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11-28-22 11:28 PM
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Posted on 12-18-05 12:11 PM (Last edited by Boobs on 12-18-05 03:15 PM) Link | Quote
It's not the fucking song you idiots, it's the fucking lyrics or tabs

"Unauthorised use of lyrics and tablature deprives the songwriter of the ability to make a living, and is no different than stealing," he said.

Sure, because it's ALWAYS easy to know the lyrics for a song, or when you want to play a song, sheet music exists for EVERY bands.

And it's not like people don't give actual credit to the artist.
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Posted on 12-18-05 02:18 PM Link | Quote
Yeah, that's really lame, actually. I look up lyrics all the time to reference them in different places, especially forums and such.

Now that I think about it, that's really stupid. I mean, if you want to find out what was just sung on a hard to understand part or whatever, it'll be harder.

I went to a metal concert and couldn't understand most of what they said. It was mostly grunting and roaring, but I wanted to find out what the songs were about with names like "Sledgehammer Messiah" and such. For all anybody knows, they were headbanging to the singer telling them, "You're all drooling retards and I'm going to piss on you all after the show!!!!"
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Yay for retardness. |

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