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01-26-21 11:49 PM
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Posted on 12-19-05 02:46 PM Link | Quote
Leave out what the critics have been saying, what VH1 has been saying, this is YOUR thoughts on the best and worst of 2005. What was the best and/or worst movies, band/singer, song, anime series, fashion trend, car, video/computer game, movie director, actor/actress, ANYTHING.

Hell, tell us what was the best and worst concert, play, musical, computer/video game you bought, whatever the fuck you did/saw/heard this year that you either really fuckin' hated or loved to the fuckin' grave.

Just a handful of my picks:

Best Director: Stephen Chow

OK, sure, Gong Fu technically was made in 2004, but it had a breakthough 2005 American release and not to mention he was a REALLY good sport about the travesty of an American release Miramax did to Shaolin Soccer.

Stephen Chow, I salute you. Your films have been the last thing keeping me from running rampant on Hollywood with my trusty Kalashnikov... hey, I'm just 30 minutes away. :kef:

Best Movie special event I Went to: The Mallrats 10th Anniversary Renuinon

I had a lot of really cool celebrity experiences this year, but this one was pretty fuckin' sweet and marking (I can't even remember how many times) another meeting, and hugging, of Kevin Smith, but my first time meeting Jason Lee. I need to see the 10th Anniversay DVD to see if I'm on there. If so, I probably look really stupid and lame.

WORST MOVIE: War of the Worlds

I seriously don't see how anyone can thoroughly enjoy this movie. It has too many holes to be satisying and ends too flippin' quickly with explanations you'd have to be suffering from cranial rectitis to accept.

OK, if you liked it, all the bacteria, viruses, germs, etc bullshit aside ... explain to me how the son is just magically not injured or anything when they run into him again at the end. Hmm? Movie magic? Not even missing an eye, limb or anything.

Maybe it's time to retire, Spielberg?

Worst song/music video: When September Ends

OK, seriously now. This song and its music video were just in poor taste. I know I specialize in telling sarcastic jokes that tend to be in poor taste, but this was just tacky.

The music video goes like this: Boy and girl have cheesy conversation about him and her having someone to always love them and so on. It's just bad. Then it's a montage of scenes of them doing all those cute little, teenaged couple things meant to make you go, "Awww... that reminds me of me and so-and-so blah blah back in the day." Then the song cuts out and it's the girl crying and pissed off and slapping the boyfriend for something he did...

What did he do? Cheat on her? Kill her mother?


He joined the army. And goes to Iraq. Cue the tank and other stereotypical war scene item we'll need to further our (Green Day's) bleeding heart as-a-famous-band-we-know-everything-there-is-to-know-about-the-world-lister-to-us-kids mission to shit on everything because they're "punk rock."

Get over yourselves, Green Day. I used to like you. Then you just started to suck. A lot. And I'm talking about the music.

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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Your ideas of the best and worst of 2005 |

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