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06-29-22 05:17 AM
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Name: Yuki Hyuuga

Occupation: Ninja (side note to all chakra = magic)

Physical description
Eyes: white
Hair white spiked
5í10ft tall
Age 25


Hyuuga clan warrior

Secret arts chakra master

Yuchda sword master



Byakugan White eyes evil eyes Hyuuga Clan

Used mainly as a taijutsu technique, the Byakugan gives it's user many great abilities including the ability to have a 360 degree field of vision, except for one tiny blind spot behind the first thoracic vertebra, this tiny spot is the only known weakness of this special ability. With the Byakugan activated its user has the ability to detect anything that moves around them in a 50-foot radius, making the Byakugan a difficult task to fight against. When used with chakra the Byakugan becomes more powerful and can see through most solid matter over extremely long distances and allows it's user to see the inner coil system of the enemy, opening them to an attack on their tenketsu (Chakra Holes) by the hand of the juken (Gentle Fist). Only very advanced users of the Byakugan such as Hyuuga Neji can use the aforementioned juken technique, but when used successfully it can shut An advanced bloodline technique belonging to Konoha's Hyuuga Clan. The Byakugan allows its bearer to do a wide variety of things with their vision. Gives them perfect vision for one hundred meters straight, allowing them to see through obstacles as well.

secret on back of neck will be reviled when near death


Water clone jutsu This Ninjutsu technique uses water as its base for creating the clones. Each clone is one tenth as powerful as the ninja using it and has a limited range it can move away from its creator. Like the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique), this clone can attack

Typhoneo jutsu A Suiton (water type) Ninjutsu technique using water as its base. The ninja manipulates the water around them into a cyclonic explosion that rips into its victim like a tsunami. It has enough force to tear apart solid ground and uproot trees.

Sabaki A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja must make contact with their enemy. this technique absorbs the enemy's (chakra=magic) and makes it the ninja's own

Thick mist jutsu A Ninjutsu technique that covers the area surrounding the ninja using it completely in mist. Perfect for silent killing, since there's practically no visibility within the area of this jutsu

Fireballs jutsu is a very powerful and flexible technique. Instead of following the way of the other fire techniques, Housenka is unique by creating many small, yet powerful fireballs from the users mouth

Kageshibari no Jutsu (Shadow Freeze Technique), this is a Ninjutsu technique that allows the user to extend their shadow and connect with another person's, or many people's shadows Once the connection is made, the ninja has around five minutes of control of their opponent's body. Every move they make, their opponent will reflect, and vice-versa

Chidori: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja using it grabs their wrist, and then collects enough chakra into their hand that it becomes visible to mere human eyes. With enough chakra collected into one focal point, that point becomes powerful enough to destroy an entire cliff side.

Doton: this ninjutsu isn't a widely used technique, since it is only used when surprising the enemy. After performing a series of hand seals and raising his chakra, the ninja is buried underground using his chakra. He can then move freely inside the ground, as if he was outside


Asshou: A Taijutsu technique where the ninja drives their fist into their opponent while they are on the ground, crushing them and grinding them into the earth. With impressive strength, this technique could be quite devastating.

Noki shou yuki a Ninjutsu technique yuki runs at blinding speed and makes 27 strikes in the blink of an eye at 27 chakra holes (only needing to hit 15) if he hits 15 the opponent he causes great physical damage also turning off chakra or magic in the opponentís body

Noki A Taijutsu technique involving swordplay on a grand scale He unsheathes his sword and delivers a quick and powerful swing, capable of severing solid stone several meters thick

Chaosu (Magic or chakra disable) A Taijutsu technique utilizing the Byakugan (White Eyes) and the Jyuken (Gentle Fist). With the ability to see the inner coil system, the ninja performs a series of graceful movements while attacking sixty-four of the three hundred and sixty-one tenketsu. First, they attack two points, quickly followed by two more, then four more. Inner coil system is entirely shut down, causing incredible internal pain and effectively preventing them from using their chakra. This is an extremely advanced jutsu that only members of the Hyuuga Clan can use.

Hoshu A Taijutsu technique where the ninja palm strikes their enemy, hurling them away. With impressive strength, this technique could be quite devastating

Issa ruishu A Taijutsu technique that only the strongest ninjas can accomplish. With just one finger, the ninja can merely tap the ground and create an enormous split in the earth before them. Of course, with this strength, one finger could do more to the enemy directly.

