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10-04-23 03:03 AM
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Posted on 02-01-06 08:52 PM Link | Quote
I happen to live in the middle of the most disgustingly suburban neighborhood that one could ever imagine. Most of the people are older white folks who edge on obsession for snooping on the neighbors, either to get some good gossip or out of habit as part of the long-dead neighborhood watch.

We have laws that dictate everything from the no parking on any street between 3 and 5 a.m. to no one is allowed to paint their house a non-earth tone color.

The town, in general, is small, but claims all sorts of awards and records. We have a performing arts center where some older famous people and world-travelling shows perform (Frank Sinatra was the opening performer on its first night, an illustrious library, and a row of car dealerships with annoying ads on television that play on networks even 100 miles from here.

Overall, I'd say my town is very boring. Nothing truly exciting happens here and there isn't much in the town that jumps. Mostly over-achieving kids worried about the SATs and then getting drunk over the stress. Joy...

So that's my town. Who's next?

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Since: 12-17-04
From: Petaluma, California

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Posted on 02-01-06 10:03 PM Link | Quote
i think the "no painting your house a non earth color" rule is a little retarted but hey thats just me . yea i live in petaluma the town with the most potholes in california. lol. we got a few shopping centers and a pool. 3 high schools: petaluma high, casa grande, SVHS. its pretty nice though. were also home to the phenix. we got a strip of car dealerships too. plus an outlet mall. thats pretty much it!

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From: His Laughin' Place

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Posted on 02-01-06 10:16 PM Link | Quote
Oh goody, time to describe "bum Fuck no-where"

Cataula Georgia is a small area near colombus Georgia...its where all the rich folks live in Harris County...

Well, my town is filled with alot of Rich people. You know the movie theater Carmike Cinimeas? Well the owner lives 4 houses down from my house...gave me a gold pass to see any movie I want for free

And then there are the Biggots that live in my area...Its not normal if you see people wearing a blue Jeans and a white order to actually fit in, you must be either "Prep" , "Redneck", or "Skateboard Punk"...

Friends nearby...True lives close to about 15 miunites away from me, she Lives in Waverly Hall...REDNECK VILLE!

Neo-Sage lives 10 Miunites away...In ellerslie, where mediocer-rich-people live...


Where i live is really not all that bad, I like to go out at night as usual and hang out on my street corner with my step-sister Sara and my friend Pat...


Since: 09-02-04
From: Destroy Tower

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Posted on 02-01-06 11:57 PM Link | Quote
I live in a rainy/cloudy small city that's along the coast. We sit RIGHT by the ocean. Apparently, we have one the deepest harbours in the world, and it docked subs during WWII. We are also a big fishing place, other than that...we don't have much to our name. The town seems to be really into acting and plays, though.

On sunny days, it can be really nice, my neighbordhood is okay, me having the biggest house on the street. There's a corner store jsut up the street, and some bushes to hang around in during summer out back. Let me rephrase a previous statement: when it's sunny, with a clear sky, I find my town very nice to look at. But, during these times, also in fall and spring, the rain vomes down alot.

It's okay, but we don't have much to shop for, and alot of store spaces are empty. Ah well.

Prince Rupert is it's name, by the way. I don't know if it's on the maps of other countries, but the last few atlas's I checked, we were on the world map. They were somewhat old though, so I doubt you'd find it today. =/

To the Northwest, I live. Check the map! (Iceboards Map, but you should be able to see me to the west )
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Describe your town |

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