class is a great place to do that, its filled to the brim with girls, and only has 7 boys out of the average 25 or so students. To the six other guys, its really no big deal at all, they're simply classmates and all that jazz. But this one guy is a slimeball. He came into the room and fed off of anyone elses misfortune and used it for his jokes.

This student happened to be the worst comedian anyone has ever seen. And a total douchebag.

So for about a quarter, douchebag has been tolerated. My friend there has gotten terrible critiques from douchebag, even if his work was good. He would give all the girls wonderful praise. They could see behind his tricks the whole time. He continued to be an asshat at every possible chance.

But then, Douchebag did the most unholy thing ever to grace that classroom. He made fun of the teachers kids. To her face.

Now, a brief history on this teachers kids. They're AWESOME. One of them plays guitar, and even went on the Ellen Degeneres show. The other is 8 years old and an awesome writer. The other one... just has awesome stories, but he's five, and who accomplishes anything at 5 anyway? Now, the teacher brought in her 8 year old daughters story she wrote in one night. It was incredible for an 8 year old.

Douchebag comes in in the middle of the reading. He sits down. The teacher finishes. Douchebag says "I'm glad I missed most of that."


Everyone's eyes are on douchebag. The teacher begins to turn her cheek and continue with her lesson.

A holy light came shining from the back of the room at that exact moment. It made a wonderful sound.

"You're freaking jerk." said the angel in the back.


Uproar ensues. Me and my friend stare in awe as Douchebag's face turns BRIGHT red. We make eye contact at the exact same second and begin to laugh (our laughs are not heard, the dull roar of the room is growing louder by the second)

A second boom of sacred noise comes from the front of the room.

"You need to be quiet..." says the teacher. Yes, the meek teacher, who never raises her voice. She wouldn't punish the Devil if it were in her power. Now, it probably doesn't seem like much, but if you heard the way she said it, and the fact that SHE of all people was saying it was like a nuclear bomb landing in a city of glass buildings. Douchebag's world shattered.

The funny thing is, it was as if the whole class bonded today. Every time someone said something funny, we all laughed, we all spoke on personal levels with eachother, and all is in harmony.

But brooding in the fourth desk down, front row... Douchebag flounders in his own bag of douche... one day he'll arise once more, but as for now, harmony flourishes within the realm of creativew writing, and all is good...

That's my revenge story. Of sorts. What's yours?

Trigger Happy Jones

Since: 02-21-06
From: It's not hell... But it sure feels like it. *sweating*

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Posted on 03-23-06 09:37 AM Link | Quote
LOL! Ya'll showed him who's the Douchebag!

My tale of vengence began last fall. Me and Dustin was building a deer stand out of 2x4s and a bed frame (we're poor, okay?) and dear, kindly sister came along on her daily jog through the woods and inquired on what we were building. Dustin said, "An bird-watching stand.". She knew we were lying. "That's a deer stand. You know how I feel about that." I looked up and said, "Look, just leave us alone.". A couple of hours later we left to get the frame and came back to find completly deconstructed. The nails and the hammer were missing

I, being extremely pissed off, took a liesurely stroll into her bedroom. She has mild-to-moderate OCD, and to be clear, I'm not making fun of this disorder, but the bitch had it coming. So I rearranged her shit. I moved her bed at an akward angle and took her books of the shelf and hid them in her closet. I Turned her 24" TV upside-down. (HA! Pay-back, bitch!). She hates when I even walk in there, so you can imagine just how enraged she was when she walked into the chaotic mess she calls her room. She spent 2 hours puting all her shit back in place.

You can easily say I'm not allowed 20 feet within her room.
But vengence is so damn sweet. *Crazy bastard*

(Last edited by Trigger Happy Jones on 03-23-06 12:50 PM)

#1 Enhancement Shaman US Ravenholdt

Since: 09-05-04
From: His Laughin' Place

Since last post: 3685 days
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Posted on 03-23-06 09:54 AM Link | Quote
I have a funny story...

Last year when I used to host XBOX LAN parties in my basement, a friend of mine we all know and love named "Kenny" was invited one night to hang with me and my friends...

now about "kenny"

This is the type of guy who calls to his mother when he needs something. Hes spoiled rotten, rich, and has an angered competetive spirit...If KwKyMart signs up for this board, your gonna hear more about him...But anyway, This guy is somewhat of a dickhead/asshole...

Continuing the story...

Well, We were all playing Halo 2 on this one huge map...I forgot what the map was called, im not really a big Halo 2 player becuse of 'Kenny'...Well, throughout the entire night, he kept on bragging on how bad-ass he was at Halo, and how no one can beat him one-on-one...Well we had the Map set to 300 kills I believe, and in the middle of the game, He was, in fact, 1st place with 100-something kills, while im in 3rd place right behind him with 90...

He said something about one of my friends that I cared about, and made fun of me on how ugly she was and soforth...

After he made that rude little comment, I decided to hold nothing back and whoop his ass, I won First place with 300 kills, while 'Kenny' was in 3rd place with 210...

He, of course, got pissed, Challanged me on a One-on-one match, and I kicked his ass with everything...hes that type of guy to say "you only won because of the Sniper-Rifle, ROcket Launcher, Etc...".

I kept replying to, "Ok, Take out that gun then, and lets go again"

I kept beating him...and then his temper raised...Started shit, Was yelling and cussing...Blah Blah Blah...I kicked his ass out of my house...he had to walk home with the X-Box, and 32" TV he brought over...about a 30 miunite walk hime...In the Fucking Dark....

Now, noone likes him because he whines all the time and he thinks hes so fucking perfect...Im grateful that his mother got me the braces, but now, Thanks to Kenny, His mother hates me, and is talking shit about me...

But its ok, I dont give a shit...She can suck my dick for all I care
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