Senpuu A Taijutsu technique where the user spins with all of their strength and delivers a powerful spinning heel kick, blasting their opponent back

Senpuu shaku As with every other TaiJutsu, this technique requires no hand seals or chakra to be raised, so the ninja can perform it at once. Using his leg, the shin obi swipes the attacker's feet off the ground by moving his dominant leg across the opponent's feet, tripping him. This movement creates somewhat of a wind, hence the name violent wind. This "wind" also sends the opponent careening away from the enemy in an awkward position, and probably smashing into another object such as a tree.

Senpuu cenkai for this TaiJutsu, the ninja first disappears using a really fast movement.
The opponent, obviously, is totally confused. However, seconds later, the shin obi appears just below the opponent, and by raising his -most likely dominant- leg, he kicks the enemy right on the chin, sending him up on the sky

Shunkesu A Taijutsu technique where the ninja lifts up their opponent with one arm, retracts, and then drives their palm upward into their opponent, hurling them into the air. With impressive strength, this technique could be quite devastating

Shoushitsu A Taijutsu technique where the ninja braces against the ground and drives a powerful knee into their enemy, hurling them away. With impressive strength, this technique can be devastating

Fighting styles:

Tekken This is the style of Taijutsu that is typically used by everybody while fighting. Hard punches and kicks designed to do outer damage, like breaking the skin, bruising the muscle, and breaking the bones. Every ninja is able to use this Taijutsu

Jurken This is the opposite of the Tekken (Iron Fist) Taijutsu style. The attacks are softer, more open palm, and cause damage by flowing chakra into the opponent's inner coil system of chakra veins and tenketsu (chakra holes).


Forehead protector village hidden in the mist (on forehead)
Konoha Uniform
This is the uniform worn by the Chuunin and Jounin. It consists of navy blue or dark green pants and long sleeve shirt with a green vest covering the upper body. This uniform has the pouches and holsters listed below

Metal Plated Gloves
These gloves are the most common gloves worn by Konoha Chuunin and Jounin. They match the forehead protector, as they are made of navy blue or black fabric and have a metal plate with the symbol of the village hidden in the mist on them.


Kunai holsters are attached to the places on the uniform that can be quickly reached with a stretched hand. These holsters are on each side of the uniform they hold 600 kunai on each side

Diamond bladed katana. Sheathed on back (was mothers)

Wakasashis two sheathed crisscross on back of waist (were old mans)
1 Hitsu the fire blade when cut by this legendary blade if you survive the wound will burn with pain
2 Shoha is the blade of light has advantages in fights agenst evil


Smart and calm. Not the kind to start a fight. He is very kind and generous. Keeping his innocence while killing as many people as he has. He kills without hesitation but only when challenged.


20 years ago Yuki was a normal 5-year-old boy who lived in the village hidden in the mist the only thing he liked to do Is learn how to throw kunai from his father. His father was a descendant of the famous ninja clan Hyuuga his mother a famous samurais descendant. All was happy until one day a man came to take the boys parentís titles he killed them right in front of the boyís eyes. The boy threw a kunai at the man but the man caught it and threw it at the boy going directly in his chest. The boy survived narrowly
And by chance a very old man found him almost bleeding to death. The man was a 400 year old martial arts master and taught the boy how to fight and gave him special weapons passed down generation to generation and raised him as his own. 15 years of intense training and heightening of the body mind and senses his training was almost complete. The boy tracked down the man who killed his parents and was going to kill him his master told him to not pursue this man however he was young and cocky. He planed the kill and it was successful he easily killed the man however this was not the end of the killing he killed his whole family in a row oldest to youngest when he got to the mans son he saw in the eyes of the boy the same eyes he had when his parents were killed. He snapped back and realized what he had done. His master was waiting for him when he got home he knew he would do this the master said how did killing feel to you did you enjoy using those skills I taught you for evil sigh you are young yet and your skill has already surpassed mine take one more soul tonight demon!! The boy was stunned he didnít know what to do but he could see the old man was serious and stabbed at his heart with the shoha but the blade went thru him and did no damage the master said boy I hoped it would go this way you are still a pure spirit take these legendary weapons
There yours you have learned all I can teach now there is one thing you didnít know about by killing the man who killed your parents and me is you now have three prestigious titles and honors to defend this is a curse and a blessing good bye Yuki.
The master falls dead as Yuki (aka the boy) pulled the kunai out of his masters kidney and he pulled the legendary wakasoshi out of his chest and took the sheath from the old man and the other wakasoshi in its sheath and the special made katana and left thanking the old man Yuki now wonders the earth stopping injustice and looking for peace he now regrets killing those two men for now he must defend there titles sometimes forced to kill even thou he doesnít like to some times he just injures them but they never stop chasing him and challenging him so he never stops moving from town to town endlessly looking for peace but can never find it.

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