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06-29-22 05:57 AM
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Born in an unknown place Lance grew up by himself, and discover that he had powerful power that he was not ready to control the only thing lefted by his parents a pair off swords in which to control is powers. the only thing he knows about his parents is that his mother was a powerful Sorceresses and his father was a demon from the under world because of this lance mana power are great and hard to finsh. rasied by assassins where he gets his skills from he fly's all over the world looking for his pareants, useing his lighting speed
He'll kill anyone in his that gets in his way. He has one known family member butt hes as hard to find as his parents he disappears into the darkness was fast as he appers. Lance has two more tranformation besides his normal form has Demon Form and Red Robot Dargon From

Normal Form
black hair that sticks up
White tank top
White pants and snekers
with his twin swords in the case on this back
and a chain around has nake
A white coat the protect him from most eleamental attacks

Weapons = twin double blade swords
control elemental powers fire, wind, earth,and lighting

powersskills :Fire blade inferno strike makes visble cuts in mid air off fire that heads to the foe all great speeds only used when the blade is surounded by fire without sword lance sends two wirling flame at foe from both hands
:Wind blade trondo blast a powerful wind that traps the foe in a wrilwind only when wind surounds the blade without the the sword lance fly'a backward and unlish and power wrilwind out of his hands that traps the for in it votext now lance is able to send the foe flying or into the ground
:Earth Orb a white orb that comes out off lance hand can grow to any size at will explodes on contact.
:Black Lighting Strike sends bolt of black lighting at a foe this strike mostly misses alot. when surounded by black lighting without the sword the lighting surrounds both arms then lance holds up his hands and forms a bolt lighting barrier attack the forces the foe back (also help aginst many foes)
:Assassin strike runs to foe grabing his swords form his back and strike and with great speed in X motion without the sword the assassin strike is done with the hands punching every where (this move confuses the foe )
:Telekinetic powes given to him by his mother(can move thing and freeze foe with his mind)
:Eye blast apower blast form the eye that hits the foe with a white beam
: Five Deaths lance splits into five and each one can do any and all of his moves

Demon Form : in this form lance is slower because in this form he is blinded with rage eyes turns red he grows wings and uses his hands to control the elements

eyes color: red
long black hair goes down to mid back
black tank top
black pants
black winds sharp as blades

:Fire inferno a blast of fire that come from his palms
:Black Lighting lighting shots from the tip of his fingers
:Wind Orb a blue that comes from lance hand orb that can grow to any size at will , explodes on contact
:Earth a hit at the ground that hit that trap the foe in a tomb
:Eye blast a pwerful blast from the eye that hits foe with a red beam that can set fire
: Five Deaths lance splits into five and each one can do any and all of his moves

RED Robot Dragon From
Lance trun into Red Robot dargon typs moster
20'0 wing spand 30 feet(just because i'm a dragon does not mean i'm slow my powerful wings help me move and think like lighting)
: Five Deaths Dragons lance splits into five and each one can do any and all of his moves
:Fire Blast wirling flame (if this attack hit the ground at would make a hole 20 feet wide
:Eye blast a pwerful blast from the eye that hits foe with a red beam that can set fire
:twin guns barrols blast enimy with huge twin guns
:Telekinetic powes
imenion jump can tavel fast enabling him to go from dimenion to anther by portal
thats it for now
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