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11-28-22 11:15 PM
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Posted on 01-02-06 09:39 AM Link | Quote
Queensryche, They're now one of my all time favorite bands. For awhile, I thought they were great, but nothing "incredible". I've had their Empire album for quite some time, but this Christmas my dad and sister got me their Greatest Hits album. I was so impressed by their first dozen songs, that were on their earlier albums, I had to buy some of them. So I bought "Queensryche EP (Remastered original with tons of bonus tracks from a live Tokyo Show), and "Operation Mindcrime".

The albums after Empire, I don't really like at all. Their style just changed too drastically, but their style was also way diffferent before Empire, more Progressive.

Queensryche EP almost sounds like Iron Maiden. They're faster, heavier, there's solo's, and Geoff Tate does a perfect job with the vocals (easily one of my favorite vocalists next to Kai Hansen).

So, if you're into Progressive / Power Metal, I'd suggest checking Queensrcyhe out if you haven't yet. Here's their first song: Queen of the Riech
(their entire first album sounds like this stuff)
One from Operation Mindcrime: Revolution Calling
Originally posted by
Some songs are near to excellence ('Speak', 'Operation: Mindcrime', 'Eyes Of A Stranger'), whereas some other tend more towards something experimental and marginal like 'My Empty Room' and 'Suite-Sister Mary'. Also to be noticed the superb vocal performances of Geoff Tate on the very good 'Breaking The Silence'. Yes, because even if this album has catchy riffs and fabulous drumming, we can reasonably say that the real highlight of this band is Mister Tate's presence. He's got a voice sometimes close to Dickinson's, he's able to adapt to all the tones, he sounds easy on every song, his intense and emotional vocals take the album up to another level of tragedy. He is probably one of the best singers ever, simply excellent!

Operation Mindcrime is definitely something to check out, the entire album is one story.

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Posted on 01-02-06 11:24 AM Link | Quote
I have Operation Livecrime.

It's just awesome.

Ball and Chain Trooper

Since: 08-14-04
From: 255

Since last post: 51 days
Last activity: 46 days
Posted on 01-02-06 11:29 AM Link | Quote
It looks like they're working on Operation Mindcrime II. With Chris DeGarmo gone, I don't know what to think, and there past 2 albums aren't that good in my opinion.

Hopefully they'll go back to being more Progressive, but who knows.
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